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Thank you!!

Heh Did not expect this amount of humor, and why am I not shocked DKS smacked 0 turn on the head. Violence shows ya love um!.

Though that sudden switch from silly to sad.. ouch.
Would love to see this in other Media form even if it hurts more. View More
Omniscient Reader · C519
4 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] · C41
4 weeks ago
Thank you Wonderer.
A big thank you to Sing.
For giving me a ending better then I was expecting.
Bitter sweet.but still happy.

Can not say I'm suprised at what Dokja did. He gave everyone even a part of himself a happy ending while still atoning for making everyone suffer. He really has a broken mentality. His death or his suffering for others happiness.

As a person raised on happy endings I wish it was happier but this is more.. meaningful mm deeper. Then again old stories never had pure happy endings either usually lol. View More
Omniscient Reader · C516
1 month ago
Thank you Shing Song for making my heart ach, and laugh though out this.
Thanks Wonderer for translating this beautiful Story.

Those 'this ant going to end well' feelings be rising more.
I am waiting for that. He sacrifices himself to save everyone even the Stars they adore. Or something close to it becouse its what ya do whenyou have that much guilt and burden bearing.. if ya have his type of personality.. I think...

Really Enough with the sacrifices.. more then enough been done for more then one happy ending I think unless the story that wall and King seek are only tragetys...and then screw them. Im for Good to Happy endings please oh please.

Rant over.. View More
Omniscient Reader · C504
1 month ago
Trying to imagine that sight.. YJH on the back of KDJ.. my imagination is failing me.

Ahh thank you for the continued cliffs. Heart ach and this sinking feeling I am getting more and more about this ending.
I'm getting that bittersweet feeling after all we had the. "Sacrifice" all storys must have to gain a happy ending..

Theres more then Death one can 'sacrifice' and some are worse then death. And oddly I kinda wish it been one of the other types then Death. =( bad of me i know. View More
Omniscient Reader · C498
1 month ago
Thank you Author and Translator both!!!
Aww both have grown.
I am waiting for the shoe to drop on these warm fuzzy moments and to feel the prick of a dagger to the heart again. Heh View More
Omniscient Reader · C483
2 months ago
Stories may have a end but also not. Depends on what a writer lays down at the end.
That and fans wanting in there own heads to continue that story.

Ahh sorry just thought on it again here and That Wall The Ending the groups looking for.

Characters can keep living past the..
-fin- line if the Author gives them a way. Saying it or leaving the ending open to interpritation.etc..

Anyways!! Thank you Trans and Author. View More
Omniscient Reader · C476
2 months ago
Cool entrance. Check
Almost late. Check.

YJH has arrived!

It be nice if he remembers butlike when KDJ read for him its temparary. Guess time will tell if he retain it or notand if it fully will effecr his personality. View More
Omniscient Reader · C475
2 months ago
Thank youuu!!!

Our poor Protag again left out of the big stuff and the auto use the headband as soon as the plan got to fishy hehe
His 'family' havelearned well. View More
Omniscient Reader · C469
2 months ago
He did say when they ended up in the underworld he would not let him go alone again to die...or something of that nature I think it was. View More

AoKi_5768: YJH worried if KDJ going alone he may die,and YJH didn't want to experience that again 😉😉😊

Omniscient Reader · C387
2 months ago
Thank you for translating still!!! View More
Omniscient Reader · C365
2 months ago
Saddly I do not think 4th likes any of the others much. Mayyybe unident a little but it seems stronger then them too. View More


Omniscient Reader · C315
2 months ago
Ooo wish i could read it but was very beautifuly drawn. View More

Sephiroth_Naruto: Speaking of, I just found this ORV Art book from the net.

Omniscient Reader · C158
2 months ago
Sadly people see such things in the smallest hint of closeness beyound simple friendship...

for us that get it..
Its fun to see the jokes.

I see MC an Protag in more a BloodBrother or Frenimys way. Closer then frirnds but not to that Romantic/ya know way.
And may be a culter thing East vs West. View More

DeliciousFoodEater: Really ridiculous, the plot itself has no problems, it's just the people putting their overly sensitive homophobic radar at use. Why can't they just enjoy this novel and leave such useless reviews.

Omniscient Reader · C122
2 months ago

xing_20N3: That got me laughing... Followed Kira and Athrun's friendship when i was a kid because my brother kept on watching them. Reminded with their story after reading your comment xD

Omniscient Reader · C112
2 months ago

TheDungBeetle: Gundams should be constellations, LOL!

Kim Dokja: KIRA!!!
Yoo Jonghyuk: ATHRUN!!!

(both then try to kill one another... :D)

Omniscient Reader · C112
2 months ago
Remember folks. Cover art usually never is true no one ever makes non PrettyBoy images for cover arts.. also he could be avarage but compared to the protag.. hed be ugly. View More
Omniscient Reader · C97
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The King's Avatar · C1
3 months ago
Its starting to feel like a greeting. But only between him and MC. View More

Linavaro: Behind me, Yoo Jonghyuk said: "... I will kill you."
When do not? 🤔

Omniscient Reader · C89
3 months ago
So far the most our Protag actually spoke I think.
I like the fact he is turning out to be more then what KDJ thought as the Reader. More then words or stat list and a character profilesays. View More
Omniscient Reader · C82
3 months ago
Reading Status: C79
This story is awsome.
Confusing at times due to the slow leaking plot points, but that makes it good. No easy answers.
The relationships are all cute and many used as jokes.
The translation switching can be a doozy to handle but no reason to drop.
Its worth reading and giving stones to. View More
Omniscient Reader
3 months ago

Just Wait all have ta say View More

Onimori: Can he for once kill someone?

Omniscient Reader · C34
3 months ago
Adore that poor crow. And so are the MCs View More
A Touch of Irony (BL) · C7
5 months ago
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