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Wait, if the MC was able to learn all 3 styles of cultivation,why did he make it seem like a choice in the earlier chapters? It makes perfect sense why he could do all 3 because as he said he cultivates energy and all 3 types require energy. It would have been more believable if the MC also trained in the internal and external arts when he had the energy instead of working on the Art of Tao because as of right now the first two give you permanent strength whereas the latter gives you temporary strength. Then again maybe he did not have enough energy or given his situation the Art of Tao would give him more combat benefits then the internal and external arts,at least in the very beginning of cultivation. Hopefully the author explains all this in a future chapter. View More
Warlord of Chaos · C33
1 day ago
It will be interesting to see exactly where Mark stands among the upper echelon of the infected,beasts,mutators,and espers. The best way to do that is to see him fight this legged hunchback whale and not be forced to run away like he had to last time. View More
Mutagen · C260
2 days ago
I wonder if he has any guilt because this entire thing was instigated by him. So every person torn apart by zombies or eaten alive be monsters will die because he chose to make the world that way. In every other apocalypse type novel, the world ends and the MC survives while losing more and more of his humanity throughout the whole apocalypse. Our MC will probably lose his humanity much quicker unless he never connects the dots in his own head that this entire thing is his fault, in which case never mind. View More
Stronghold In The Apocalypse · C2
3 days ago
I have to say, I dont think Grant is dead. Maybe heavily injured but not dead. View More
Chrysalis · C399
3 days ago
I hope that eventually Linjos paves the way for someone else who had the same ideals and naivety that he started with to succeed as the headmaster of the White Griffon academy. View More
Supreme Magus · C271
3 days ago
So the master he is referring to is the guy who gave him the physique he currently has. Its interesting that despite his status he cant kill some dude from the Beast World. I imagine his masters inner circle is one of the strongest ,if not the strongest groups, in this dimension. Then again maybe there is a rule stating older people cant kill younger people which would make sense. View More
The Dawn of the New World · C431
3 days ago
I hope that he learns how to manipulate energy or increases his body strength because relying on one use charms in the lower levels of cultivation does not seem like a great idea. Maybe he needs to be separated from the group because making charms in a group does make sense. His group will fight and give him time to make a charm that helps him deal with whatever situation they are dealing with. Even if he makes charms before hand and fights eventually he will run out and be left sitting their while his allies fight. I hope he learns how to use a weapon that is not a sword because 95% of MC's in cultivation novels use a sword, 4% use a spear,and the remaining 1% is for every other type of weapon. View More
Warlord of Chaos · C31
3 days ago

Dan1e: My man mark sometimes has bad priorities but at the end there his priorities were set straight

Mutagen · C234
3 days ago
Building your base near the ocean in an apocalypse is always a crappy idea. The monsters in the ocean are almost always several times more terrifying than anything on land. View More
Mutagen · C224
3 days ago
Mark is not even collecting mutated beasts anymore but is now collecting OP kids or in the case the Blood Children, Babies. View More
Mutagen · C216
4 days ago
How did Freed become the strongest Esper on his planet by just moving around very quickly.? If the ability let him strengthen his body so he could use that kinetic energy to attack then I could understand. However, it seems to be just a speed ability which should be utterly useless if your opponent has a super high defense or an ability which covers a very large area instantly. View More
Mutagen · C213
4 days ago
Author, did you forget about that seed the mute kid gave him forever ago. It has to have some use, I dont expect it to be like the seed of the World Tree or anything major like that but maybe it will give Mark something useful. Such as trees with really strong wood that can be used as great building materials. View More
Mutagen · C211
4 days ago
So considering what Freed said about Mark's abilities absolute control over his body(I am paraphrasing of course), I think his blood manipulation is just step one of him being able to manipulate his own flesh and bone as well. So in many ways his ability is like a majority of all of the mutator abilities we have seen thus far combined together. View More
Mutagen · C204
4 days ago
I imagine at this point. Mark must be ripped as hell especially with all the fighting and then he evolved,mutated,gained more psychic powers,and then went on a murderous rampaging doing who knows what for two weeks. I hope when Mark re enters civilization that there are rumors of a blood manipulating failed mutant. View More
Mutagen · C189
4 days ago
Man this is a great bargain. Get one cat boy and get a zombie girl free. View More
Mutagen · C146
4 days ago
Round 2: Fight View More
Mutagen · C142
4 days ago
Mark is slowly but surely building an army of BA people the he can trust. Its smart that he is collecting people he knows because he can make them stronger and they will follow him without complaints. Then again with his ability he would know if someone he did not know but recruited, had some ill intent for him or his companions. I still love Mark's very smart tactical fighting style but I still think he needs something to push him to the levels of his daughter with her speed or his servant with her bones. His mental abilities are great on people and on weaker groups of people and his adrenaline on dealing with hordes of zombies. However, eventually bullets and his machete are not going to work on high level enemies so he need something to allow him to fight on a higher level than them, either controlling matter or creating super strong equipment. Personally I prefer the latter. View More
Mutagen · C141
4 days ago
Mark really needs to get an ability that lets him deal significant damage to an opponent without wasting a bunch of energy like he does with his adrenaline rush. Eventually guns are going to become useless against his enemies so hopefully realizes that well in advance and plans accordingly. View More
Mutagen · C134
4 days ago
Mark needs another infected on a chain, a katana, and dreadlocks, then he can do a Michonne cosplay. View More
Mutagen · C128
4 days ago
At least the military is smart. The best way to gain favor with Mark is to gain favor with his companions and to do that they need to help his companions families. If nothing else the Perez family and Paula are all going to be helped by Mark in the future or even join his base when he eventually creates it. View More
Mutagen · C117
4 days ago
Planning against Mark is such a bad idea. At best you kill one or two people around him which will cause him to break down emotionally and Freed will take over. Freed is 1000% worse than Mark because Mark still cant fully control all of his abilities and he still has his humanity, Freed can control all of Mark's ability and does not seem to be human. View More
Mutagen · C114
4 days ago

Senseisan: Idk what to say, this was kind of an ass pull, so the immature milk drinker pretty much played with what I'm assuming to be a lvl 2 z-type and let's be honest insta killed it...really tho it's pretty much implying that he's at Mark's lvl, and its apparently his first evolution/awakening cuz he wasn't bit, while Mark's is at his 2nd...I'm not really one to distrust the author, but this time I was kinda disappointed plus u introduced him in the most annoying way...

Mutagen · C113
4 days ago
The little girls reaction is how I expected an otaku like mark to react to Gale's ability to transform into a cat girl. View More
Mutagen · C111
4 days ago
Please let the plant family join Mark, that would be great. View More
Mutagen · C108
4 days ago
I really hope he gains something flashy from the crystals in house. Being able to control emotions and temporarily enhancing your physical state is fine but being able to control matter with your mind(water,fire,ice,earth,metal,lightning,etc) seems way cooler to me. As an Otaku I am surprised Mark has not really shown much of that side of himself especially since he has mentioned that this whole apocalypse is something he wanted. Back to the abilities thing considering how handy and creative mark is it would be cool if he got an ability to synthesize items from anything he had on hand. It would be a great ability and would help increase the strength of his group exponentially. View More
Mutagen · C107
4 days ago
Yeah but by not cooking it gives them time to train their skills whether that be their supernatural abilities, their marksmanship, or martial arts. Plus Mark realizes that it may be the apocalypse but that doesnt mean you have to be super serious and sad all the time. He literally spent a good portion of his time in the mall downloading video games,anime,and novels to keep himself and his companions entertained. No other MC in an apocalypse novel(that i have read thus far) has been this laid back about the apocalypse and honestly its a really great change of tone that makes me enjoy reading this more than the other apocalypse novels out there. View More
Mutagen · C104
4 days ago
He has still other abilities. Plus the abilities he might gain from the crystal fragments he has at his house and the one he was given by the tree kid from the body of that huge cat. Along with now getting a mutated ability or further enhancing his current abilities. The MC is slowly becoming more and more OP, I kind of hope he gets an ability that lets him make weapons out of his dead enemies but I guess I will have to wait and see. View More
Mutagen · C101
4 days ago
Author you do a fantastic job with creating different infected with different abilities,even if most of them are from multiple zombie movie series or video games. In most monster/zombie apocalypse types novels there is usually a strong zombie, a fast zombie, a big tanky zombie, a smart zombie, and maybe a flying zombie. I also wonder how long its going to take until modern guns become obsolete. Humanity better hope that they can either harvest material from the plants,zombie,and animals or that the metals on the planet also mutate to become stronger. Not that it would not be cool for Mark to make an Otaku's wet dream, a Katana, from the bones of some kind of super strong zombie or animal. View More
Mutagen · C97
4 days ago
I hope all these friends are in the city or at least before Mark leaves, he should visit his house for some reason. Maybe to get more supplies or weapons, depending on how serious Mark was with preparing for a zombie apocalypse. View More
Mutagen · C74
5 days ago
Never mind the last sentence of my comment on last chapter. Ask and you shall receive. View More
Mutagen · C73
5 days ago
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