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UnnoticedWatcher: "Canine Nose" as an example. Hmmmm, I wonder if the ship is not going to be hijacked by dark wizards in the next few chapters ~

Warlock Apprentice · C21
2 days ago

Jack_N_Mikhail: ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨
|!∧_∧ | !|!|!
(´・ω・○ Thanks!!
──|Ü /J────
  :::Ủ`Ủ:   Nepu!!!
{Copied from GM_Rusaku}

Nightmare's Call · C161
2 days ago
Anyone else waiting for mass release? View More
Nightmare's Call · C161
2 days ago
I just want to read about him leveling up 😓 View More
The Great Worm Lich · C508
2 days ago
Read the book dib**** View More

A7MD: I don't think that he get any smarter not at all he just keep doing stupid ****

Nightmare's Call
2 days ago
I recognize your profile from his other books View More

Jack_N_Mikhail: I thought i was the only one 😝

Nightmare's Call · C133
4 days ago
Thanks View More
Nightmare's Call · C159
4 days ago
They will probably be intergrated into a ashen seal as they seem to be dimension wide from what we have seen so far View More

Flammenwurfer: Hmmm, finally an avenue to learn the weird powers of the current world? Though going by the author's previous works, those abilities might not be usable by Lin Sheng....

Nightmare's Call · C153
1 week ago
The chapter number 😨 View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C666
1 week ago
First View More
The Great Worm Lich · C493
1 week ago
I peed and came at the same time View More
Nightmare's Call · C133
1 week ago
This chapter is why I read these kinds of books View More
Nightmare's Call · C132
1 week ago
Nope been seeing ur comments every chapter View More

HEAVENLY_READER: Am i the only one reading this?

The Great Worm Lich · C490
1 week ago
It’s called moar sect View More

BigT: I need more!!!!! More!!! So many questions

The Great Worm Lich · C477
2 weeks ago
2nd View More
The Great Worm Lich · C466
3 weeks ago
Thank you for the mass release View More
Nightmare's Call · C101
3 weeks ago
Mass release pog View More
Nightmare's Call · C90
3 weeks ago
By the way all of this authors novels have the main character as a sort of “bad” guy who had basic but very flexible morals View More
Nightmare's Call · C71
3 weeks ago
Thank god the one before this was not the end View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C853
1 month ago

ShadowDc: This is a more proper end

Monster Pet Evolution · C853
1 month ago
Anyone else been here from the first 20 chapters? I loved this novel so much but like too many novels the ending was very rushed, it didn’t even expand on each of his familiars abilitys. I wanted to see the 7 lions combine and see what happens, also Stripy was not important at all and he was my favorite familiar 😭 View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C852
1 month ago
This ending feels rushed but I couldn’t really see it going anywhere else View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C848
1 month ago
Thank god it was not another long hiatus View More
Way of the Devil · C613
1 month ago
We have to pray that this isn’t the start of another dark age View More
Way of the Devil · C611
1 month ago
Moar sect checking in View More
The First Order · C164
1 month ago
I shall give al readers a recommendation, do not! Argue about the physics or science of any of this authors novels. You will get l nowhere except that the earth is somehow flat. Advice from a avid reader of this mans books View More
Nightmare's Call · C33
1 month ago
Moar sect View More
Nightmare's Call · C29
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
It is made by one of the best authors that have graced this world, and you should read all his works and if you don’t I will kill you in your sleep 10/10 would smash (yes homo) View More
Nightmare's Call
1 month ago
This novel releases too slow for many people to contend for first View More
Abyss Domination · C247
1 month ago

DaoistCitizen: Overlord bodys just a f*cking disguise for a natural born harem master body... the gods hes herding are gonna be his numerous stupidly op children, mark my words

Tales of Herding Gods · C411
1 month ago
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