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Original Works

  • Across Time and Space

    Across Time and Space

    Fantasy Romance Romance Modern Fantasy Historical Time Travel


    In their world, Jiang Mingyue is a promising female physician, serving the Crown Princess to find a cure for a dormant poison in the Princess's body. In their world, Yang Yun is a promising captain of an Elite soldier. He vowed to love and protect Mingyue all his life. Until an incident tore them apart. The two were separated into two different worlds. He pledged to search for her no matter how long it’ll take him, no matter how many dimension he had to travel to. But when he finally found her again, she had no memories of him. What else can he do but to work hard and win her heart back? ----- “First of all, I don’t believe in reincarnation.” “I’m not saying anything about reincarnation.” “Then what?” she raised a brow. “Time traveling? Are you sure you haven’t been watching too much sci-fi?” She pursed her lips when he didn’t say anything. “Let’s see,” she flicked across the pages. She watched him nodded and shook her head in disbelief. “You’re out of your mind.” She stood up and leaned towards him to place her hand on his forehead. He flinched. “What are you doing?” “Checking to see if you had a fever,” she said with a sigh. “But you seem healthy.” “I’m not sick.” “I know.” “I’m not crazy.” Yang Yun closed his eyes when she looked at him in doubt. He had been searching for her for years. And right now, the love of his life was standing right in front of him. But she doesn’t seem to remember him. It was as if her memories of the past, the memories of him have all forgotten. She lifted her hand, and her fingers rested on his cheek. “I like you, Yang Yun.” She drew her hand and frowned. “But I don’t understand why you keep telling me about these stories. Why are you forcing me to accept this?” She closed her eyes briefly. “Sometimes, I wonder if you really like me, or am I just a substitute to someone you knew in your past.” ----- Author's Note: The main genre of this story is Romance. But, there will be a bit of fantasy and political intrigue as well. ----- Cover: an edited image from a picture I found on pinterest. ----- Support me at https://ko-fi.com/zetsubouaichan

  • Loving You Too Much

    Loving You Too Much

    Contemporary Romance Romance Modern Slow Romance Strong Female Lead Drama Love at First Sight Foodie business world


    Li Qin Yao did not have a habit of eavesdropping to others’ conversation. That night was an exception. Her friend stood her up, she was too bored, and the man beside her coincidentally have the type of deep voice that she liked. However, as the stranger left, he accidentally mistook her phone as his. Since then, Li Qin Yao and Zhang Yu Han they frequently cross paths, so much that she started to think that he was stalking her. What Li Qin Yao did not know was that Zhang Yu Han had been searching for her for years since the first time he saw her at a basketball championship. In short, this is a love story of a woman who fell in love with the man's voice and a man who fell in love with the woman at first sight. ----- Cover: edited image found on Pinterest ----- Support me at https://ko-fi.com/zetsubouaichan

  • Hello! Miss Manager

    Hello! Miss Manager

    Contemporary Romance Romance Modern Sports School Life Contemporary Youth

    Zhao Lingxi was devastated when she had to quit cheerleading after an injury. When her teacher asked for her help to manage the football club as a temporary manager, Zhao Lingxi agreed. But the football club's captain, Lu Minghan, did not approve of having her as their manager, and he doesn't plan to make her job any easier. ----- Cover: kirinlukis ----- Support me at https://ko-fi.com/zetsubouaichan

  • ReLife: I Want to be an Idol

    ReLife: I Want to be an Idol

    Magical Realism Showbiz Drama Conspiracy Idol Contemporary Soul Change

    After an accident, 30-years old Tsukishiro Aimi woke up in the hospital only to find out that she was in a deep coma, and currently, her soul cannot return to her physical body. "Welcome to the Land of the Unconscious," the man said with a smile. "You wanted to leave this place using my physical body? As the owner of the body, I permit you to occupy my body." the teenage girl said. Once Tsukishiro Aimi found her soul in the teenage girl's body, Aimi was furious! This was not what she wanted. She was tricked! "I'm sorry. I have no other choice," the man said. "When I saw your soul in this hospital, I knew right away that you would match my daughter. You would be my only hope I have if I wanted to save the little girl's soul." “What do you want me to do?” Aimi asked. “I will help you to path your way to become an idol.” “NANI? Why do I have to become an idol?” In the end, Tsukishiro Aimi had no choice but to agree to the man's plan and work hard to become an idol. ----- Author's Note: I'm much familiar with J-idol scenes. So, this story will surround a J-idol scene. ----- Cover: Mitake Ran from BanG dreams. This is a temporary cover before I get a new one. ----- Support me at https://ko-fi.com/zetsubouaichan

  • The Princess's Man

    The Princess's Man

    Historical Romance Romance Historical Slow-Romance Political Intrigue historical romance

    Marlis is a princess, and a general, leading thousands of soldiers and guarding the western border of Elrea. When the king passed away, Marlis made an agreement with the Prime Minister. To protect the throne from her greedy uncle and to ensure the safety of her eight years old brother, she gave away her military power and promised to stay away from Elrea. Her brother might become a puppet under the prime minister, but at least he will live. When someone sent a group of assassins to kill her, the Princess had no choice but to run to the neighboring country to seek shelter, where a certain prince offered her a deal. "If you stay with me, the minister will stop pestering me about marriage. And you... I can give you the power and help you protect your brother. It’s a win-win situation." ----- Cover: an edited image from a picture I found on pinterest. ----- Support me at https://ko-fi.com/zetsubouaichan


_Athena_: Fang Zhihan/Jiang Han's Family
Yu Gangan~ 💙 WIFE 💜😊🤗

Old Chairman Jiang ~ Grandfather
Professor Jiang ~ Father (deceased)
(no name yet) ~ Mother (not mentioned yet if alive or not)
Jiang Shisheng ~ Second Uncle (current President of Baifang Pharmaceuticals
Miss Zhong ~ Jiang Shisheng's wife
Zhong Haitang ~Jiang Shisheng's brother-in-law (Grim repear is coming for his soul)😅

And the girl who visited Fang Zhihan was I guessed his HALF younger sister. If they shared the same father, they should be HALF siblings not step siblings.

The Sweetest Medicine · C272
8 hours ago
I would prefer if the author summarized those comments. Then, we get to see more of our favorite couple, right? View More

grace_101: Too much! I am way past reading netizen’s comments in a web novel. Too often and too long no longer add any value to the story. 😓😓😓

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C665
2 days ago
The author really enjoyed writing netizen's comments, huh? View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C665
2 days ago
Ah! Looking forward for the trio adventure. Thank you for the chapter! View More
Crossing The Divide · C42
4 days ago
❤❤ View More

alfiyasayed0611: Thanks Author for this chapter.

Loving You Too Much · C58
4 days ago

alfiyasayed0611: Thanks Author for this chapter.

Loving You Too Much · C58
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: Jeez, she’s really getting pestered by everyone. Must be exhausting.

Loving You Too Much · C55
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: Poor guy, he just wants to enjoy the foods he likes in his old age.

Loving You Too Much · C53
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: Whoa, even if this guy likes her he is being way too pushy. Very controlling.

Loving You Too Much · C52
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: This grandfather is making things difficult haha.

Loving You Too Much · C51
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: It’s almost like his grandfather has spies and whenever she travels he sends his grandson to unwittingly follow.

Loving You Too Much · C56
4 days ago

alfiyasayed0611: Yep it's fate! They really have same destination

Loving You Too Much · C56
4 days ago

Sweetflowlips: Fate!!!!! All fate!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Loving You Too Much · C56
4 days ago

lily0591: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Loving You Too Much · C57
4 days ago

sillyislandbum: This guy just can’t take a hint 😒 But I guess I understand. If you really have feelings for someone it’s hard to let them go. Thanks for the chapters author!

Loving You Too Much · C57
4 days ago

Sweetflowlips: WOOO I SMELL PROGRESSS but why is chen hao calling? He might start his rebel but sooner or later he will give in to his mothers aggressive controlling nature and submit to it. So if no future why give any hope to the poor girl? Our yao yao will probably sway a little but i hope she wont choose to go back to him even if he is sick or regretful or whtever. They could probably be friends but that is all. Plus that Tang Ai Ling will pester her nonstop so..... yea just no. Leave out Yao Yao to her potential future half mhmm thnks ❤️

Loving You Too Much · C57
4 days ago

alfiyasayed0611: Thanks Author for this chapter. But why is this Chen Hao is yet not giving up. I like this chapter let's see what more ZYH had to do to make LQY to feel the love for him. I am too excited for that moment when LQY comes to know about ZYH love toward her since the first time he saw her . I wanna watch them play basketball.

Loving You Too Much · C57
4 days ago

Amani0725: What a waste of time and stones:(

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C647
6 days ago

fictiophiliastruck: The trio here reminded me of Kaichou wa Maid-sama's Shiroyan, Kurotatsu and Ikkun aka Moron Trio.🤣🤣

The Sweetest Medicine · C254
1 week ago

XiaoReiChan: This "Big 3" is just a bunch of little boys. 😂 They wag their tails excitedly, like puppies asking to be petted. 🐶 And this is only Gangan! What more if it's their idol Zhihan in front of them. 🤭

I wasn't satisfied with the supposed face slap that Su girl got in the previous chapter. Can there be more? 😈

The Sweetest Medicine · C254
1 week ago

sillyislandbum: Breaking a vow to heaven is basically a death sentence. In this case Huang Yun is willing to do it because the city lords daughter comes from a very good background, and as far as anyone can see, is an extremely talented cultivator. So becoming a cultivation partner with her will help him advance in his cultivation and give him a tie to the city. The vow just says he cannot abandon or harm her, so it’s not that harsh of a vow.

However, it’s all a lie, she’s not attractive and she is not a talented cultivator. The vow is basically to make sure that once he finds out the truth, there is nothing he can do to harm her.

Crossing The Divide · C41
1 week ago

Sae_sha: What???? A new topic.......
We have to wait for Qian xun's marriage and there is also Rong mo and Shang mo and Su ya and I forget is there another topic that needs my attention
That's it.....
Now my poor mind is not able to rest properly......

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C850
1 week ago

Sweetflowlips: I hate Chen Hao’s mother and that Tang Ai Ling geez i knew she was no good business. Like if he disappeared on you it is obvious enough that he doesn’t wanna marry you 🙄🙄🙄 Come rage at our Yao Yao and watch her soon to be boyfriend appear to protect her. When you realize who Yao Yao is, thats when you’ll regret choosing that Ai Ling 😂😂😂😂 thanks author 🥰 Chen Hao also should heads on rebel and not just hide away like that

Loving You Too Much · C55
1 week ago

alfiyasayed0611: Thanks Author for this chapter I hate Chen Hao mom but I can't understand where did Chen Hao go. Let's see what happens to LQY and ZYH ahead.

Loving You Too Much · C55
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: teehee our Bro Yun only has eyes for Sis Mingyue ehehe

Across Time and Space · C12
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: aww- hopefully nothing bad will happen wuu

Across Time and Space · C13
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: this love.. is so pure and raw wuu i cried ㅠㅠ you wouldn't find any other love like this, an untainted blooming flower, in a harsh world. this love is so great, it surpasses any obstacles.

Across Time and Space · C14
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: no! ㅠㅠ I'm glad that he still returned, I'm just hoping he will recover from this.. wuu-- the elder bro must be partly blaming himself cause he tested his sister's fiance

Across Time and Space · C15
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: o0f-he probably sensed and smelled Sis Mingyue that's why he woke up ehehe

Across Time and Space · C17
1 week ago

BAEHJ_YELLOW: bruh! i know what you all are worrying, but it's better than not knowing and doing anything at all. you all are oldies physicians yet doesn't even know how to suture a wound.. and when someone better than you do it, you all hesitated. if this is a matter of life and death, why hesitate if you can save a person's life?

Across Time and Space · C18
1 week ago
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