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Thanks for the #Coronachapter View More
Touch of Fate · C253
2 hours ago
Wow this is a pretty great novel. Kinda surprised by the lack of comments, this gets better than Release that Witch down the line View More
Sword of Dawnbreaker · C85
2 hours ago
Solus needs to know it's not the height that matters but if she's dummy thicc or not View More
Supreme Magus · C492
2 weeks ago
That sounds worse actually. Imagine being besieged by an army of of neckbeard furries in their unwashed fursuits View More

Dewranko: Ngl, when i first read the title i thought it was 'Furries'.

Glad it wasn't.

Touch of Fate · C246
2 weeks ago

29th_Spirit: Hmm... So far this reads more like a video game boss fight. Thrud is the (mostly stationary and unintelligent) AI boss and the players are mostly DDs. Thrud will aggro anyone who comes near and attacks her. From time to time she'll summon griffon add mobs (= event). Manohar just debuffed her with his cube spell. That's why everyone is DDing like crazy. Now her health bar is nearing the 10% mark and she'll probably enrage.

Supreme Magus · C480
2 weeks ago
Cuz the author made him out to be so damn powerful that he either needed to need him or introduce a power creep. While this is fine, the author botched the execution View More

ERROR404PAGENULL0: Why the **** do I feel like Lith is weak as ****? It feels like evry tom dick and hanry can beat him xD.

Supreme Magus · C478
3 weeks ago
This is a nice novel and all, but I simply can't envision paying for another 1000 chapters before Ves becomes senior or master, filled with about 300 chapters of exposition, 200 of plot, 100 talking about how scary the CFA and MTA are and the rest plot.

The plot is meandering all over the place currently. Just building mech isn't on the cards. I can't imagine how long it'll take to leave the frontier, go to center of the Galaxy and understand wtf five scrolls is about.

So, thanks for the ride. So long and thanks for all the fish! View More
The Mech Touch · C1286
4 weeks ago
Sadly plot is also moving at the same pace as that of the monster. Press F for writers block View More
Chrysalis · C471
1 month ago
If you wanna sciencey explanation, think of it as Jupiter fating a ****y weeny fart. See, not so farfetched now, is it? View More
Touch of Fate · C240
1 month ago
Exlor with the elaborate ****posting of Vgina just to get around censoring. View More
The Mech Touch · C1256
1 month ago
Birds are just the government's drones View More
Touch of Fate · C239
1 month ago
Whoo it's back View More
Touch of Fate · C238
1 month ago
Well, first of, humans got where they are exactly by being afraid of the unknown. There's a reason calves aren't the dominant species on the planet. Secondly he's not exactly newborn. He's old enough to be a freaking teenager. Tell me which teenager grows up without understanding the concept of danger View More

Dvaita: Even a newborn calf knows to run from danger, yet our brave MC takes the unknown at face value

World Seed · C5
1 month ago
Lmk if my comments are otl and i'll tone it down, but you'd do well to avoid japanese speech patterns like "anooo/ara ara/haiyo/teehee" and their like, considering you're going for an original english work and not a translation View More
Otherworld Adventure · C57
1 month ago
I think the author is sourcing tropes off Japanese isekai anime, which often involves a violent tsundere lead. But as you grow older you realize that's nothing more than domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Imagine if the male lead did this to the female lead, everyone would be out there to #MeToo his ass View More
Otherworld Adventure · C51
1 month ago
Honestly so far the story lacks a certain depth. No matter how powerful the two are, there would always be more powerful people.

And true power often lies in words and not fists, so not seeing any intrigue, politics and everyone going out of their way to help the MC and his sidekick is just shallow worldbuilding

As an author you would be able to better build a universe that's self-consistent if you can just add stuff you see in daily life to the story. So themes like class divides, wealth disparity, racial ******* and crime would serve to provide a better world for the readers View More
Otherworld Adventure · C50
1 month ago

holson_Charles: the ****? is lucia necessary for this story? she is getting too annoying now..

Otherworld Adventure · C50
1 month ago
Honestly who sticks out their tongue so much, apart from lizards, snakes and other heat sensitive reptiles? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C49
1 month ago
If you're planning to keep a modern Earth background for the characters you ought to change from families to mafias and probably change the silver/gold family names to classical crime family names View More
Otherworld Adventure · C39
1 month ago
It's one thing to be dense about things like love etc, but after having a near death experience just after isekai time and knowing just how deadly the wilderness can be, from both Earth and new world experience, it makes little to no sense for the MC to blithely go into the forest. It's like he's becoming dumber by the day, which is the opposite of how his initial reading of the world lore and magic books etc made him appear View More
Otherworld Adventure · C28
1 month ago
Okay, maybe this isn't the genre you're going for, but laying off the romance for a while would really help the story breathe. So far it's coming off as artificial and cloyingly sweet, instead of a natural pace.

While puppy love is all that, so are other feelings at that age. Teenagers are quick to fall in "love", but are also quick to read into things and misinterpret stuff.

So if there was a way to focus on other dynamics instead of just the two leads it'll be really good for the character development View More
Otherworld Adventure · C28
1 month ago
So not sure what's going on here. Is this going to a tsundere trope? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C22
1 month ago
Kinda odd that they were together for a week or two and her parents are already like "Y'all go forth and prosper". It's more believable if they asked him to stay to increase his strength till he able to hold his own, while the year lapsed and then set off together to drop them off by the city the girl has to go to View More
Otherworld Adventure · C19
1 month ago
I know bruh, just attempted a failed joke I guess. Anyway, I'll hold off on the comments for now and make it into a bigger review. The nature of any web novel is that it's easier to make specific comments on a chapter as you read along instead of accumulated comments condensed into a single review. I'll try though View More

xxAlter: Haha sry if u didn't get it, this was referring to Cecil's mother. From where I am, people call other people's parents using child's name with mom or dad attached behind it, IF they don't know their names yet or aren't acquainted.

Like when two parents meet up in school and find out their children are besties, since they don't know each other's names but their children's, they'll address each other as such xD

Hope this clarifies :D

Otherworld Adventure · C2
1 month ago
So.... A modern day teenager is all like "warm cuddles and **** with rando girl I found" and not like "stranger danger, where TF am I, this is a fuckin existential crisis, oh God I wanna die"? Author please say something to at least justify how he made the transition from lost human to isekai Japanese protagonist View More
Otherworld Adventure · C10
1 month ago
So, tip for writing dialogue with unintelligible languages - don't. Or rather, invent a self consistent language with its own words. If that's too much effort, write something like "they conversed again, but Cecil understood none of it, barring a few garbled noises". Think of yourself listening to a foreign language. It won't sound like "*****", right? You'll be able to distinguish words and sounds, just not their meanings View More
Otherworld Adventure · C8
1 month ago
So, while sentence structure and grammar are mostly fine, the sudden change in tenses and voices is pretty jarring View More
Otherworld Adventure · C7
1 month ago
True, this aint a chekhov's gun, this be a Checkhov's Minuteman missile View More

KingGeorg: Foreshadowing much ? Just marry her in the spot then :p

Otherworld Adventure · C6
1 month ago
Okay, unless you're talking some magical harvesting skill, to take the fur from a bear or to make a leather from its hide means soaking it in ammonia and leaving it out for a week to make some leather that wont immediately decay. Otherwise imagine making a bag out of decaying skin. In the wild, you get ammonia from piss and ****. Just adding that, in case you want full on realism View More
Otherworld Adventure · C5
1 month ago
Meterbear, Fourth of His Line and First of the Bears View More
Otherworld Adventure · C3
1 month ago
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