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Is he finally going to level up his mystical knowledge? It's one of the few useful skills he can level with points if he only had the prerequisites or, better yet, the skill scrolls. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1488
2 weeks ago
Right! I've been wondering when Nikorei and whatever she's doing with her overpowered cat and all the strongest wizards will connect to Kieran. View More

Heaven_Road: Kieran still not out of the dungeon yet? Im surprised! Maybe he need to locate nikorei now?
Thank you for the chapter Rusty Dragon, Dess, Ebony and Nix!

The Devil's Cage · C1482
3 weeks ago
What was the main mission again? View More
The Devil's Cage · C1482
3 weeks ago
I think it was mentioned that the other starter planets were impractically far away. Something like months away.

He DOES have a super advanced ship from one of the 3 big civilizations now so maybe it's not that unfeasible anymore? Who knows? Maybe it's still impractical. View More

Doc_E_Style: Why the **** does he not visit some of the other starter planets, if he needs the experience? If he'd visit them all and sell his knowledge, he could probably Level to about 160

The Legendary Mechanic · C575
1 month ago
Honestly, I don't like the healing skill. Since HX is the MC, we already know he's going to win, or at least survive every encounter. However a skill that basically negates all damage unless it kills him instantly basically negates any ******* there might be in a fight.

Right now only S class supers are a true threat to him and he isn't even A class. S class is supposed to be super rare (there's only 4 in the Garton System) so I'm really wondering how the power scaling will work later on. This is really more of a common problem with characters that are undefeatable in their class and can defeat the class above. What do you do when there's no more classes?

It was mentioned at the beginning of the novel that there's something beyond S class so there's that. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C575
1 month ago

Sulfonamide: Why not enter the void to avoid the shot?

The Legendary Mechanic · C572
1 month ago
I mean, to be clear, I still hate the privilege system. I've already spent several books' worth on this site (books are probably cheaper if you go word for word) and they expect me to pay even more monthly View More

ssKoruma: Wait, the discounts affect YOUR income? That's despicable! The company decides unilaterally to give discounts so it should bear the costs. I work with a ride share app and them giving away discounts has never affected my personal income and I think that should be the standard.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago

Evilplayer: Hello privileged people, it is us, the underclass!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago
Wait, the discounts affect YOUR income? That's despicable! The company decides unilaterally to give discounts so it should bear the costs. I work with a ride share app and them giving away discounts has never affected my personal income and I think that should be the standard. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago

dongaro: Personally I do not blame you as the translator. Nor do I think you did anything wrong.

I'm just disgusted at the site for this set up.

Paying money to pay money has always been a loathsome thing. Why not pay money to pay money to pay money to pay money? Does it wnd? CN they set up a third tier?

The moved from free to adds to adds/stones then just stones now to gating off 20 chapters.

If the subscription unlocked the chapters without stones I'd be cool with it. But this is just disgusting since I suspect at this will just get worse .

I will likely be posting about this in the forum to complain about the site.

But you did nothing wrong and I cant blame you. This is a job that pays you during schooling and likely not a great paying one for the amount of work that goes into it.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago

awelly: Wtf there are positive comments about extra chapters, when the move is scummy... 10$for 20ch? you can buy a book for that

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago

Ponty: *this novel become premium*
me : okay, I can spend some stones

*this novel suddenly got slower release*
me : well, I can wait

*this novel got some privileged*

nah.....I'll keep reading this, even though I clearly can't accept this, but I can't do anything about it.

Just few days ago the translators saying he's busy with real life, so busy sometime we only got 1 chapter/day. I can accept that.

But then suddenly the novel become privileged and bunch of chapters released. Man, it's one thing if ZX being shameless, but even people at qidian also shameless, it makes me so sad 😣

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 month ago
I wonder how this dungeon would go if he didn't have so many restrictions? View More
The Devil's Cage · C1354
2 months ago
Remind me what Kieran's normal dungeon count is? 8 maybe? Wouldn't that still be considered early game? I'm just wondering what the power cap looks like considering you have to clear 30 dungeons.

We know at least the witch has done it before so isn't it reasonable to assume that there are people with a dungeon count of 25 or so? How is Kieran considered a very powerful dude right now? "Veteran" in this game doesn't seem to be a very high level if you consider the dungeon count. My main question here is: Where are all the high dungeon count players? There should be a sizable amount even if only 1 in a thousand make it there. The player base seems to be huge and Kieran is still relatively new to the game. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1320
3 months ago
So... What exactly can Kieran do now? Can he actually retaliate? I think this is exactly the kind of situation I was hoping for. His other attributes are so much lower compared to his Spirit that he has too many openings I think. It's like only being proficient in one saving throw in terms of D&D while neglecting the others.

The thing is, in this particular game (especially considering that Kieran can invest efficiently in every attribute), you don't have to specialize that much. That ridiculous amount of points he used to up his Spirit by, frankly, very little could've been used to get every attribute to advanced rank II or something like that. Hyper specialized builds could probably work in a party setting but solo players have to be good (or at least decent) at everything. And while Kieran is basically a super human in every attribute, "decent" attributes at his stage of the game are at least advanced rank. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1320
3 months ago
Dawn power might help but I'm not sure it can break the time stop. I don't even know how many things Kieran can do without moving. View More

Winder1565: Is it morning already?

The Devil's Cage · C1320
3 months ago
Well, being a CMT basically makes him Kong Shi's second coming. Besides the reverence that position gives him, any knowledge imparted by him is basically invaluable. His mere existence means a possible golden age for humanity.

So... "Hey, yeah my gf is the spirit god but you know... I can give a 12 hour lecture and get a ton of sempiternal realm cultivators out of it and hey, give me a month and I'll probably triple the number of human ancient sages and make all the current ones 3-dan consummation."

Coming back to the reverence side of things, a CMT basically outranks any master teacher, he'd be humanity's leader by default. View More

Eals: That actually doesn't explain anything tho, even if he is one, as said before he needs strength before he can show that status of him around. And now even though he can rival Great Sage dan 4 he can only battle some of them at the same time, not every one. Also being a CMT doesn't exempt him of responsibilities to mankind.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1779
4 months ago
I'm unsure as to how this novel will go in terms of cultivation. We have now established that there's levels when it comes to ancient sages and even a level above that, the level of gods and an entire other plane of existence.

Now, when it comes to knowledge, ZX has now read probably more books inside the trial than the entire books read throughout the rest of the novel. He's probably above 9-star in every occupation. If this novel were to say he doesn't have heaven's path cultivation techniques for every cultivation level up to the pinnacle of ancient sage and enough books to perfect every quintessence and his eye of insight techniques, it would seem pretty bs (the resources needed might be difficult to obtain and he might have to make up his own path to some of the levels but that's beside the point).

Being generous, there might be 30, maybe 40 ancient sages in the world (maybe 6 of them or so are at 3-dan) and that's assuming more than half of the AS didn't go to the temple. So, very soon there won't be any possible conflict since ZX can just curb stomp everyone in the "mortal realm".

Either we get some other faction that is even more powerful, maybe from another continent (dragon tribe anyone?) or this arc could just be ZX settling things in the mortal realm before ascending. I don't know if the novel will continue after ZX's ascension (cultivation novels can basically keep going forever by expanding their universe more and more) but I really don't know how to even challenge ZX at this point. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1779
4 months ago

Ladiesman_Immortal: ZX be like, I'm a celestial master teacher. End of explanation. 😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1779
4 months ago
I admit it is really unsettling since we've seen ZX always be the most knowledgeable person in the room but I would first consider a couple of points:

First: ZX has not compiled 9-star knowledge in any professions. The closest thing he has is knowledge of 9-star teleportation formations but not the entire profession. It makes sense he hasn't really reached the pinnacle in terms of knowledge. A quick look at the temple's books as well as the school of philosophers and the master teacher pavilion should fix that.

Second: Ruoxin's identity at this point is probably either a god/someone related to a god or the Kong Shiyao they keep mentioning which is probably Kong Shi's direct descendant. It makes sense she would have information that is above even the philosophers, especially when it comes to Kong Shi related stuff. Heck, if she's Kong Shi's direct descendant, she probably has access to heaven's path cultivation techniques and profession knowledge or at least as close to that as possible (we haven't really been told whether there's a limitation when it comes to other people learning the perfected knowledge from a profession).

I'd say it is perfectly reasonable for her to know stuff even ZX doesn't. His main power is to take information and derive a perfect form of it. He can't really perfect information he doesn't have access to now, can he? Not to mention LR's information is probably of comparable quality. She might even qualify as a Celestial Master Teacher (there has been no limitation mentioning only one is possible at a time)

As a side note, we know anyone at ZX's cultivation level has basically no chance against him. Even being 2 levels above him will probably get you crushed. Kong Shi was probably the same yet he still had trouble against Vicious. This leads me to believe that the otherworldly demons have access to something comparable to the Library of Heaven's path, maybe their god. It also makes sense that ZX being in this world makes it so that there has to be a counterpart. Maybe that counterpart is the OWD genius they keep mentioning and they have access to something similar to LOHP (this could also be LR's identity).

Basically, at this point in the novel you have to throw beings that are close to ZX's level. Otherwise, by the time he gets to ancient sage or even before that, there'll be zero *******. View More

MrKingI: I'm not liking it when Luo Ruoxin is around. She makes ZX appear dumb for no apparent reason.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1756
4 months ago

AzureWater: ZX: *Sees someone can break through the space with a finger*

Also ZX: Ah i see you had a minor fruitous encounter as well

Library of Heaven's Path · C1750
4 months ago
More like Hall of LOL am I right?

Ok... I'm leaving View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1741
4 months ago
As much as I enjoy this story privilege is just too much. That's pretty much an eBook's price worth of ss for 3 advance chapter. View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C312
4 months ago
Wait, I almost didn't catch that. Are you implying Zhang Xuan is gay? View More

Evil_Dragon_8293: I'm telling you guys, Zhang Xuan is a blockhead and a gay. he's the combination of genius-blockhead-gay .

Though the author claimed that he likes woman, facts in the novel still state that he's gay/stupid and fake genius(the only ability that's noteworthy on him is Heaven Path, without it he's still the once trash/useless)

And imagine, if in the beginning he didn't have the Heaven path at all, what will he becme now?

Don't even mention reaching great sage,even Saint realm will be as difficult as climbing the heaven for him.

Why am i angry? Why?!

It's because he's fucking blockhead when it cmes to women and also because he's a gay.

If you're expecting for him to touch any women in his lifetime then you'll be severely disappoint.

Though i really like reading this novel, It really is a pain in the ass when i remember that zhang xuan will forever be a gay and will never touch any woman,


If you're going to ask me what's the use of female characters then I'll only say :


If you're only continuing reading this novel because you still bore some hope that he'll have a son/daughter,

Then you should extinguish that naive thought of yours.

I'll be kind and generous for once and tell you something since i don't want you guys to keep holding the thought that he'll touch any of his woman any longer.

First, the only common occurrences in this novel is comedy/face-slapping/and some adventure as cultivator.

If you're hoping for some romance then i kindly advice you to forget about it .

Even though the author claimed that zhang xuan girlfriend is Luo Ruoxin, that's only in name,

In fact, I've never even seen them getting so intimate before except talking to each other(so lame right),

I even somewhat pity Luo Ruoxin for getting this kind of blockhead MC, she'll be happy if I'm her boyfriend instead, don't you agree?

Alright that's all for today review,Goodbye and remember my kind advice,

From Your Highness Evildoer.

Did anyone agree that zhang xuan is a blockhead ?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1732
4 months ago

Rolfa: Webnovel is full with loopholes and a rip off where you pay 1k in ss for a "end of the month" priviledge where you even have to pay to read the chapter after buying the priviledge. Not only that but if you are to busy to read the chapters you unlocked, unfortunately you can't because its f...ing locked because the privileges gone. No wonder people go look for free chapters online.

MMORPG: Martial Gamer · C714
4 months ago
My first first! View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C201
5 months ago
Exp View More

dip4k: Exp

The Devil's Cage · C1210
5 months ago
Finally, it's been a while since he's gotten any skill books. They seem to be getting rarer and rarer. When can he get his hands on the three skill books which are a prerequisite for mystical knowledge to level up though? Learning manually is still super inefficient and he hasn't gotten any chances to do so either. It's kind of a core skill and it's severely lacking at the moment. It hasn't kept up with the things he's dealing with. He keeps finding things he doesn't understand with his current level. Sure, he ends up overcoming the obstacles but, how much easier would it be if he actually knew his stuff? View More
The Devil's Cage · C1210
5 months ago
You know, if Kieran wants to strengthen his 7 sins powers he really should start working on lust. It's not just cause it is super frustrating that he never takes the chances he is given. I mean, it is, he's met what has been described as the most beautiful women in all his dungeons; they throw themselves at him and he doesn't budge an inch cause he's "too cautious".
Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for **** or anything like that, but it makes sense within the story. He strengthens gluttony by eating a lot of delicacies. He can probably level up greed naturally just by the way he goes about things trying to get as many benefits as possible from every situation. Wrath is kinda tough cause he's always pretty cool-headed even in fights and it could be dangerous to "hulk out". I have no idea how he would level up sloth and envy doesn't seem like something Kieran feels much. Pride probably levels up on his own just by wanting to be better than Kieran or at least thats what I get from it.
So this just begs the question, Why not lust? He's certainly not lacking chances in all his dungeons. He can just do the same as he does with gluttony and get himself some "delicacies". It can be kept pg, I'm not really asking for an in-depth description. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1207
5 months ago

LostEra: To me it seems more like the author has no clue how to properly write about introducing cultivation techniques in a cultivation novel so he keeps on stalling for more time but I hope this author also realizes that if you wait too long or keep on stalling for more time than eventually readers are going to lose faith in the ability of the author to write a good story and deliver on the promises made early on (this is one of the few novels where something is promised and over 200 chapters later the author is still stalling for time to actually deliver it). This is getting pathetic and at this point I rather have the author just say that the system doesn't know how to generate the skill than having to wait on empty promises. If the author doesn't know how to write about something than don't promise it but don't let readers wait for 200 chapters only to say that even the author does not when it is going to deliver!

Realm of Myths and Legends · C229
5 months ago
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