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1st View More
Entertainment king: The king of showbiz · C13
1 day ago

TanveerBill: the suspense is killing me

A God in Percy Jackson · C4
2 days ago

Shirofroz: Time for hades to show to the other gods and goddesses why he is the ruler of underworld

Thanks for the chapter author

A God in Percy Jackson · C4
2 days ago
Why didn't he call the police .He knew his father was unstable but he still refused to accept any help. A sensible tennager or ***** would have known that if he ran away his father would blame his mother.so what was he expecting? That his father would beat his mother but not enough to kill her? View More

Harris_Pilltown: I'm sorry you feel that way. To explain, the reason he cares so much about April is because he was trying his best to save her. It's more of a representation of his own powerlessness to stop what happened, and that being from the future wasn't enough to prevent her death. As for the smoking, it is supposed to serve as a metaphor for self destructive behavior, to represent that smoking a cigarette was no different to living in the past of 'What ifs.' By coming to the realization that they have to persevere in the face of the unknown, they discard their cigarettes and metaphorically, their self destructive behavior. Once again, I'm sorry this story has disappointed you. I wish you all the best and hope you find many more stories in the future that you can enjoy.

I'm Nine Again · C8
2 days ago
Reading Status: C8
This could have been a great story but the author made it garbage.His father almost killed him and his mother, he instead of calling police like a sane person ran away like a bitcch and started telling ppl about future and started placing bets.He knew his father could kill his mother at any time but that **** ran away View More
I'm Nine Again
2 days ago
He should have called the police instead of going to cafe and placibg bets and telling ppl about future View More
I'm Nine Again · C7
2 days ago

Heavenly_Asura: Another Pussy for an MC

Damn this Mc is really an idiot

In a world with magic and grimoires? · C8
2 days ago
Happy bday View More
Endless Adventure · C41
4 days ago
Di*k size doesn't matter if you have AIDS View More

TrueImmortalDevil: Unless its d*ck size

Journey Towards Greatness · C263
5 days ago

Zerot_Solar: The author underestimated omnipotence, is just a life of boredom for the user bless him that he didn’t do something stupid like see the future or omniscience 😑

Hunter X Hunter: Undying Perfection · C2
5 days ago

Basement_Keeper: Wasn't this......copied and pasted.....like everything exactly as is from a dropped novel? I'm not sure but it feels like I've read the exact same words with the exact same thing...not trying to discredit or anything but....it really feels so familiar.....or you were probably the one who made the dropped novel and decided to come back and make a new one? I really dunno but pretty sure these are the exact same words as that novel.

5 days ago

LittleJinx28: Hehe if she wasnt, where would our fun be?

Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C4
1 week ago

NihilisticBeauty: My god. There's already enough bl quick transmigrations, don't try influencing a perfectly good author like that.

way better to fall in love with a crazy villainess than a braindead male lead, i say

Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C1
1 week ago
Wtf was this? 95% was canon. Cmon man u are better than this. View More
Endless Adventure · C37
1 week ago

TwilightReverie: Ichthyosaurs were not serpents in any way. They were a group of marine reptiles resembling dolphins in general form. Might be petty, but the star rating for this chapter drops as a result from this error.

You best be getting my state fossil right in the future!

Omniscient Reader · C7
1 week ago

coldramen: Oh no, I hope that girl isn't the female lead. I don't want to have to read about a drag.

Omniscient Reader · C5
1 week ago

Liger01: "It sounds vaguely like Spanish. Should I talk to it?", you got full time job for learning it and you think "「&아#@!&아#@! ...」" sounds spanish!.

Omniscient Reader · C3
1 week ago

PersonalitySwapper: Wait....I'm confused....The dude on the cover is supposed to be the protagonist right? Then how come the MC is still single, when he's looking like that?! This is seriously hurting my pride, man......

Omniscient Reader · C2
1 week ago
Reading Status: C26
Mc asks for Lucifer's power but never gets them
Weak as ****
Starts having boner when he is 5
Weakest Lucifer
His body can't even handle super soldier serum let alone lucifers powers
Even a midget like captain america was able to handle the serum
Why tf this story has 5 stars
It deserves 3 stars at most View More
Adventurer In The Multiverse
1 week ago

tekite: I hope he wont keep acting like a lackey lmao. Its embarassing just reading about him, he is like a 3rd rate follower of the MC.not to mention the Lucifer powers that he will probably never get and even if he gets them it will be some bull**** ass weak power lmao due to 'plot' reasons. Why even give him Lucifers powers if he cant even use 1% of it. His body is laughably mortal- just a normal fucking human body. He cant even handle the captain america serum, like how weak can an MC actually can be? He will probably be the weakest Lucifer in history of literature, and will probably depend on suits and stuff.

Adventurer In The Multiverse · C24
1 week ago

gtkmosquito: dropped. Not my taste. But 23 chapter no Lucy power at all??? dafuq is this ? and 13 year old , 5 year old boner ? you're sick disgusting . You're like pedo novelist or something because that's just wrong man. Sorry for my language. Author you done your best i don't blame you . You're you

Adventurer In The Multiverse · C23
1 week ago

DevilTriggered: So you say, someone with lucifer heritage, have normal human body? Needs protection of messy iron suits? Even for a plot progression, I don't believe son of a God, can't be on a level of Thor body and needs to upgrade himself even though in marvel comics have omega level threats in all corners...

Adventurer In The Multiverse · C9
1 week ago

Reapers: When God was about to say I'm sorry the author cut in and told the God that he would lose his job

Adventurer In The Multiverse · C1
1 week ago

daws22: This prologue was somewhat similar with 'The Great Storyteller'. It's a good novel.
And I hope your novel will be a good one too~

: · C0
1 week ago
If he can become friends with malfoy just imagine the benefits View More

LIX: I think he should go to Slytherin. Since that is the place where he has the biggest chance of making powerful allies, albeit probably some enemies as well. Ravenclaw is a bunch of nobodies, Gryffindor is off-limits due to the old hag and Huffelpuff is just one big no.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C19
1 week ago

LIX: I think he should go to Slytherin. Since that is the place where he has the biggest chance of making powerful allies, albeit probably some enemies as well. Ravenclaw is a bunch of nobodies, Gryffindor is off-limits due to the old hag and Huffelpuff is just one big no.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C19
1 week ago
Oh **** oh **** oh ****tt View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C15
1 week ago
Well he knew that ppl were after him so he wanted to round them up and he also wanted to untrace his wand and also he was wasting most of his time at school.Thats what i think View More

LordFi7th: I don't mind the killing and I don't mind the dark ****. I just want to know, what is the purpose? Because all I've seen so far is just a crazy 11 year old with a God complex, killing and torturing random people for his amusement.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C50
1 week ago

ShiningOne: Currently the best

Marvel fanfic: Chornicles of Elijah
DC fanfic: Fate/Heroes

The Chronicles of Elijah · C52
1 week ago
He can find better girls her so she is not that special. View More

ReusM: Tsume daughter also hot yaknow (ToT)

Dream to immortality · C21
1 week ago
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