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why is it a bad ability ? I think it makes a lot of sense. You can compare it to the autodesigner. View More

Kyourashi: So much bull**** since the superpublisher ability scks from the beginning ! Author recognize your mistake !

The Mech Touch · C1222
1 week ago
The important thing is, that you still have fun writing the story.
Don´t force yourself. View More
Chrysalis · C354
5 months ago
it is the effect of the cursed key View More

Randompasserby: Ooohhh this is interesting.
It seems like by expending much of its energy for reckless "coincidences" without any subtlety like calling a fvcking meteor down, the plot is starting to unravel out of its control.

We have grown used to weaponized plot armor but this is my first time reading a fatal plot hole lmao 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C474
6 months ago
Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck can explain it no problems google it View More

DvD_007: Ants learning to be human-like and humans learning to be ant-like, not sure Darwin could explain this😂😂

Chrysalis · C310
7 months ago
well it also explains the stinger of the centipedes. Monst likley the dungeon evaluated the scorpion as a general poor choice but kept using the scorpion stinger for the new centipede generation as experiment. View More

Epic_Landing: Monsters get evaluated? That explains the scorpions....

Chrysalis · C295
8 months ago
give him a good spanking from daddy chief designer View More

Emptyvessel: Ugh. Ves should've hit him harder after a little slap made him yelp.

I'd love to see Ves go full hulk and tear off some armor plating before giving someone a handshake. What use is his heavily modified body if he never makes use of it.

The Mech Touch · C534
9 months ago
Rosells Path had the ability of a very good memory/ enchanced thinking capabilitys. So there is a chance he would remember most of it. But its more likley the author is just joking. View More

AresRa: As if Roselle could really copy Shakespeare writing style unless he memorized word by word, his copy must be a ridiculous knockoff

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
9 months ago
i was thinking the same. the vesians might have bribed him with longlevity treatment View More

The_Unprofessional: Plot twist. The spy is expert pilot o'callahan.

The Mech Touch · C524
9 months ago
atleast he doesn´t sparkel View More

Shtriya: Cool image of vampires ruined .

Lord of the Mysteries · C315
9 months ago
no its how advancement works. while the old might have given birth to the new, the new has to step forward even if it means to step on the old. the same applies to the council. we know Anthonys evolutions are not the best options (restrictiv acid is not very usefull as example) and his behaviour is very ant unlike. it is only natural they would doubt him. View More

faisalbudeiri: I feel bad for Anthony he taught them everything they knew and they underestimate him and his knowledge and choices if it weren’t for him they would still be stupid ant colony that would die without him how cruel life is he gave them and made them what they are and instead of worshipping him they are doubting him and that’s how my dear Anthony how the mighty fall

Chrysalis · C274
9 months ago
now imagine the terror of having to fight a fusion of justin biber and edward as the final boss in 50 shades of gray world View More

Randomer: I'd laugh if later down the arc there's two main mission quests that they have to pick from:

"Team Edward or Team Jacob"
"You decide"

2012? Ha. You could call me a veteran.
That was a scary year indeed. I still remember the screams of all the girls who were wildly excited over Twilight AND Justin Bieber.

I've seen it all man. I've seen it all.

The Ultimate Evolution · C1180
10 months ago
he can pay the fine and go back to being an official, also if you have a chance to tame a tier 8 legendary creatue its not a bad trade off, after all sheyan has to treat sanji as a normal member of the party so it makes sense sanji has to sacrifice a lot for this chance View More

AvalonAscendant: Why did Sheyan encourage Sanzi to trade for achievement points? Didn't he just screw him over as he can only be a reserve duty officer now...

The Ultimate Evolution · C1174
10 months ago
first View More
The Mech Touch · C449
10 months ago
Pi is as example like charcoal. A civilisation that doesnt know about better alternatives (nuclear), will think that charcoal is the best energysource there is. Similar to charcoal, Pi element seems to be useless to civilisations that know better alternatives and brings with it some danger whitch makes it mostly worthless. View More

Vindex: I sigh at my intelligence... I don’t get the last few paragraph...??? So the pi element is worthless? So what about the people of the future? What about the cyclops...

Can someone be kind enough to explain?

The Ultimate Evolution · C1165
10 months ago

ac427cpe: Super expensive exotics that are impractical? I bet they're recycled from Vesian mechs. If the whole point of this adventure becomes "make use of the locally available materials" I'm going to be disappointed. Plus side, he will spend lots of time visiting his future waifu's kingdom, maybe they'll have something to talk about when he inevitably gets captured!

The Mech Touch · C426
10 months ago

Cheschire1: We need a philosopher ant... call him Kant!

Chrysalis · C241
11 months ago
no point just an insult View More

Geraldrold: So your point was?

Daedalus · C58
11 months ago
no you just cant think strait View More

Geraldrold: Yeah too many plotholes in this chapter.
Skully did a booboo

Daedalus · C58
11 months ago
i dont think they want to make this all public as it would push everyone in a difficult spot and negotiations would fail instantly View More

F_Riley: Not sure why they don't start uploading videos and information to the internet letting everyone know what is going on. The secrecy ship has kind of failed. Public opinion and anger at most of humanity except the rich and entitled being left behind when the aliens invade may cause tons of problems, but knowledge is power is an often used axiom because it is true.

Daedalus · C58
11 months ago
first his relation to the military is superficial and the organisation is obviously a high ranking state organ, most likley with more authority than the military. it was stated that the intruder are using stealth suits in the chaper. being smart doesnt mean you can acount for all possiblilities and have no emotions. daedo isnt made stupid he is human, if you want to go and read a novel where the mc just knows everything and can predict everything, go ahead and read library of heaven´s path View More

Quinthaar: Rant time ... Don't you hate it when a high IQ protagonist goes stupid just to have more conflict in the novel? How the hell did he not have intrusion alerts? How did TWO people get into a shielded (and under a kilometer of sand) base? Why does he still trust the b*tch? Why not call in some favors from the military while you are at it, since "the organization" does not have a legal case against him ... grrrrr....

Daedalus · C58
11 months ago

dns7950: The whole "ghost mom" thing is an unbelievably ****ty plot point that needs to go away. It's stupid and annoying.

The Mech Touch · C365
11 months ago
i dont know why she has to act all mysterious like: "hi im you mother, let me drain you life while spouting nonsense. and then goes on stealing his stuff after giving out lifeadvice" View More

eextreme: I feel author is trying to create something like a higher being assistant. If it didn't take the form of his mother, it would have worked better. Let it reveal itself as his mother or something else later instead of what it is right now.

The Mech Touch · C365
11 months ago
i dont know why he presents the mother in an antagonistic way, like leeching the live out of mc and stealing his stuff. and then she just stalks him so she can steal his stuff again while giving him advice. View More

eextreme: I feel author is trying to create something like a higher being assistant. If it didn't take the form of his mother, it would have worked better. Let it reveal itself as his mother or something else later instead of what it is right now.

The Mech Touch · C365
11 months ago
yes i liked this novel a lot before the mother thingy, it just smells of lazy solutions. i dont know why the interaction with the mother is written in an antagonistic way, makes it illogical. View More

dns7950: The whole "ghost mom" thing is an unbelievably ****ty plot point that needs to go away. It's stupid and annoying.

The Mech Touch · C365
11 months ago
dunno why you want to draw them as underage View More

Hilers: I imagine if Crinis gets a human form, she'll be a little 8 year old blind girl, and anthony will be a twelve year old, and with him calling him master like a cute little sister and it being moe, someone draw this, Please, Make tiny a beefy little nine year old, and make vibrant a cute little energetic kid, happy little ant family, except half of them arent ants. I'd draw it, but I can't draw, my GF can draw, but she has never read this book so has no context... please someone with good drawing skills, heed the call! You will get internet karma points!

Chrysalis · C216
1 year ago
for the glory to Deadalus View More

AlunaSola: Yikes, been a while seen i've seen a speed comment. I know skully has already addressed this with you, but the Skully Sect community here has gotten our minds well set with the fact that the consistency of releases doesn't matter to us anymore. We've seen what a pressure cooker does to skully and it hasn't been a healthy mindset for the progression of the story to progress smoothly. After a 3 month pause, we finally shook off the majority of the toxic parasitic readers who praised consistency over quality. This Book is what I would take to be one of the the Top Most (if not already the true top) of the quality originals on any site. There are some originals on the top charts that i believe don't deserve to be up there, but that's just my opinion. I (and many other Daedalus vets) would honestly rather the surprise chapters than the consistently rushed chaps. It keeps skully freer IRL and leaves less stress. and that stress free written storyline really shows in every chapter written since the pause. We're excited at every twist and turn, and curious about all the little tidbits Skully hides between the lines.

Daedalus · C41
1 year ago
i guess we will see them in the following fight. View More

Braccer: Cant we see the pets skill choices? Or atleast hear the suggested ones?

Chrysalis · C206
1 year ago

Moonsshadow666: Do you believe in ants that can kill gods

Chrysalis · C200
1 year ago
Chrysalis · C191
1 year ago
ty, while this is maybe out of place here, id like to see the queen bevelop more komplex thoughts in the future i mean Virant is able to think very similar to a human, so why has the queen, who should have some int stat cuz she can cast spells so onedimensional thoughts. I mean not upgrading her reproduktive organs shows she has intelligence on the level of maybe a young child View More
Chrysalis · C190
1 year ago
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