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SmilingReader: I think people still have the misconception of humans not using 100% of their brain when they actually do. It's just that different parts of the brain are used for regulating the body and not just for conscious thought.

The First Order · C181
6 days ago
The idea is correct but the math is wrong XD. 1 elf can fight 4 orcs so 300 can fight 1200 orcs. View More

SoLonely: ??170 or 180 warriors?? Rest is civilian and it even say 1 elf can fight like 100 opponent so where's the recklessness there?? They are 300x100=30000 they can fight 30k orc

I Am A Legendary BOSS · C6
1 week ago

CouchSurfingDragon: Memory gain! Dangerous. The more information a brain has the more jumbled the information. For some literary coolness, a desire to complete a victim's unfinished goals would be interesting-- vengeance, making sure the cancer-ridden little sister can live comfortably, the unreasonably hot childhood friend needs a good handholding. That kind of stuff

Hero Scout · C7
2 weeks ago

RekiChan: When I was in universities (yes plural) there were contracts that mentioned any discoveries, breakthrough, and inventions that were done as a result of the universities' assignments, projects, or using the universities' resources such as libraries, network, staffs, computers, and laboratories, must have their patents applied under the name of or even given to the universities.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C186
3 weeks ago

Queen_of_Sheba: Sigh, one thing I can never get used to in Chinese stories is the relationship between the Heart, and Dao. The Dao heart makes absolutely no sense. Has anyone here read Renegade Immortal with Wang Lin? That's what Wu Qi's selective morality reminds me of. Those moments of utter insanity the author forcefully inserts into a character to humanise them.

Stealing the Heavens · C677
1 month ago
I was thinking the same thing XD It just that this one has better power system. View More

belmega: Am I the only one that sees the similarities between this novel and magus era

Stealing the Heavens · C668
1 month ago

belmega: Am I the only one that sees the similarities between this novel and magus era

Stealing the Heavens · C668
1 month ago

Disharmonious: Fang Yuan has really taken a liking at manipulating mortals xD On a side note "Carefree" is truly a good word to describe him as he only uses clones/incarnations and some subordinates to dominate realms ; like a true antagonist he rarely show his true body and prefer to plot behind the scenes :)

Carefree Path of Dreams · C845
1 month ago

Ineedaname: No, I also remember him being a block of wood.

Carefree Path of Dreams · C370
2 months ago

patienceLove: Am I the only one who doesn't remember MC having lustful times in the mainland??

Carefree Path of Dreams · C370
2 months ago

DaoistCitizen: I've been wondering... if leylin created the dream realm, considering he is supreme lord of nightmares and the blood-dreamscape emperor.

Carefree Path of Dreams · C343
2 months ago

UnnoticedWatcher: Leylin would brainwash him and make Fang Yuan think he had brainwash Leylin and then be killed and suck dry by Leylin~

Carefree Path of Dreams · C343
2 months ago

pedodontic: The author is stupid. She inhalate the drug. Mean the drug in lung no stomach what vomiting do and the stomach has it fluid and acids even if there aren't any food it will output.

Demons Beside You · C4
2 months ago

Panda_Daoist: The thought of his 5-sec wife betraying him left a crack on my dao heart. I need to train more...

Reaper of the Martial World · C695
2 months ago

toshidrift: The novel talked about Gamma energy being the strongest and originator of all other type of energy so does that mean if hulk comes to this world he can literally trash everybody in their universe heck maybe hulk is the entity that will be a big reveal hulk in cultivation world

Reaper of the Martial World · C544
2 months ago

Awespec: nothing is convoluted. It's just that, as usual, you spend your time complaining about how diligently I take my time to explain things instead of understanding that there's a reason for it. Everything is centered around this world tournament. The Daiyu are planning their attacks here. Two planets had their political systems decimated and rebuilt for this world tournament. The Ragnors are in this universe because of this world tournament. And now there are constant hints being dropped - showing you just how far people are willing to go to get top ten spots and your response is that it's convoluted? Are you even reading my novel?

you claim to understand that this is a tournament of the highest order, and yet you clearly fail to understand just what that means and how it makes people react. It seems that the one time I didn't coddle and baby you as a reader, is the time you decided to not understand anything. How ironic. Why you keep reading is beyond me. At least don't be shameless enough to continue commenting too, lmao

Reaper of the Martial World · C433
2 months ago

Rainbow225: If you think about it death is a sort of purity as well, just as much as life is pure. Everything dies and in death they are judged, the slate of everything they did is wiped and in some religions they're reincarnated. And destruction and creation, what's more true and honest to it's meaning than those, destruction erases all goods and evils, bringing anything to it's most pure. This is if you consider being one thing completely pure though.

Reaper of the Martial World · C243
2 months ago

Shippudenisthebest: It would be interesting to see a nobody obtain the sword (which is similar to any other generic xianxia protagonist) and rise up the ranks only to get defeated by konard in the end

Profane Prince of Domination · C376
3 months ago

Lazyy: Okay, 1, Creation doesn't match up to him because he doesn't create things. 2, Destruction doesn't match up with him because he doesn't solely focus on destroying everything around him. 3, I class Rebirth as a sub-power of his Evolution Domain, so it'd be useless to him. He can already bring himself back from anything anyway, so he doesn't need another Domain for that. Plus, his body is pretty much an Elixir on it's own, so he could at least heal people with very grievous bodily injuries with his blood alone. Probably.

While Death suits him because he's died a lot and has a deep understanding on the subject. Killing suits him because he's killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions or tens of millions of dinosaurs in the pursuit of evolution. War suits him purely because he's already at war with something and it's not a race, or a certain person; No, Julius is at war with the concept of Weakness. He's constantly evolving to become strong and leave his weakness behind. That's what makes War a good Domain for him.

I don't think any Animal could represent Julius. Sure, a Phoenix represents Rebirth and Julius has gone through a lot of that, but Phoenixes weren't necessary physical powerhouses, or beings without weakness. Rather than an Animal to symbolize Julius, I'll probably go with an object like a Crown to show that he's on top of everything - the Apex.

Anyway, thanks for reading~!

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
4 months ago
Lol have to agree with you there XD View More

Empyrean_Asuka: To be honest - she probably hooked up with some buff guy in slinger party and got knocked up from there.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
6 months ago
I think it got edited XD View More

Vetrage: Never said he was average said he had an average body lol

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
6 months ago

DaoistZenFeng: Just thought I should be my very first fan! :)

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
6 months ago

T0XIN: Thanks, that's what I was going for.

Gaara · C4
7 months ago

Noah_Dragneel: No sakura. Girls would be annoying if they travel with him to another world.

Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C0
8 months ago

keyboardcoronary: I mean, I'd say 2 chapters in is a bit early to make that judgement, I don't think I've made the system baby him at least. It's there as a tool for him to use really.

Ruler Of The Underworld · C2
9 months ago

CarefreeReader_Zen: lol a lot of people complain. Here comes my rant and i'll try not to offend anyone (not my aim/goal).
1.System = plot armor or author likes that(not anything new, get over it).
2.MC knowledge = background plot. Which means basic structure so as to define the character/story/conduct.
Like... any of you think you can reincarnate just cause you died by truck-kun? that's trope and plot armor. why that specific person? cause he is the MC that author chose.
Why MC/Story include certain stuff? cause author likes that/to explain future plot/to entertain readers/to expand fictional universe and so on.
For example I can say:
MC had so much knowledge that he reached enlightment/crossed mortal limits due to that his soul became strong/pure to the point where his most desired wish/advantage manisfested in the form of an entity with the capability to organize and project information (aka system) that mc might seek.

Ruler Of The Underworld · C2
9 months ago

infermite: Mhm. I am editing it as I have made a few things too vague.

For all purposes, Su Min basically had an 'awakening' that nearly killed him.

That's all you need to know ;p.

The Martial Master · C0
9 months ago

LWEndless: Blending a more western style of story-telling with xianxia, Painting the Mists offers a fresh yet familiar take on the genre. Though it has its flaws, it only seems to get better as it goes on.

If you're at all interested in xianxia or chinese novels in general, I'd thoroughly recommend giving this one a look.

Painting the Mists
9 months ago

PandaChan: The use of names tho. Epic! Literally (Tong Xue) Class mates, (Ban Zhang) class monitor, (Zhu Jiao) Main Character, (Qi Fu Ren) bully people, (Hu Shuo Ba Dao) talking nonsense.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C0
9 months ago

Tomoyuki: Ha ha ha, yeah. That was the joke.

The Golden Gravekeeper · C0
9 months ago
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