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Shippudenisthebest: It would be interesting to see a nobody obtain the sword (which is similar to any other generic xianxia protagonist) and rise up the ranks only to get defeated by konard in the end

Profane Prince of Domination · C376
1 month ago

Lazyy: Okay, 1, Creation doesn't match up to him because he doesn't create things. 2, Destruction doesn't match up with him because he doesn't solely focus on destroying everything around him. 3, I class Rebirth as a sub-power of his Evolution Domain, so it'd be useless to him. He can already bring himself back from anything anyway, so he doesn't need another Domain for that. Plus, his body is pretty much an Elixir on it's own, so he could at least heal people with very grievous bodily injuries with his blood alone. Probably.

While Death suits him because he's died a lot and has a deep understanding on the subject. Killing suits him because he's killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions or tens of millions of dinosaurs in the pursuit of evolution. War suits him purely because he's already at war with something and it's not a race, or a certain person; No, Julius is at war with the concept of Weakness. He's constantly evolving to become strong and leave his weakness behind. That's what makes War a good Domain for him.

I don't think any Animal could represent Julius. Sure, a Phoenix represents Rebirth and Julius has gone through a lot of that, but Phoenixes weren't necessary physical powerhouses, or beings without weakness. Rather than an Animal to symbolize Julius, I'll probably go with an object like a Crown to show that he's on top of everything - the Apex.

Anyway, thanks for reading~!

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
Lol have to agree with you there XD View More

Empyrean_Asuka: To be honest - she probably hooked up with some buff guy in slinger party and got knocked up from there.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
3 months ago
I think it got edited XD View More

Vetrage: Never said he was average said he had an average body lol

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
3 months ago

DaoistZenFeng: Just thought I should be my very first fan! :)

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
4 months ago

T0XIN: Thanks, that's what I was going for.

Gaara · C4
5 months ago

Noah_Dragneel: No sakura. Girls would be annoying if they travel with him to another world.

Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C0
6 months ago

keyboardcoronary: I mean, I'd say 2 chapters in is a bit early to make that judgement, I don't think I've made the system baby him at least. It's there as a tool for him to use really.

Ruler Of The Underworld · C2
6 months ago

CarefreeReader_Zen: lol a lot of people complain. Here comes my rant and i'll try not to offend anyone (not my aim/goal).
1.System = plot armor or author likes that(not anything new, get over it).
2.MC knowledge = background plot. Which means basic structure so as to define the character/story/conduct.
Like... any of you think you can reincarnate just cause you died by truck-kun? that's trope and plot armor. why that specific person? cause he is the MC that author chose.
Why MC/Story include certain stuff? cause author likes that/to explain future plot/to entertain readers/to expand fictional universe and so on.
For example I can say:
MC had so much knowledge that he reached enlightment/crossed mortal limits due to that his soul became strong/pure to the point where his most desired wish/advantage manisfested in the form of an entity with the capability to organize and project information (aka system) that mc might seek.

Ruler Of The Underworld · C2
6 months ago

infermite: Mhm. I am editing it as I have made a few things too vague.

For all purposes, Su Min basically had an 'awakening' that nearly killed him.

That's all you need to know ;p.

The Martial Master · C0
6 months ago

LWEndless: Blending a more western style of story-telling with xianxia, Painting the Mists offers a fresh yet familiar take on the genre. Though it has its flaws, it only seems to get better as it goes on.

If you're at all interested in xianxia or chinese novels in general, I'd thoroughly recommend giving this one a look.

Painting the Mists
7 months ago

PandaChan: The use of names tho. Epic! Literally (Tong Xue) Class mates, (Ban Zhang) class monitor, (Zhu Jiao) Main Character, (Qi Fu Ren) bully people, (Hu Shuo Ba Dao) talking nonsense.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C0
7 months ago

Tomoyuki: Ha ha ha, yeah. That was the joke.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C0
7 months ago
Lol View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C0
7 months ago

GrimoireCross: I was wondering the same here.😅😅

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
7 months ago

OnePun: Harem??? Hell no.

Hinata - talks less, shy and a milf. Aka potential waifu.

Sakura - brutal, annoying, always gets in the way

Other girls -

Ino: annoying, ability mind control (lol try controlling someone with sharingan.

Kurenai - intelligent, beautiful specialize in gen jutsu which is useless, if she follows naruto the possibility of dying is 100%

Ten ten: cute but specialize in weapons and naruto world doesn't have adamantine or vibranium.

Naruto is Reincarnated · C1
7 months ago

shashank_bhatt: Since it's Naruto and he knows Hinata loves him there is no need to ask question

Naruto is Reincarnated · C1
7 months ago

Cmpaboy: Genetics...my ex was very pretty, but both her parents looked like farm animals

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
7 months ago

ThrustThunder: If you'd like some suggestions of my favorite Novels:
Tales of Demons and Gods (Mad Snail's Novel, turned Manga, turned Anime about a regressor who uses his Advanced knowledge to become rich and slap faces) 2015
Strongest Abandoned Son (A Cultivator reincarnates into our World, uses powers to slap faces and get rich) 2012
The Desolate Era (Kid reincarnates into Wuxia World with OP cultivation technique, eventually kills Gods with his sword. First Novel I read here.) 2014
Upgrade Specialist in Another World (Increase your cultivation by making your accessories OP? Yes please!) 2011
The New World by Monsoon117 (Teen's World is engulfed by a System. Alone and trapped, he must suffer and endure to survive. VERY WELL WRITTEN!) 2016
The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound by puddles4263 (Spiritually styled as New World. Guy defends Neewbie Village against Monster waves to survive System World) 2017
The Games We Play by Ryuugi (Kid gains power of Videogame Protagonist, Min/max's his skills. Must pretend to be Badass Mafia Boss to outsmart Godly enemies. The most Cunning/Crafty MC I've read in a long time.) 2015
A Monster Who Levels Up (Guy transforms into Monsters as his trait, Uses their unique skills to become Op/Rich) 2017
The Novel's Extra (Same Author as MWLU about Author who is trapped in his own Novel by a Ghost Writer, must make himself Plot Relevant to gain Exp) 2018
The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up (Guy's World gains Gaming System, Gets killed so much he returns to the past, Shameless looting ensues! Fast food) 2017
Worth the Candle by Cthulhuraejepsen (Kid appears in a Battle Royal based of the D&D World he created, gets skillsheet, ruminates on tropes) 2017
Dragonborn Saga by Don_Dokhmesy (Guy reborn into a overly Modded VR Skyrim World, Becomes Lord of Immersion!) 2018
The City of Terror (Guy wakes up with a status screen in a fever dream city where it's kill or be killed by Chinese monsters of lore, becomes OP) 2016
Seoul Station’s Necromancer (Guy returns from conquering a System World to find it has bleed into his own World, becomes OP) 2016
The Arcane Emperor (Guy accidently transports himself to Game System World, Gets OP Learning class) 2013
Shadow Hack (Guy gets Shadow Clones to XP grind for him, becomes more OP every chapter) 2017
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (NEET Reincarnated with a System that gives the Skills of Other Wuxia Protagonists, junk food writing at it's most shameless) 2013
Invincible Level Up (Begins exactly as LUaBU, but takes a more serious World building approach) 2012
Godly Model Creator (Kid in Superpower World uses ability to copy others skills to become OP, Kills his enemies!) 2013
The Strongest Gene (Guy reincarnates to World of genetic modification with cheat skill of Luck. Creative face slapping abounds) 2017
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World (Guy regresses and uses VRMMO to get revenge on enemies by creating an Empire of Brothers-in-Arms funded by Shameless looting. OG of it's Genre) 2010
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Rips off Rebirth heavily, but the release rate is exemplary and I've commented on almost every chapter) 2015
Night Ranger (Transferred into a D&D VRMMORPG, Guy must gain Power before the Apocalypse happens) 2015
Advent of the Archmage (Same as Night Ranger but more Magic Driven) 2016
Warlock of the Magus World (Genius with a Biochip reincarnates into the wizard world, Devours his enemies. The best example of a *Ruthless* MC I've ever read) 2015
The Wizard World (Chip story that has very detailed set pieces, like reading a vivid Lucid dream) 2012
Age of Adepts (Another Wizard chip story about a truly guileful MC) 2016
When A Mage Revolts (Guy reincarnates with a system that trolls him, eventually becomes the Hero of all persecuted Mages) 2016
The Book Eating Magician (Guy's hand turns into a Grimoire that can eat books to learn magic) 2017

Divine Brilliance · C2
7 months ago
im actually liking it right now
keep it up View More
Easy Cultivation · C19
7 months ago

Ysa1: I'm wondering where he got his demon genes.

Demon Legacy · C3
7 months ago

HasaDigaEebowai: Am I the only thinking maybe the mom fked a demon hence the demon baby ?

Demon Legacy · C1
7 months ago

Zengarden: I like your idea but I will say one thing the old testament kill a lot of innocent people because this one man wrote that all witches were bad but that is not true because not all witches worship evil. There are many good witches that worship the sun, the moon, and the the four seasons. But they were not always called witches because many culture's had these woman who worship things that other people saw that was unfit and their was others that read bones, saw visions, could tell what happens in the future, and people who could see spirts and the dead. Man changed the testament to get ride of these special people who could do and see thongs that others could not do. This made people afraid of these men and women and this is what slaughtered a lot of innocent because if you didnt like someone in that age you could call someone a witch and the would be dead. Sorry for talking to long because it just makes me mad that all these stupid people believed all these things.

Reincarnation: A New World · C10
7 months ago
lin ming had his on cheat the soul cube View More
Easy Cultivation · C7
7 months ago

ILikeMangoes: Glad to see Flashlight Micheal back in action. How many times did his eyes flash just this chapter? 2-3 times? You should consider changing his batteries, Wiz. Micheal suddenly might die out during a battle.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
7 months ago

Chronische: While I can certainly do without harem ****, romance (or even having time for friends and relaxation) are certainly things forgotten or ignored in most of these sorts of stories. I hope there's time off for chilling and more setting and character development in a lower stress environment! Not just for the mental health of the MC and others, but for worldbuilding.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
7 months ago
Lol well said XD!! View More

TacoLord321: Able to cut bullets in half after being shot at? Doesn't fear death due to regenative ability? Does drugs? Micheal Cera is one 4th wall break from being Deadpool

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
7 months ago

TacoLord321: Able to cut bullets in half after being shot at? Doesn't fear death due to regenative ability? Does drugs? Micheal Cera is one 4th wall break from being Deadpool

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
7 months ago
really good concept. lots of potential. And i think Rebecca is supposed to be younger than kol by a few years. View More
Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries. · C0
7 months ago

Neocross: Nice thinking

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
7 months ago
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