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Tyrantrum is better less attack but all other stats except hp are higher View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C258
1 month ago
Say what happened then hang up she wants to butch then she can talk to her husband she's not our problem View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C228
2 months ago
Tyranitar mega evolves into burning godzilla View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C227
2 months ago
Fucker owes Mc a lot for wasting so much and saving his girlfriend better not fucking say it's OK cause there friends this nigga owes you millions for the honey and more for saving his girl View More
Monster Integration · C276
2 months ago
Dumb **** gets told it's not real wastes money anyway kill this dumbass and move on to the real Mc his little sister View More
Monster Integration · C250
3 months ago
Why add the fat monster thing he's already weak enough also is it permanent and has that dmn bird always had it if so then yeah Mc it's real special dumbass View More
Monster Integration · C249
3 months ago
Wonder what Jon could do with aetherium surprised he hasn't gone for it yet View More
Dragonborn Saga · C390
3 months ago
Mega snorlax will be fucking ripped View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C188
3 months ago
His parents need to **** off View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C193
4 months ago
If it goes premium I'm not using my spirit stones on this it's 90% filler View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C50
4 months ago
What would happen if a slow poke was bit on its head and tail View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C178
4 months ago
Can he take a second monster if he can when he needs a combat monster View More
Monster Integration · C159
5 months ago
Dumb **** should of waited I wouldn't of sent them in without either a priest or at least an 80% chance of success View More
Towers of Heaven · C0
5 months ago
How does that work Mc was the one who ducked her first and did that View More
· C37
5 months ago
Does the author remember the wheel of terror kinda hope he uses up his spins soon View More
My House of Horrors · C464
6 months ago
We're lawful citizens mother ****er you are a hammer swinging thug View More
My House of Horrors · C462
6 months ago
How many spins does he have on the wheel of terror View More
My House of Horrors · C458
6 months ago
Useless trash bird View More
Monster Integration · C97
6 months ago
Kill the bird and trade up View More
Monster Integration · C93
6 months ago
Fatty is still a dumbass View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C74
6 months ago
Sell it fat ass gets nothing for costing us the first clear last time View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C68
6 months ago
Stinky snek View More
Pokemon System in Anime World · C19
6 months ago
If he brought in another person to fight rather than the guy who tried to get equipment back they could of gotten first kill View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C58
6 months ago
Wonder what he's gonna do to make Mc depressed View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C43
6 months ago
So did the woman go back cause she had to or because Zhang ya scared her View More
My House of Horrors · C400
6 months ago
Save kendo and his daughter his wife if you can manage it View More
In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? (Temporary hiatus until the 1st) · C4
7 months ago

iHateNovels666: Chen Ge: Will i smash you with my hammer?

Statue: '- -

My House of Horrors · C384
7 months ago
Dumbass kids oh we can help gets people killed View More
7 months ago
Kill the bird find less annoying monster View More
Monster Integration · C35
7 months ago
The eggs breaking really does she not know how things get out of eggs View More
Dragonborn Saga · C273
7 months ago
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