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I mean you " know" not "your knowledge" it is just typo error sorry View More

Nathanor: your knowledge author you seem to neglect or forgot or probably don't have any idea about apocalypse spaceship that packed with that universe tech and knowledge. it is even have tech and knowledge of genetics and contain the techno organic virus

Son Goku in Marvel World · C8
6 days ago
your knowledge author you seem to neglect or forgot or probably don't have any idea about apocalypse spaceship that packed with that universe tech and knowledge. it is even have tech and knowledge of genetics and contain the techno organic virus View More
Son Goku in Marvel World · C8
6 days ago

AliefLucas: Well don't use human common sense on them.. They are from a battle maniac alien race. The woman of that race search for an Alpha male as a mate. With Goku Power Level and bloodline he already becomes a desired mate for the woman.

As for he comes too early. Please look at the tags there is a tag of Sengoku Basara there. I decided to recruit Heroes from there as his general.👍
There also many Marvel fanfic that was born as Asgardian long before canon, so it was play for me..hahaha

Son Goku in Marvel World · C1
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C11
keep on writing chapters and keep on posting them.. can't wait to see him using his guns and blasts his enemies head off.. And make him realized that his parents are doing everything for him for his forgiveness.. View More
Naruto - Hero/Devil
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C125
I actually don't care what other said about this story but man .. I love this story! just don't let us solid fans hangin man! it's been few months already.. I'm still waiting for him rampaging in the Devine Realms.. overall I shamelessly gave the story 5 stars.. why? bros I love the story! View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System
3 weeks ago

DriedSnug: Lest make this review:
1-We have an interesting world, you get a point +1.
2-Main character is a suppose super spy and genius, but it seems he forgot his brain in the other world -1 point.
3-Characters don’t learn from there mistake and keep making the same mistake, -1 point.
4-The introducing modern technology into this type of story is interesting, +1 point.
5-The over used trope of rich arrogant young master is annoying, -1 point.
6-The Mc has a constant change in personality that is confusing at time, -1 point.
7-The writing/grammar is good and understandable, +1 point.

Okay we started at 5 if we calculate all, all the point this is our real review and our final score is 4 out of 10.

The Geared Immortal
3 weeks ago
it's Kaguya hrself View More
Naruto: Journey of the strongest teacher · C0
4 months ago
author, dont forget to make a scene where he, the mc encounters James Howlett aka Wolverine in the war.. His mutant power mutant powers, mutant healing factor, heightened sense of smell is one of the best powers.. View More
Absolute Stealing · C29
4 months ago
since when? since he acquired the Primordial Chaos God bloodline.. I guessed View More

LittleGluttonSlime: And also his is a Mutation, because of his Bloodline's.
It's black with white tomoe!

The Supreme Anime System · C3
4 months ago
Transformers world brod... And get the cube/all spark then to independence day universe part 1 and part 2 and defeat the aliens with the transformers and bring those tech and space ships with him to the next worlds.. He can those space ships especially the mother ships as his base and empire.. Plagay mo Brod? View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C121
7 months ago
Gun and sword View More
Chaos In MCU · C0
7 months ago
Reading Status: C1
With just only the sypnosis made me shiver.. Ive been waiting for a story like this that obitp is the mc.. He deserves a second chance.. Keep it up author.. Hope that you can make me shiver with the story itself.. View More
Uchiha Obito : Redemption
7 months ago
I think he needs to get the main symbiote as well.. It will help 'tech' to strengthen himself and reclaim his lost memories and the spiderman powers.. And he bonded with nomu for some time.. Maybe he already copied his powers.. It will he a great boost for Tony's super strength View More
Technomaster in My hero academia · C33
7 months ago
Sasuke- Riser Phenex
let me show you what real flames is..

Darn... Riser will be burn for seven days and seven nights and his phenex flames will only serves as fuel and firewood for amatersu.. Poor riser.. View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C6
7 months ago
Multiverse travellers View More
DxD Fate Unbound · C18
7 months ago
Reforge dragon fault into another heavy sword with sharp edge like guts heavy sword in berserk... I always have this question in mind.. Why all fanfic novels seems neglecting or forgetting guts berserker armor design? It soOOOo badass man! Do most author didn't actually like it or they just forgotten about it or they just didn't like berserk and the berserker armor and its design? View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C98
7 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Wala ng intro, intro! ____________________________ ! Wala lang... First of all, I don't of what other people will say about the story and what people will about my review but I can only say this:
8 months ago
A fellow Filipino? When I saw and recognized the characters names I felt those are common Filipino surnames, and when I saw the "Baccor City" I think I confirmed it.. View More
Mutagen · C0
8 months ago
Hey author, its ryo.. Naruto world currency is called "ryo" View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C21
8 months ago
Author, can you design his new armor to look exactly like gut's berserker armor in berserk? The black berserker armor replica powered by his arc reactor.. View More
Technomaster in My hero academia · C17
8 months ago
Easy Cultivation.. It is a martial world fan fiction.. A reincarnator with a system who reincarnated in Lin ming's body View More

Asuraprince: martial world no one write fan fac to it

Fan-Fiction: Journey of Lionel in the Multiverse · C12
8 months ago
Reading Status: C130
Great story! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great!
To those who haven't seen and started reading this book, better start now... You won't regret this.. Great story author! Great! Great! Great! Great! View More
Life Hunter
8 months ago
Hey author, how about movie worlds/movie verses? More worlds, more adventures.. Like transformers, independence day, resident evil franchise, movie worlds with monsters, aliens, super high technology worlds and integrate those into his empire.. Even for five to six chapters of adventures, it will be fun.. What do you think? View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C110
8 months ago
Of corz.. He probably seen the movie/movies already and all needed to is to take a look at it, study it a little and his quirk will do the rest.. If those three worlds collide and fused, there will be much more chaos and the transformers will be a little disadvantage with these.. Marvel and my hero academia world are more OP than the robots View More

Axcart: He needs to understand the tech first

Technomaster in My hero academia · C16
8 months ago
The only question is how and where did Megatron get the information about the stones? And what if tony snatch the all spark/cube and use it for himself? He is a technomancer and he could control it... An army of transformers to his bidding View More

Axcart: Imagine megatron looking for the infinaly stones, moce over Thanos, theis a new big bad in town

Technomaster in My hero academia · C16
8 months ago
Oh no.. Another world wil integrate and combine with the already combined and fused two worlds? If that happens... whoao.. One is enough and two is too much.. What about three? Three worlds View More

Phantom_DX: Well.........Who knows.....

Technomaster in My hero academia · C16
8 months ago
Sword of Kusanagi! View More
Ultimate Naruto System in a Different World · C31
8 months ago
Author, why not make him collect devil fruits as much as how many he can? How? If a devil fruit user died, any nearest fruit will transform into said devil fruit.. He can just kill whoever they will encounter with the prepared fruit near besides them and whatever devil the person or people they killed, the devil fruit will respawn into the fruit nearby View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C85
8 months ago
Brod, papasok b dto ung mga main arcs ng faritail? Plagay ko ung dragon festival arc pagkatpos ng grand magic games arc Hindi n kasali kc nsa kanya na lhat ng mga dragon eh View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C74
8 months ago
Reading Status: C27
I love this story!......
............ I want more!......... More!........... More!...... And more!...... Keep it author....
I really like the way you set up the story background. And it's prologue.. Especially when I lreaned what exactly are you planing for your "ancient humans DNA from mars" keep it up... I wait for more! View More
saiyan god in dxd( under a rewrite)
8 months ago
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