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Icaimas: The Analysis of Tyranny regarding SMC gave me a thought about a possible reason behind that Change.
What if her time dungeoning with everyone, supporting TR, SB, ... helped her widening her field, because she had to correct others mistakes and help them which was more or less unneccessary as the Standard of the Team was higher?!
We all hate on the old EE but in the end they are all Pros with the skill and experience that Comes with it.
But in Happy you have a bunch of newbies who are talented but still inexperienced about anything relating to Glory.
Therefore, having to "Babysit" them and loosening her Focus on YX, as he simply didn´t Need her suppurt , made her a better Team-oriented supprter and Overall Player!

The King's Avatar · C1480
2 months ago
Did he say his skill was above Zhou Zekai’s? I thought it was supposed to be comparable. Don’t forget that Ye Xiu is biased into thinking that Su Muqiu was better which we know that Su Muqiu did not agree with.

More likely that Zhou Zekai is equal to or even slightly better than Su Muqiu was as a Sharpshooter seeing as he was able to go even with Ye Xiu repeatedly. View More

Byakuei86: man... seeing how great Zhao Zekai is i really want to see Su Muqiu in action because Ye Xiu already said it that his skill is above Zhao Zekai... ai if only he didn't involve in that accident... i bet only 2 god will be born in Glory pro

The King's Avatar · C1653
9 months ago
They're talking about a team being eliminated before the team competition. I can't think of any mentioned instances of such a thing occurring in the regular season. We do have a single shown example of the reverse (Happy v 301, Happy guarantee qualifying regardless of team competition) but that's it. It's far more likely they're referring to the other playoff matches. View More

Adagaki: i think hes talking about regular season. where a team doesnt need to care about a round or two anymore

The King's Avatar · C1526
1 year ago
You mean the Team Competition? This was the last fight of this Group Competition.
Third game only happens if both teams win a match. Nothing was mentioned about a team getting a draw in match affecting the score. Could be that Happy getting a draw here would advance to Finals but most likely they'd still need to play third match since the Alliance likes their ad revenue. View More

Byakuei86: hmm most people is already saying about 3rd fight because Happy will lose the round... group stage still on the way guys.. believe in Happy!! also ain't they only going for 3rd round if the point is draw?? or did i mistaken how how play off rule work?

The King's Avatar · C1526
1 year ago
You are mistaken. It's impossible for any team to be eliminated without playing the team competition with this format. The points determine which team wins the match but a team only needs two matches won to advance. There is no difference in winning by 1 point and winning by 11 points. View More

HiddenOneWalser: am i not mistaken in already having one of the teams eliminated before the team competition THIS season though ? not gunna lie am alittle fuzzy on the details as well but i'm not quite sure what your saying is accurate as well . let's discuss and figure it out together and post it to clear it up for everyone

The King's Avatar · C1526
1 year ago

Tidy_nerd: [Glory Season 2: Top Glory, the prequel]
Ye Xiu to Han Wenqing: "Speaking of which, I feel like you're lacking exactly that kind of high level healer by your side, someone who can control large situations."

[Glory Seaon 4]
Zhang Xinjie, a cleric and future master tactician, joins Tyranny. They win the championship that year.

[Glory Season 8: Chapter 253]
Ye Xiu to Han Wenqing: "Of course I know that you always like to go all out. It's just that, at our age, we should slow down a bit. You've probably felt it."

Han Wenqing: "Sorry, I only know how to go forward. "I don't understand what 'slow down' means."

Ye Xiu: "Then, hurry up."

Han Wenqing: "If you've already recognized that you've lost, then leave the stage yourself!"

Ye Xiu: "Leaving doesn't mean I recognize that I've lost." (Laugh)

[Glory Season 10]
Tyranny slows it's pace. Han Wenqing learns to step back and it doesn't mean he has conceded defeat.

- even Old Han follows Old Ye's advice (^-^)though it does seem to take him 2 years.

The King's Avatar · C1502
1 year ago
This is correct. There were several bits in the earlier chapters (up to the 700s or so) where the narration implied or stated that EE and Tyranny were the finalists for the first 4 seasons but it got changed after that to what we know now. Would not be the first time that the author went back to their older notes and accidentally made contradictions. View More

VillAnthem: Uh, I think this is supposed to be playoffs, not finals.

EE clashed with Tyranny four times in the playoffs, but only Season Two and Four were Finals. Season 3 was the first of Hundred Blossoms' 2nd place finishes. (Poor Zhang Jiale) And yeah, Royal Style were the runners up in Season 1.

The King's Avatar · C1502
1 year ago

VillAnthem: Uh, I think this is supposed to be playoffs, not finals.

EE clashed with Tyranny four times in the playoffs, but only Season Two and Four were Finals. Season 3 was the first of Hundred Blossoms' 2nd place finishes. (Poor Zhang Jiale) And yeah, Royal Style were the runners up in Season 1.

The King's Avatar · C1502
1 year ago
Did you even bother to get the context for my comment? It was a reply to a person saying the translators don't love the novel they've been working on as much as the readers because they weren't going to keep releasing 12-17 chapters a week. View More

1carusAri: Lol you're the type of person who clap when the plane arrive arent you? They are translator, it's their job, what's your point?

The King's Avatar · C1051
1 year ago
He used the MMU as a proper umbrella vs Wei Chen in the Heavenlu Domain and vs Excellent Era in the Challenger League Finals team competition View More

FRANKZS: Finally Ye Xiu use umbrella in a proper way after 1431 chapters

The King's Avatar · C1431
1 year ago
Her deadline for 1v3 was against Tiny Herb, not Blue Rain. Tiny Herb is on the other side of the bracket with Hundred Blossoms, Thunderclap, and Samsara. View More

Jwilkins315: Wait..... what if he loses and nearly 1v3 Lil Tang comes up and actually completes a 1v3 and beats YW finally completing her 1v3 against the same team who Stopped it in the 5 match deadline!!!!!

The King's Avatar · C1395
1 year ago
Er, it's not that he was a random guild leader, Tao Xuan was friends with Ye Xiu and Su Muqiu before he made Excellent Dynasty. He made Excellent Dynasty so they could all play together (along with Wu Xuefeng and a few others). View More

SteamBunInvasion: such a joke that this fking incompetent disgrace tao xuan became a millionaire and the boss of excellent era just because he was lucky to be the guild leader of the guild Ye Xiu decided to join....

The King's Avatar · C1389
1 year ago
Zhang Xinjie was truly talented at defensive tactics. Perhaps it had to do with his personality. However, what made things conflicting was that Team Tyranny pursued fierce assaults and emphasized a strong offense. Attacking was the best defense. These words couldn’t suit Team Tyranny any better. As a result, Zhang Xinjie’s greatest strength was never fully utilized.

-Chapter 743: Complete Defense View More

AmazingLily: What was the foreshadowing??? I can’t remember

The King's Avatar · C1389
1 year ago
Wow, a callback to Xiao Shiqin's analysis of Zhang Xinjie back in chapter 743. Excellent foreshadowing. View More
The King's Avatar · C1389
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Gourmet Food Supplier · C1
1 year ago
Sadly Qiao Yifan cant get the Best Rookie award. That award only goes to Rookies in their first year in the pro scene and QYF's first year was with Tiny Herb even though he never played. Similar sort of situation to Gao Yingjie.

Also unlikely that Luo Ji would get the award since he only started playing late into the season. Not enough appearances and performances like GYJ in season 8. Bao Rongxing and An Wenyi both had extremely up and down performances so it's not likely for them to win it. Mo Fan and Tang Rou have the best shots at it (remember, halfway through the season the Alliance was crying about how no other rookies were capable of matching TR's performance but her reputation was so bad they were scared giving the award to her would cause a huge backlash). View More

mystyle0389: Thinking about it among the other teams Happy has the most rookies debuting such as Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi, Mo Fan, Lou Jie, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun! A team consisting mostly new talents honed to greatness by none other than The Glory's Textbook, Master Ye. I need to kowtow to this god!!🙇🙇

The King's Avatar · C1381
1 year ago
How does it feel, Ye Xiu? To cry desperately to people you trust in hopes of being able to play only to be cast aside when you aren't needed? This is payback for all those times you ignored Huang Shaotian's PK requests! View More
The King's Avatar · C1371
1 year ago
Ye Xiu calling out Wang Jiexi in case he loses to such a strategy. A reminder to him that he is still Tiny Herb's only pillar of support and to not screw it up. View More
The King's Avatar · C1370
1 year ago
There are God Level Players and there are God Level Accounts. Peaceful Hermit is a God Level Account but his user, Tian Sen, is not a God Level Player. Li Xuan is a God Level Player but his character is not a God Level Account. There are more God Level Players than there are God Level Accounts.

Players that are God Level are acknowledged as such based on their skill and not so much their accomplishments. Accounts that are God Level are acknowledged as such based on their strength (skill points, amount of and quality of silver equipment) and accomplishments. All of the listed God Level Accounts have played in the Finals and proven their strength over weaker accounts. View More

enoyann: I'm very confuse right now. On the TKA wikia they wrote there that there are only Ten God-tier level players/characters, and Li Xuan's wasn't there. Is that info legit??
The only one's there are One Autumn Leaf,
Desert Dust, Vaccaria, Troubling Rain, Swoksar, Cloud Piercer, Demon Subduer, Immovable Rock, Peaceful Hermit, and Dazzling Hundred Blossom

The King's Avatar · C305
1 year ago
Dancing Rain's Silver Weapon is called Devouring Sun. It's no wonder Liu Hao's sun is absent. View More

MetalUpa: Of course there will be no sun when there's Dancing Rain.

The King's Avatar · C1367
1 year ago
Frost Wolf: *nom nom nom*
Tang Hao: SHAMELESS! View More
The King's Avatar · C1366
1 year ago
Brawler's level 25 skill Apply Poison gives their melee attacks poison damage. Spiders from the Spider Cave also inflicted poison View More

dansen: Me too lmao. I don't think there's a poisoned effect in Glory, I could be wrong.

The King's Avatar · C169
1 year ago

Technothepig: rereading this, i just love how you can tell all the top players are good friends. huang shaotian referencing gossip with wang jiexi, him being willing to come over and help ye xiu... it's just so great! these pro player meetups are my favorite parts of the novel

The King's Avatar · C123
1 year ago

Technothepig: and thus begins ye xiu's campaign against clerics lol

The King's Avatar · C34
1 year ago

Yoalexbo: #WeDon'tNeedACleric

The King's Avatar · C34
1 year ago

Nobody_1: I’m honestly suspecting foul play involved with the ex-team’s results. We’ve seen that our MC is basically a god at this game. At high levels, with a great character, he would more than likely steamroll even most professional players. As such it makes no sense that the team was doing as poorly as it was. As such, my prediction is that the team has been self sabotaging so that the could make MC the scapegoat and make a reason for them to replace him with someone more economically viable.

The King's Avatar · C22
1 year ago
Oh lol. I forgot about Tang Hao having same initials as Tiny herb. I'll need to keep that in mind for the future View More

MilkyMoonlight: Oh, I see. I confused TH with Tang Hao instead of Tiny Herb 😅

The King's Avatar · C1360
1 year ago
The "much like TH brought GYJ up" is them bringing him up from training camp to team roster, not raising or training. The reason I mentioned YX bringing QF up and not EE bringing him up is because we know that YX already knew about him and was teaching him before he left the training camp. We don't know if that's also the case with WJX and GYJ because we're introduced to him when he's already on the roster. View More

MilkyMoonlight: You said "..much like TH brought GYJ up" so I think it is WJX instead of TH.

The King's Avatar · C1360
1 year ago
Oh he would definitely have been forced to, but in this hypothetical scenario he would have at least gotten the chance to play Combat Form alongside YX's One Autumn Leaf kinda like GYJ playing alongside WJX, LHW playing alongside HST, and SQY playing alongside HWQ. He would have to give up his dream of making his own legend like YX did but a player making sacrifices for their team is something he would definitely learn from YX. View More

MisterYoso: Even though QF didnt want it... He might be forced to use OAL if YX retired and wasnt forcefully ousted by the management...

The King's Avatar · C1360
1 year ago
No, GYJ. He was introduced under controlled circumstances during season 8 and fully entered the pro scene during season 9. WJX was thrown in pretty much from the get go like LHW but he was also the Team Captain and was using a God Level Account. I don't think Ye Xiu would do something like that to QF, haha. View More

MilkyMoonlight: You mean WJX?
I agree with you on this point. If EE not being too dumb, we would see these Battle Mage duo show their capabilities on pro stage now

The King's Avatar · C1360
1 year ago
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