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The journey is finally over. Also its quite interesting to connect RI at the end with PoT. Actually, the feng shui compass of Xuan Xhang is the supreme artifact mentioned in the end of RI and the 7th reversed white pearl is the Heaven Defying Bead! Wow! Again, thank you Mogumoguchan for the great translations throughout the years :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1481
1 month ago
Again, you missed my point and try to focus solely on the cultivation levels. They are just a narrative engine to move the story forward, not the main goal. I keep seeing people focus more and more only on the cultivation levels and comparing them between the four novels which is quite boring & uniteresting in my opinion. I'd rather see discussions about their daos & their personalities, the path they took to get to where they are. View More

MindGame: Grand empyrean is not even near to 4th step.. heaven trampling is.. e.g ancient dao and 2 celestial and ancient ancestors.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1475
1 month ago
Aand its almost over.. its been such an incredible journey :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1480
1 month ago
Again, I get your point but you are trying to compare apples and oranges here. Although, there are similarities in the cultivation levels between the novels, each has its own context of people bring the strongest (at the top), relevant for the story of that specific novel. You cant compare a Dao God from here to a Grand Empyrean from RI for example - they are just different concepts in terms of cultivation and unless strictly compared by the author, they should stay as they are. Again, I think people pay too much attention on cultivation levels rather the where it should be - the story and the path of the main character. Cultivation level is something he picks up along the path, but not the goal rather the means :) View More

MindGame: What i mean is i dont recall so many cultivator just mere one step and will go into 4th level.. 3 is lot compare to others er gen novel. RI, have none when wang ling is at 8 step of heaven trampling. ISSTH, i dont remember the count. AWE is just renegede immortal and bai xiao chun in sovereign stage. So yes, 3 person in POT that near to boundless dao is consider a lot in this case.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1475
1 month ago
The ending (and the path of Su Ming) is kinda different from Er Gen's other works. Most of Su Ming's power was taking something from someone else (via possession) rather than building his own strength. I was hoping he would carve his own path at the end but alas :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1479
1 month ago
I dont think the cultivation levels at that point match quite like that. ISSTH and RI were about *spoilers* gathering essences and going through Heaven trampling bridges but here its was more in regards to finding enlightenment towards one's dao *spoilers*. View More

MindGame: In any case, this first time we have 3 ninth level god before reaching 4th step in all er gen novel. In RI, no one reach beyond 8. In ISSTH, no one beyond 8 level as well. Only AWE, there is old man exterminator and his pupil maybe.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1475
1 month ago
This chapter + the preview of the next one reminds me of the saying way back in the beginning - When you know who you are, you will no longer be you! All is coming back full circle :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1477
1 month ago
I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy that Su Ming is finally going to achieve his goal but sad that he is leaving all behind. It was a great journey :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1476
1 month ago
Given that there are only three Dao Gods in existence, that realm is not easy to reach, even in countless years so Gu Hong is giving Su Ming the short path. Su Ming in fact just verified his own dao and I dont agree its not a strong one - he has been pursuing the truth (just as the name of the novel) since the very beginning. Also, although Gu Hong reached Boundless Dao Realm, he understood that everything in Ancient Zhang is just as Su Ming suggested, just an illusion/machination as a result of their Possession battle with Xuan Zhang so its kinda pointless. View More

MindGame: Ok. So it end up su ming need inheritance to step into boundless dao. At this point, su ming still have no strong dao. Beside, dont believe in destiny?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1475
1 month ago
And this for me is one of the high note chapters. I know that we already saw Tian Xie Zhi's illusion/manifestation already in front of the capital gates, but to me Gu Hong is truly a representation of Tian Xie Zhi - endless love and affection for his disciple, ready to sacrifice everything without hesitation. View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1475
1 month ago
What could that presence be since its giving Su Ming a dose of familiarity? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1474
1 month ago
Really interesting chapter :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1473
1 month ago
Thank you for the chapter :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1469
1 month ago
I like how Su Ming (via the Tree of Dao Verification) diametrically opposes Xuan Zhang (The Emperor). Let the killing continues and reduce the number of Great Dao Paragons even further. I wonder if the old man is okay though. The village/his house is long gone and it was mentioned all three Dao Gods fought awhile ago. View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1468
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter ') View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1466
1 month ago
Or more like reaping the results View More

CloudSurfer: One Dao Sect are sowing their karma from a long time now :)

Pursuit of the Truth · C1465
1 month ago
One Dao Sect are sowing their karma from a long time now :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1465
1 month ago
Its time for some payback now. One Dao Sect will get destroyed eventually I guess View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1464
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter and Happy New Year :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1463
1 month ago
Thank you for the chapter. I wonder if Su Ming will become a Dao God before meeting his teacher at the gates :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1462
1 month ago
Very interesting chapters. Cant wait for the next one :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1461
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter. So what is Su Ming's dao? The pursuit of the truth is going towards completion :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1460
1 month ago
Dont tell me that Su Ming already reached the ninth level? It kinda make sense since his level was intentionally kept a secret and a long time has passed since he came to this world. Additionally, he did not feel much pressure from Ling Dong Dong, even though his level regressed a bit, he is still a great Dao Paragon! That can only mean that Su Ming is at least peak Great Dao Paragon/Dao God :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1459
1 month ago
Its so great to read these chapters :) Its like revisiting a memory, going back to the beginning of the novel :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1458
1 month ago
Its interesting to see that someone other than Su Ming retained his memories, not just their appearance. Also, he ended up as not your typical villain :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1457
1 month ago
My guess is we will probably learn why The Emperor decided to destroy this place (or maybe it was just a casualty as a result from the battle between him and the guardian of this place). View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1456
1 month ago
Su Ming biting the talisman of while being all bloody and missing two hands seems so badass :) I see how the other two princes will die miserable deaths for their maliciousness. View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1455
2 months ago
Yes, but I assume he would not survive for long and Su Ming will obtain that as well :) View More

MindGame: And who have the bigger phala? Still with lin dong dong?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1454
2 months ago
Thank you for the chapter and Marry Christmas :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1453
2 months ago
Second Prince'end is nigh :) View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1452
2 months ago
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