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Exactly a god of war is in essence the patron god of any general and they arent exactly running around brutalizing people except maybe a select few rather they need to be calm and collected to make good decisions View More

Earthshaker34: why though? For some god damn reason, people assume that all gods of war are stupid reckless idiots...

Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor · C21
3 days ago
Also his runes are similar to geralts signs View More

Kupkake: I just realized. The way he spoke reminds me of Geralt from the Witcher. He has got a sword,magic,his body is magically modified,and a trusty steed, now all he needs is to dye his hair and find yellow tinted contact lenses.

Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor · C13
3 days ago
Same View More

Ritschichi: do you have th name of the battle or the ships, I need to read that story

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C227
2 weeks ago
Acupuncture is less about strength and more technique and also the needle doesnt go very deep so he could probably do it even if his dad is very strong View More

xLagablabx: Then how can he pierce his fathers skin with needles?

Way of the Knights · C9
3 weeks ago
I agree with how it shouldnt be called a universe foundation but technically you could make a real universe foundation with a core if you were to make it in 4 dimensions
x y z and time
You could make a universe that extends from the big bang to present day or beyond

In case of beyond the destiny or time cores would fit better and if not then any of them would fit and it would be a true universe foundation View More

DabMaster27: I've been thinking, why is his foundation called the universe foundation, when it is clearly just a planet? The universe is not symmetrical, so when trying to use it as a foundation you would fail, because you would be missing a core part of the universe.
The best I could come up with was a galaxy foundation. Split into three parts it is the infinite expanse of space; the space dust, solar systems, nebulas, dark matter, ect. of the middle (like the planet on krune's foundation); and the super massive black hole as the center to house the core. Of course, the black hole core we learned about this chapter would fit right in in this case. Though only the heavens would know enough about the inner workings of the galaxy to succeed in creating this foundation atm. (Maybe if some all powerful being mastered the knowledge and restarted his cultivation to make it)
Considering he already knew about other planets when he made the foundation, and others who also call it universe, I'm not sure why it would be called universe and not planet or world.

Is that a Wisp? · C73
1 month ago
It seems the setting is based around multiple city states with warlords ruling over them hence no overall governing body and the free reign to slaughter entire towns View More
Warlord of Chaos · C11
1 month ago
360 degree vision would take some getting used to but i very much agree tho i need the myriad energies tech so i can live more than a decade View More

Jam28: I wanna be a wisp let me be one. I don’t need human form. Just being able to fly is fine.

Is that a Wisp? · C22
1 month ago
Well that was blunt.
Funny, but blunt View More

yooooooooooo: For those who are confused, kanari improved so fast thank to shin sperm to

Spirit Immortal · C474
1 month ago
Well whatever happens his domain is essentially blood bending so yea its probably one of the most deadly abilities he has just that he isnt using it to the fullest power View More

HasaDigaEebowai: I really hoped he would develop some sort of antidote / counter to the black mana of the all father ... This no kill route is frankly a very childish one .... Pretty sure he will have to kill someone soon ... Right now by capturing the black masks he is just passing of their execution onto someone else , this doesn't change anything

Spirit Immortal · C419
1 month ago
Both are exactly 20 years old ive been doing keeping since Latina showed up since i wanted to see if her age lined up with starfaces death View More

Dannymysteryman: I thought they were both in their 20's

Spirit Immortal · C393
1 month ago
Alomg with knowledge of pressure and concussive charges View More

amylhia: sigh he should come to our world he will go back with a water pressured spear/laser a hightly pressured water shot should not be hard for him to make with his ability.

Spirit Immortal · C370
1 month ago
He kinda already learned how to change the state just in an inefficient way but if he refines it and learns how to go in the opposite direction then he could do it View More

HasaDigaEebowai: I hope shin can learn how to manipulate the state of water too... imagine if could literally make the blood of multiple people boil or freeze and the same time ... 5 years is too long to wait for him to get baptized I mean shouldn't it be the priority ? After all what if gets different element like saint of time wouldn't it be better to that elements powers ?

Spirit Immortal · C352
1 month ago
Plz dont kill him i dont want the novel to end View More

Nightfang707: Wow author you are sooooo fucking evil like sooooo freaking evil i am gonna kill you for this cliff hanger.
Otherwise its an too awesome chapter. Kuddos

Spirit Immortal · C333
1 month ago
1-He never met his parents and was raised by the instructor and first elder alongside ariel so yea he is gonna be partial towards her instead of his parents whom he never knew
2-Of course junius is his main goal, he was in essence his elder brother who defected and seemingly went off the deep end
3-He wouldnt sell out anyone thats not the kind of character he is View More

Archena: So junius is your main goal. But the people who killed your parents is nothing big of a concern. There exist some people who would sell their mother for their girlfriend. Mc is a shinning example.

Spirit Immortal · C257
1 month ago
Im starting to think his spirit isnt actually the koi but rather the celestial lake itself that would explain why there are those shadows and what might be the celestial dragon and the reason he only manifested the koi is because it had the gentlest power so he could take it even as weak as he is, plus it would give his first ability a different explanation, the water he "creates" is actually water from the celestial lake View More
Spirit Immortal · C243
1 month ago
Fourth View More

Dannymysteryman: Third

Spirit Immortal · C201
1 month ago
Yea the ones that did it badly i think View More

Cgamer: Question: What happened with that hospital or research center? Is it the one that repaired his hand and leg?

Rise of The Undead Legion · C366
1 month ago
Might as well buy the knife too View More

Drunken_Devil: Maybe add in the coffin and flower arrangement as well

Rise of The Undead Legion · C365
1 month ago
Honestly instead of making a sword id say he sgould continue with his current approach only make it more and more efficient and increase the amount of "arms" he can use
Basically a full control build View More

ZoloZithro: Finally!! Shin realizes that his first ability is amazing! I hope he keeps developing it; he should be able to make a water sword for himself like Junius. He should also be able to moves like pierce, water ring; really anything he can imagine. A high speed stream of water can even cut through the strongest metals (they actually to this in real life).

Spirit Immortal · C170
1 month ago
Eventually he would be able to create healing rain then a healing typhoon? View More
Spirit Immortal · C126
1 month ago
Yo this is literally the best chapter of any novel ive ever read View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C364
1 month ago
Elder ash is the frie clan equivalent to Danzo from naruto
Wants to act for the clans "benefit" but is just a selfish bastard with a murder boner View More
Spirit Immortal · C116
1 month ago
Id be surprised if he murmured a comeback let alone actually defend himself from people with clearly superhuman capabilities View More

FengTian: F*ck, why does the MC put up with violent b¡tches like these?! First Ariel, and then this. Seriously, the MC is trash. He deserves better than being a masochist.

Spirit Immortal · C72
1 month ago
I have only one reply to this
Nuff said View More

NormalGuy: MC: Has crazy good vision and reflexes and would be a genius fighter
Author: Let's make him a healer

Everyone else: ...

Spirit Immortal · C52
1 month ago
Thats not what happened he is more powerful than ines so she couldnt just stop him and she doesnt have any evidence of his betrayal aside from her own testimony View More

Sweet_Tea: ngl i was enjoying the story but that is the stupidest thing i have ever read becuse the traitor said hes gonna interrogate them he is now innocent???

Spirit Immortal · C45
1 month ago
Junius sounded like kakashi at the end there View More
Spirit Immortal · C34
1 month ago
Itd be perfect if he just said alright then just went back home to get some dinner View More
The First Order · C41
1 month ago
X gene? View More

Iamcheapsowhat: Prolly some radiation

The First Order · C33
1 month ago
He has the strength not the technique to use it, brute strength can only get you so far unless you are significantly stronger in comparison View More

Ryuu23: Has it not been said earlier that at 11 years old he will also be strong as a graduate at 17? I do not complain that you made him weaker, but I am furious about such inconsistencies. Perhaps it is worth correcting this moment at the beginning?

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C18
1 month ago
Why would he need most of that when he is being taught by merlin and since he couldnt use magic because of his condition why would he need a wand? View More

Brezer: Why did they not already get all this stuff years ago. He should have already been reading it

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C10
1 month ago
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