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Now that you mentioned it, isn’t the game itself rather expensive, it’s supposedly cutting-edge technology which surely has quite the price tag for VRrpg. Although considering the age group Gu Fei’s students are, either the price might not be too unreasonable, or their parents are loaded View More

vbarbie0420: And money too! I'm pretty sure it wasn't cheap to buy all the equipment and such to play the game

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C626
1 month ago
Looks like those old vets are hesitant to quit the game after spending so much time leveling, Fleeting Smile might made things worse for himself View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C626
1 month ago
Well to be fair, author already gave fire a consciousness back when WZ was repeatedly incinerating himself for fire resistance. The fire seemed worried about the Phoenix caught in the whirlpool. The author made it as if everything with spiritual energy has some degree of consciousness. WZ even speculated that the fate stone might actually be a higher dimensional being and that he doesn’t actually control it, it’s more like he tethered himself to it View More

Broland: 1. So if the ice is intelligent and can do what it wants, why not form a fist and knock Wang Zhong unconscious instead of just preventing him from using dimensional combat techniques?
2. This author just gave ICE a consciousness...

Battle Frenzy · C619
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Battle Frenzy · C619
1 month ago
So far the fate stone only awakens immunities after it takes in the details of a golden slab, because WZ acquired a slab directly he immediately gained fire resistance, while the second slab was only a 3-dimensional image so the fate stone was only partially activated. Just enough for WZ to know he got a resistance but he doesn’t know to what. Only two of the fate stones’ facets are activated so it’s questionable whether it’ll even try to absorb the ice element without the corresponding golden slab View More

Anantakesh: Why is everyone hoping that WZ will use the fire attribute. When the fate stone absorbed the fire element WZ became immune to fire.
When Xinying covered WZ in black flames, the fate stone awakened darkness attribute. Making him immune to darkness.
Now WZ is surrounded by a stage full of the ice attribute, big possibility that the fate stone will awaken the ice attribute. Making WZ immune to ice.
WZ could still win by using a new rune combat technique, but all this is just a theory until the next chapter.

Battle Frenzy · C616
1 month ago
I thought the chapter was about Emily being on the verge of a breakthrough in her abilities? View More

Crystal_Kei: lol more than that i think they are talking about relationship between some pair such as Colby and Lily and the other 2 pair which already been official legit for some time

Battle Frenzy · C608
2 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Shit, I was still reading this on gravity tales when it was suddenly taken down. Even worse is that I was on chapter 435 but the chapters beyond 400 isn’t on the Webnovel app yet. View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage
5 months ago
Reading Status: C186
Character pretty much lost all his common sense but the world building is incredible, also I need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, need ss, View More
The Legendary Mechanic
6 months ago
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