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I'm landing here View More
I'll Tell You Every Day · C29
6 days ago
What a fake mom and daughters View More
She was born into a wealthy family · C303
1 week ago
Dog food ne View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C126
3 weeks ago
Ya i was busy on few days bcuz some client when i was open to my novel to read...
Author where are u ????
I think i need a new voodoo doll😈 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C121
3 weeks ago
Duhhh why on my brain there's image of hot bloody now😶😶😶😶 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C94
1 month ago
Long time no see author...
Happy new year😍😍
Thanks for chap View More
Transmigrated As The Villain in A Frustrating Love Novel: Big Bear Love · C35
1 month ago
Lalalala time to snu2 ne🤗 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C93
1 month ago
Its for our moments ne (shy) View More

LoveableChubby: Hahahaha, you still have those items? I thought you already throw it away XD

Soul Karmas (BL) · C91
1 month ago
Lalalalala ~ like i could foretell there will more cliffhanger to the chap ne🤔🤔
Author may need some cast spell😆 hehehe
Where is my doll and hanger ne🙄 i wanna standby it for author ne😶 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C91
1 month ago
Author happy new year may the bless and fortune for u always (shy) 😶 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C90
1 month ago
Lalalalala here I'm back darling author did u miss me😂😂😂 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C89
1 month ago
Merry Christmas author 😍😍
Duh author for u today i dont hv any comments didnt u see i obedient???
I'm such a lovely girl today ne😶😶😶 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C85
2 months ago
Author where are 😱😬😡👿👹😈🔫🔫 uuuuuuuuuu????
I wanna heck with u ....
Duhhh why my snow hv many rival but our QY so many damn fan ne ???
I think my voodoo doll is not hv reaction to you ya🤔 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C84
2 months ago
Duhh spare me me new app i already keep complain to the maker but what the heck ohhhh i wanna cry bcuz of this app😰😢 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C83
2 months ago
Sweetness overloaded 😂😂😂 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C82
2 months ago
Duh this webnovel new app is suck aiyoooooooo so frustrating.... View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C81
2 months ago
Duhhh I'm gonna ballistics right now😂
Nee author watch urself ne I'm gonna make voodoo doll specially for u ne😆 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C79
2 months ago
At first I'm happy that only in dream i could whack this author now damn it to hell i wanna heck this person on reality for giving me the last paragraph line.. kekeke😥my fujoshi side is giving me a hard time😤 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C78
2 months ago
Someone gv me a metal hanger i wannna whack this author on my dream😂😂
Kekeke cough cough😥 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C77
2 months ago
Hanger ooooh hanger why the chap is cliff hanger like my brain is dry for the hanger😂😂
Duhhh i lit the candle for the grey members ne..
Hubby maniac con is here for saving the beauty wifey ne.. View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C76
2 months ago
😥 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C75
2 months ago
Alright u always do the cliff hangger part but wht i can do even myself already at the pit through 😂😂 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C73
2 months ago
When u already plan ahead wht to do then all of sudden something wreck ur plan na thats the annoying part make u wanna flash them to uninhibited place like the hole of bottom sea ne😂 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C70
2 months ago
I'm landing here View More
To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] · C2
2 months ago
Why u call my LSY root of devil???
I really wish i hv lightning power so i could struck u like barbecue 😬😬 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C815
2 months ago

Pnda: The 250 Clan is Boss’ little angels, but they are cruel, evil demons to others 😂🤣

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C815
2 months ago
Whoaa author really why just a chapter??????????
Can u do 2 please🙇🙇 View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C68
2 months ago

LoveableChubby: Thank you very much! :D I'll do my best so that my lovable readers won't get disappointed!

Soul Karmas (BL)
2 months ago

HTQ: First read oh its hooked me..
His character suit me the best and the story also interested and not like others story he could think rationally..
Keep A good qork author 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Soul Karmas (BL)
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Soul Karmas (BL) · C67
2 months ago
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