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From which chapter did the banner of god fall to assembly of patriach's hand? View More
The Avalon Of Five Elements · C713
1 year ago
So duanmu xingling was a lady saint from moon worship demonic sect who ordered qin ya to protect zhang ruochen before View More
God Emperor · C226
1 year ago
It really ended and liked that. Hiks... View More
Night Ranger · C735
1 year ago
He killed 3 gods before. Could he increase his power again until he reach great god level? Or he reach his limit and can not upgrade level anymore View More
Night Ranger · C732
1 year ago
Ok, i will comment first, i hope. Innocent gods?
What the f*ck for anuba grant! If gods want to kill, they are innocent but mortal is a destroyer? View More
Night Ranger · C726
1 year ago
There aren't enough ancient gods, so what use the great gods. There are still 2 great gods in gods realms, and many high gods View More
Night Ranger · C723
1 year ago
We can't know what level and skill he has now.
Probably lance reached supreme god level because he got and absorbed the whole fate tablet. Fate tablet is from another ancient power house? Isn't lance who create feinan? Who is more ancient than him? And if it's from ancient power house, so it's not from feinan plane's will too. How about fate sorcerer then? Maybe they are originaly from ancient power house too. How frustating. My brain is overload now. 😲 View More
Night Ranger · C719
1 year ago
That was not world-shaking but universe-shaking. Hur hur View More
Night Ranger · C714
1 year ago
The roar smashed dozen secondary planes to pieces? If it is like that, after the gods can enter feinan, they can roar together to smash white river valley to pieces, right? So how can marvin stop them? And why the war god sealed that plane? Just smash it to pieces and marvin will die View More
Night Ranger · C713
1 year ago
So she is not powerful. Her power is from her sword, from inheritance not because she has talent. And she dare to arrogant? Huh! She claim that she is a protector but she is allied herself with god. How laughable. I think she would be resurrected because her death was too ****** View More
Night Ranger · C711
1 year ago
What the heck of light flow reversal! Is that a spell that can reversal what has happened? If it is so the old man is the most powerful helper in that world, even god is inferior to him. Just write that eve shouldn't be killed then View More
Night Ranger · C710
1 year ago
So who is feinan's traitor? Eve the great protector. Hahaha. She needs god's help for her ambition to become duke. So she is not protector but wolf View More
Night Ranger · C705
1 year ago
She is hypocrite. She thinks only she is the real savior View More

Fundz46: Eve be a real *****! She did nothing to save the world.. But wants to destroy th so called destroyer? How does that save the world..?

Night Ranger · C702
1 year ago
Eve!! Valkyrie's inheritor? Guardian of three northern cities? Protector of feinan? One of heroes that protect feinan? What a bull****. First, she almost made dark phoenix escape. Second, she does do nothing to protect feinan from god's invasion. All she did was want to kill god's biggest enemy, feinan's savior.
Fate sorcerer & wizard.
F sorcerer uses fist & plane's will power while wizard uses spell & arcane magic. ??? View More
Night Ranger · C702
1 year ago
Sometimes i muse and confused, why does sorcerer use fist not magic? I think this is new era sorcerer View More
Night Ranger · C700
1 year ago
It's better to break off the engagement. She doesn't deserve it, she only wants the one who has high talent not love interested. Don't be trapped by her nice word. Zrc, you idiot future god emperor View More
God Emperor · C172
1 year ago
Create an unfathomable miracle? Just use it to absorb divine source from all 3rd era gods , so they will become an ordinary legends, thus kill them all. And the story is end. Hehehe View More
Night Ranger · C691
1 year ago
The destroyer is awakening View More
Night Ranger · C690
1 year ago
Just walking and talking. Hahaha View More
Night Ranger · C688
1 year ago
I clearly remember wayne is sleeping in the origami space and the wizard god wouldn't leave a loophole after all, so where is wayne now? If he is still in the origami space and go to level 3 with marvin, so what about the statement before about no loophole View More
Night Ranger · C685
1 year ago
World destroyer. I think eve will kill marvin View More
Night Ranger · C684
1 year ago
So witch queen is the most powerful, more than fate sorcerer and high elven View More
Night Ranger · C683
1 year ago
I am suddenly thinked about origin leaves. He had 3 origin leaves, one could make him changing shape become Royal griffin, how about 2 others leaves? View More
Night Ranger · C680
1 year ago
Fate power is this plane power but it can be sealed away. Wisdom chapter is very powerful but can not fight curse because it is sealed, why? Why? Because all of that is filler View More
Night Ranger · C678
1 year ago
Yes, is always like that. It's confusing. View More

Legion20: what a ginormus plot hole. First the author says that marvin used the wisdom chapter to understand when to strike the molten archdevil, and a few lines later says the chapter is still locked cuz the demi plane. Dollars against beans that a ****** swing of the holy sword will deus ex the curse making the power up effortless once again.

Night Ranger · C678
1 year ago
Just merge with all the power, fate power, ruler of night, etc and kill all divine servants for upgrading View More
Night Ranger · C677
1 year ago
So this is the title's meaning View More
Night Ranger · C675
1 year ago
Or was it...? View More
Night Ranger · C671
1 year ago
Only villains can be resurrect not good people except for mc's women. Hehe View More

AbsorbingLiquid: Level Up! If someone can be resurrect again like Lady phoenix, and twin god world ending snakes what the point of dying (being dead).
I hope the same (can be resurrect) does apply to the Plane Guardians, and good O'Brien and other good people..

Night Ranger · C667
1 year ago
Many things happened and many chapters was used in team competition but it's only 5 minutes?? What the h*ck, at least 15 minutes is more less logic View More
The King's Avatar · C1268
1 year ago
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