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I hope Big Bear won't die. Granpa Jun don't even need his core anymore... View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1170
2 weeks ago
How did they know about the term "Hell Enduring Ghosts"? 🤔 View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1159
3 weeks ago
I can only guess that he want to relate it to his family. So that they would understand his use of the stalk. View More

Zackeri16: Wtf is he doing?

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C915
5 months ago
Super long but no punchline View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C915
5 months ago
The author said that LOHP will end this year. View More

ig_casseuseist: Stop saying bad things to author please, what if he stops writing?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1580
8 months ago
If you would analyze it from her reactions alone, it is stated in this chapter that she normally cold and composed (like LRX) and today's just an exception. View More

SilentDrummer: F for the little princess. I'm sure she's not Rouxin, her reactions don't match her personality

Library of Heaven's Path · C1575
8 months ago
He hasn't visited the Master Teacher Pavilion. He was only in the Empire Alliance back then. View More

MistNewt: Destruction schedule:
Zhang Clan: Done
Sanctum of Sages: Done
Glacier Plain Court: Done
Master Teacher Pavilion: Done
Luo Clan: ... (Fetching results)

Library of Heaven's Path · C1569
8 months ago
Library of Heaven's Path · C1560
8 months ago
😔 View More

SmugMegumin: I forget. Do we release 2 chapters daily or only 1 each day? I really hope it's the former.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1341
1 year ago

cpapaul: Gay moment: JMX and CQH were currently standing together, their heads standing touching each other's as they stared intently at the sword in JMX's hand.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C634
1 year ago

SmilingReader: Zhang Xuan has met some really nice people who are willing to take heavens tribulation for him even though they just met a moment ago 😁

Library of Heaven's Path · C1339
1 year ago
RIP Ding Ding. No more screen time for now. ZX already has a stronger weapon. View More

tsongwut: “Did that fatty have the same hobby as golden cauldron - sitting on other?” 😂😂😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1338
1 year ago
He only got rejected to make the comeback more impressive. View More

Deelah: Wow. He got rejected!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1326
1 year ago

MeerajG: Exxplooosiooon!

Release That Witch · C1322
1 year ago
But we don't know yet if that would cost another 100. View More

SmilingReader: I guess it’s understandable to go to the weakest trial first since that will probably have more (most likely low quality) cultivation manuals. What Zhang Xuan needs is quantity rather than quality to make more heavens path books.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1318
1 year ago
and sadly the release schedule isn't consistent... View More

Randomizer: I'm changing this one to reading it once a week, too much fluff with little content/progress per chapter these days..

Library of Heaven's Path · C1316
1 year ago
Little sister complex? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1313
1 year ago
View More

Kdibi: Where is the update?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1293
1 year ago

cpapaul: Baron Jean Bate should have the title of "Master".

Release That Witch · C1308
1 year ago
Did the schedule of this novel already shifted? View More

StarveCleric: First

Library of Heaven's Path · C1283
1 year ago

Storm6666: Let's see if ZX has strong pull out game.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1281
1 year ago

SmilingReader: As soon as Zhang Xuan pulls out the sword he’ll become the rightful ruler of England 🤴

Library of Heaven's Path · C1281
1 year ago

SmilingReader: Must be tough to always be the centre of attention all the time. Why doesn’t Zhang Xuan keep a low profile 😓

Library of Heaven's Path · C1279
1 year ago
The older brother was the guy who reached Half-Quint and seen by one of the crazed swordsen outside the formation. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1278
1 year ago

Yi_Shengtu: Hmmm. Work, or reading? Inner Demons, why must you plague me so?!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1278
1 year ago

cpapaul: Quite smart for him to earn that way. Soon we'll know if White lies are actually harmless.

Release That Witch · C1301
1 year ago

Acedus: tbh I think team grey castle showed their hand too early. They should have waited until the other planes are equipped with weapons before showing off their air force but it is what is it,

Release That Witch · C1301
1 year ago
Storing the clones should be storing the "puppets"... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1276
1 year ago
It's sad that LOHP is no longer consistent on its timely updates... No wonder it became #2. 😔 View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1275
1 year ago
You forgot the part where either offers to be the teacher of the other. View More

AzureWater: Sword Maestro: Let me pass you my ultimate sword technique
Sword Maestro: *Conciousness slowly fades*

Library of Heaven's Path · C1275
1 year ago
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