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Arkarc: Secretive plotter is the OG hero of the story he deserves better.
Give him his happy ending god damit!.

Omniscient Reader · C448
3 weeks ago

Himmel: Constellations fighting over KDJ again, this time using Probabilities and not Coins 🤣🤣🤣

I remember the days when KDJ was still an incarnation and get sponsored with a lot of coins because they want to be his sponsor. also let's remember the fact that "The Great Sage" & "Secretive Plotter" (whoever kkoma nth!YJH it was) was among the list of offering sponsorship the 1st time 😆😆😆

Omniscient Reader · C441
3 weeks ago

nezo_the_mandrake: JFC SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE!!! I'm still reeling from the heart-breaking realization(?) that even though we've been following Kim Dokja every step of the way in his journey, he and his party have missed out on so much quality time 😭 Even if it was for their sake...!!! AND THEN SUN WUKONG(S) COME IN THE MIDDLE OF MY DEPRESSO MOMENT AND SUPER SAIYAN FUSION TO SAVE KIM DOKJA AND MAKE HIM ONE OF THEIR OWN!?!? GODDAMNIT SING SHONG YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN!!! YOUVE PLAYED WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE A FIDDLE!!! 😂🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for the translation!!!

Omniscient Reader · C441
3 weeks ago

Heaven_Bridge: Finally, kids, did you all understand? As a person who already know this i just want to make you know for the most important fact of this chapter: THAT WAS KIM DOKJA WHITE COAT ON JONGHYUK!! remember that...
(This is more like engagement ring but engagement Coat instead...)
Thank you for the chapter Shing Song and Wanderer! Finally, we reached this episode! I'm so touched!

Omniscient Reader · C413
3 weeks ago

Xylade: Kim Dokja our dear MC Reader is here!

Yu Junghyeok regained trust of Kim Dokja is probably caused by his glimpse of Kim Dokja's past which we still didn't get to read what his reaction was.

Anyways thank you for the update!!! 😁

Omniscient Reader · C391
3 weeks ago

Half_Past7: "Not everything we do will be righteous. However, the paths we tread will be decided by us alone. And, no one can change our decision." KDJ is such an inspirational speaker for an introverted web novel geek.

Omniscient Reader · C383
3 weeks ago

WVFran: So YJH was upset cause KDJ was willing to stick around another version of himself? Truly the emotional capacity of a sunfish.

Omniscient Reader · C370
3 weeks ago

Chenjieyi: "Of course I dislike you. I hate you. You took away my role." - Lee Sookyong to Yoo Junghyuk
Yoo Junghyuk: I dont understand what that means.

Oh my, this conversation between them is so amusing. However, I hope LSK would survive or KDJ would really go crazy crazy crazy until we see then sun ~

Omniscient Reader · C327
4 weeks ago

Extase: The gaze that YJH felt. I bet it’s Kim Dokja, the sole reader who’s always been following his story. And by Mama Dokja’s last words of ‘I bet it’s your parents’, does this imply that KDJ could be the writer of ways of survival, or at least a contributor to the creation of his story?

Omniscient Reader · C327
4 weeks ago

Arrange: Again, please... PLEASE. Kim Dokja! Stop opening my old wound again!!! Why did you have to mention the 1863rd round Yoo Jonghyuk again??? You really aren't happy if I don't suffer every few chapters from that old scar huh??? And for your information you stubborn emo Titans! Kim Dokja isn't a coward!! Can a coward even sacrifice himself over and over again? Can a coward even be so selfishly selfless??? That's a damn kamikaze bastard- I mean a heroic man!

Omniscient Reader · C324
4 weeks ago

Hoshiandme: Yoo Joonhyuk saw his story. The one he’s living through Dokja’s eyes. And he knows how Dokja views him now.
That was basically a confession.
My rotten brothers and sisters.
YJ EVEN ANSWERED HIS CONFESSION. He “caught” him as he fell.

Omniscient Reader · C324
4 weeks ago

Kuraidoscope: What if Jonghyuk was the author and the epilogue was him adding Dokja into the story. Inserting a character who will help him finish the story without losing himself in the process.

Omniscient Reader · C324
4 weeks ago

Heaven_Bridge: This Jonghyuk is like fushion between fl"scared of the unknown future" and "scared losing Dokja". This 3 years really worn him down :(

Omniscient Reader · C310
4 weeks ago

AoKi_5768: The question is how many messages that Yoo Jonghyuk send via Midday Tyrst....??? He complained too Kim Dokja via messenger about the party member and maybe he just call Kim Dokja name....😭😭😭 Is depressing and is going around in three years...

Omniscient Reader · C310
4 weeks ago

Sketi: I suspect part of that is the Fourth Wall's doing. We see it shaking a lot when he's troubled emotionally by something but when it returns strongly he is again in control of his emotions. Granted I might be way off base, but I think that's one of the things it does in addition to everything else.

Omniscient Reader · C307
4 weeks ago

FullCypress: I actually cried thinking about Yoo Jonghyuk reading Kim Dokja’s story. I don’t remember the story’s exact wording, but I feel it’s very true that everyone’s ideal protagonist is different, every story is a different person’s salvation. Kim Dojka became our protagonist, but Yoo Jonghyuk’s as well
I just love this story so frickin much, thank you author, thank you translator

Omniscient Reader · C294
4 weeks ago

Zehntel: Jesus man, they always comment on how no one understands Yoo and how he's alone in all of this. Why does it feel like Kim Dokja is even more alone just because of what he knows.

Omniscient Reader · C281
1 month ago

TonyTony: Dang, stop making your party members worried, KD! The feels... he's always sacrificing himself. Tho I do kinda feel that he has a plan. Better keep reading!

Omniscient Reader · C281
1 month ago

Xiaoryi: No! fudge! I am aware KD would still be there somewhere or what! But the thought of Yoo Jonghyuk searching for KD after waking up and not being able to see his companion? This is too heartbreaking for my already black and broken heart! Good thing Uriel ain't here or else she'll be broken too!

Omniscient Reader · C281
1 month ago

Arrange: [The story 'Life and Death Companions' wants to continue.]

Life and Death Companions. It was a story that didn't exist for Yoo Jonghyuk in the original novel.


I can't handle so many of them!!! My heart!! 💔💔💔

Omniscient Reader · C270
1 month ago

Zehntel: Uriel must be having a field day right now

Omniscient Reader · C269
1 month ago

Arrange: Yoo Jonghyuk just admit that you just wanted to spend more time with your wife! No need to make excuses! What Black Demon Spirit Bead! What Black Demon Spirit's Black Demon Sword! Just say it out loud! I. LOVE. YOU.! C'mon! Don't be shy! Confess them, your true feelings!

Omniscient Reader · C231
1 month ago

TheDungBeetle: "Let's go back to Earth, Kim Dokja."

God damned omniscient chapter ending tear-jerking one-liners....

Omniscient Reader · C226
1 month ago

Arrange: Can I say that I felt super duper happy inside when Kim Dokja said: "It's me."

But I still winched in pain seeing how many times 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' grabbed his hair. Someone will soon need a wig.
And then we can see.

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' says "My wig flew."]

Omniscient Reader · C217
1 month ago

msnoobie: But YJH is the most suited for KDJ. 😎

Omniscient Reader · C208
1 month ago

RobynHood: It seems plastic surgery is really at its best in Korea and worst in the Demon Realm. It barely changed Dojega's looks.

Omniscient Reader · C201
1 month ago

Kuraidoscope: Yoo Junghyuk the good (looking), Jang Hayoung the bad (mouthed) and the ugly Kim Dokja.

Omniscient Reader · C201
1 month ago

Arnold_11: Jang Hayoung muttered with an ecstatic expression, "Ah, too bad he already has a girlfriend."
My heart sank. "What? Who?"

Congratulations, you managed to seduce the other main character.
[ you have earned the Divine story, Seducer of main characters]

Omniscient Reader · C198
1 month ago

arara_ra: > This world won't disappear if I regress. This world won't end or be upset if I die.
> "Think about it. Who would watch a story without the protagonist?"
For Dokja, the world without Yoo Junghyuk simply doesnt exist. A story without a protagonist would be meaningless, so a world without Yoo Junghyuk is unthinkable for him. T-T

Omniscient Reader · C186
1 month ago

TheDungBeetle: Just about 20 chapters ago -

Yoo Jonghyuk: Kim Dokja, I will kill you!
Kim Dokja: Yoo Jonghyuk, I will kill you!

Chapters of today -

Yoo Jonghyuk: Kim Dokja, let me die for you!
Kim Dokja: Hell no, Yoo Jonghyuk, I will be the one to die for you!

Can't you guys make up your mind please?

Omniscient Reader · C186
1 month ago
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