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Byakuei86: thx for chapter
aii.. author keep jacking up ZZ it was call random firing because its random and system decide it.. even Ye Xiu dodging bullet is BS ah so yea don't say i only point his opponent BS.. not liek bullet move at 3~4 second to arrive....the most important thing that make this unrealistic if u ask me is the usage of msg and not voice chat.. normal game will use WASD for movement so to type u need either press enter type in msg and enter again.. while u do that your character definitely static what more to say about unleashing attack and skill.... still its novel so i just have to accept it

The King's Avatar · C1683
3 months ago
I wonder where's pan lin & li yibo, i guest their PD give some lectures to remind them that it ain't over 'till its over XD View More
The King's Avatar · C1573
6 months ago
Mantap 🤘🤘 View More
Godfather Of Champions · C574
8 months ago
And his age also over qin muyun 😅😅 View More

Nihilum: Damn, Ye Xiu is just overpowered at everything. Positioning, APM, Game sense, Mechanical Skill, Tactics, Commanding, Trash-Talking, Shamelessness, Prediction.

The King's Avatar · C1484
9 months ago
Thats why the game developer use updates to humanized him 🤣 View More

Laplace20: Could a human even do it?
CG: Could you even do it?
Ye Xiu: Probably not 100% but a good chance
Ye Xiu is not a human confirmed

The King's Avatar · C1453
10 months ago
Yeah, but he is more to defensive player, while the two players that i mention is still in early twenty. Just check the link below

https://***.national-football-teams.com/country/129/2006/Netherlands.html View More

reaper333: I had these 2 in mind. Also maybe Van Bommel. It's doubtful as he won the UCL with Barcelona, but who knows

Godfather Of Champions · C465
10 months ago
It might sneijder or van der vaart View More
Godfather Of Champions · C465
10 months ago
IMHO, Twain will create his own dinasty, in Nottingham Forest, sorry fergie! View More
Godfather Of Champions · C461
10 months ago
Fang Rui should write a biography with the title "the greatest dirty player ever" LOL View More
The King's Avatar · C1449
10 months ago
The headbutt is the example of violating the sportmanship 🤔 View More

antec: epic throwback to the legendary headbutt :D /

Godfather Of Champions · C458
11 months ago
Hiks, mom puts too much onion 😢 View More

DaoistTwistLove: same same

Godfather Of Champions · C454
11 months ago
Mou did it too, well i guess the author put some of mou's traits to tang en's personality so no wonder if there is some real events reappear in the novel. View More
Godfather Of Champions · C451
11 months ago
Once again, Luo Ji will praying for both of them 😅😂 View More

Tenzin_sama: All I can say is that this is the ideal map for Mo Fan, and he's VERY familiar with the Summoner class lol

The King's Avatar · C1441
11 months ago

YourFutureHusbando: I demand mass release... Not enough chap for me dammit.

Godfather Of Champions · C443
11 months ago

Hirazilla: For exp

Godfather Of Champions · C442
11 months ago
For exp View More
Godfather Of Champions · C442
11 months ago
Dear Local Red Cross Director,

Please send a hundreds of blood bag, due to many blue rain fans that coughing blood because happy's shamelesness :)) View More

Tidy_nerd: Dear Blue Rain,

the guild leaders of every single guild in both the 10th sever and heavenly domain can tell you with absolute certainty that if you want to fight a long drawn out battle, Ye Xiu is NOT going to crack first.

RIP my dudes.

The King's Avatar · C1437
11 months ago
I like it how kenny remind the fans to stay behave in front of their hero View More
Godfather Of Champions · C441
11 months ago
This shameless trio will always treated HST as a newbie :)) View More
The King's Avatar · C1415
11 months ago
The author experienced another "short memory loss" since wood's "postponed european red card punishment", wish him to get a better editor to minimize errors View More

vlad1sme: Wait what?? The commentator said Tang En?? Not Twain??

Godfather Of Champions · C365
1 year ago
Exp View More

DaoistTwistLove: The formation of Tang En's football team had essentially been confirmed.

so its 4-4-2 diamond ? i hope he wil change it to 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 or 4-5-1

Godfather Of Champions · C334
1 year ago
Exp View More
The Strongest System · C281
1 year ago
Sorry, i mean chapter 180, my mistake :D View More

Hirazilla: Now i must check the chapter list before reading new chapter, this content of chapter 289 is the same content with chapter 189

Godfather Of Champions · C289
1 year ago
Now i must check the chapter list before reading new chapter, this content of chapter 289 is the same content with chapter 189 View More
Godfather Of Champions · C289
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Godfather Of Champions · C228
1 year ago
Another faceslapper chapter 😂 View More
The King's Avatar · C1320
1 year ago
"welcome back tony".. thats sound really good View More
Godfather Of Champions · C108
1 year ago
for exp View More

Allisrevealed: The content has been blocked

Library of Heaven's Path
1 year ago
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