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BattleLord: True, but she can work in the Mech Department earning merits repairing Mechs. The possibility of her sliding that sword between the fifth and sixth ribs of Expert Foster are definitely more likely in an accident prone environment like a Mech Stable. She might even get assigned to maintenance of the Belisarius. A complete disassembly and thorough inspection seems very necessary to guarantee 100% reliability.

I can think of dozens of non-sexual uses for her services.

The Mech Touch · C920
23 hours ago

Dante_X: all these chapters on the pilot's neural interface make me think that the venerable xie is going to die of a head scan

The Mech Touch · C842
4 days ago

KhanarL: Hmm, interesting. Ves has definitely hit a low point on his ethical scale, but given how self-aware Exlor's writing is on Ves degenerating morals, I think one of two things is gonna happen.

1. Ves goes full anti-hero, 100% end justifies the means...Or...

2. Exlor is setting Ves up for a redemption arc after he gets out of the frontier/out of the Vandals/or out of the war.

Honestly, I'm not sure which one of these will happen. Supporting Theory #1 is that as long as Ves is constantly fighting against shady groups like the Five Scrolls Compact...Ves is likely going to have to fight fire with fire in order to keep his head above water.

Supporting Theory #2 is something from way back in Ch 129. Patricia basically found out that Ves was sprinting ahead on forming his Design Philosophy, and wanted to warn him about the risk of damaging his foundation. Her mentor stopped her saying, "A lesson only hits home when it hurts. When little Ves inevitably falls and trips, Master Olson will pick up the pieces"

Master Olson hasn't really done much for Ves so far. And we saw how damage Ves' Design Philosophy took recently when he attempted to brainwash Venerable Xie. So this potentially sets up a redemption arc with Master Olson helping Ves.

The Mech Touch · C835
4 days ago

Kixtia: All this is about how Ves will be learn to building a expert mech

The Mech Touch · C805
6 days ago

Agniwolf: ves and the twelve olympian labors

The Mech Touch · C805
6 days ago
Nah View More


Supreme Magus · C383
6 days ago

blacksun115: Yes it WAS a revolting village. And i suspect the previous ranger to be in big trouble after lith report.

Supreme Magus · C381
1 week ago

ERROR404PAGENULL0: Saitama went for a walk. Decided he was bored and killed some monsters. Now lets compare it to this.

Lith decided to walk to the village, found that its bad village. Trolled a guy being fucking OP and giving a **** about weapons and poison. Than fucking FBI'ed a steel door. And decided to become a ricochet wall playing some Star Wars with pple.


Supreme Magus · C381
1 week ago

EMpulse: sir you dropped your lightning.. here let me throw it back to you.. no thanks needed.🤗

Supreme Magus · C381
1 week ago
As in experience, that he gets for replying View More

Mizako: Exp as in explain? Hazard a massive guess: what if he somehow used organic neural interfaces for his mechs?

The Mech Touch · C793
1 week ago

BatouOfNexus: True, but Ves has minimal training with them and is relying on software to do his targeting for him now. He basically took enough training to not shoot himself in the foot and to have decent aim. Other than that he doesn’t spend hours a day practicing combat. I don’t think Ves thinks personal protection is useless, he obviously doesn’t with his arsenal, but he does feel his primary source of protection should be other skilled combatants.

The Mech Touch · C780
1 week ago

Thornier: Ves to Ketis: "As mech designers we should depend on others to protect us. Your sword training is a waste of time."

Ves carries 2 named weapons, 6 stealthy back up knives, a normal pistol, servo assisted armor, etc. All while hiding the fact he is immune to toxins and could run around butt naked in 6g gravity without issues.

He is definitely not a hypocrite. 😂

The Mech Touch · C780
1 week ago

Kupkake02: About the power stone ranking thing. Personally I think it would be good for Qidian to have 3 ranking original,translated,and both so that way everybody knows where they stand on the site along with among their own peers. Heck maybe they could eventually implement a power ranking that you fall into depending on your genre, sci fi,fantasy,romance,etc.

The Mech Touch · C776
1 week ago

BattleLord: This chapter gets 5 stars for making the first ever "6G Fat Mama joke!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A minor observation, tanks and other very heavy vehicles utilize tracks for maximum load distribution. Legged vehicles are very poor at distributing load as one or more legs maybe off the ground at anytime. Add the impact of repeated contact with the ground during movement and you have a lot of extra maintenance. The best results would be to carry the Mechs on tracked sleds with the crews reclined.

As the amount of energy required to maintain gravitic technology has not been quantified I accept this as efficient. This is another great chapter.

The Mech Touch · C775
1 week ago

Dwwolf: Ves's attempts at being a mental Mr Fantastic.

The Mech Touch · C759
1 week ago

BatouOfNexus: Ves’ agony reminds me of how I felt after the first game I worked on where I had to code exploitive micro transactions into it back when they first started to show up in mobile games. I ended up leaving the game industry as a result and it isn’t even a crime to implement micro transactions and they were of a much more begin nature than the ones you see now days.

The Mech Touch · C759
1 week ago

flecx: Well this story was getting better and better. Buy considering exlor needs a lot more chapters we're going back to monologueing again

The Mech Touch · C710
2 weeks ago

BattleLord: I once had a very complex machine with all the bells and whistles installed. After its run-in period had elapsed heat and vibration alarms started to crop up. Emergency shutdowns resulted, inspection panels removed and external readings were taken to verify the alarms. Nothing was identified and the manufacturer had no explanation other than the technology was, new, cutting edge and never implemented in this manner before.
The issue resolved itself to be a sensitivities problem and the solution was a combination sampling rate and rate of change. This is a frustrating issue, production wanted the sensors permanently removed, but after setting the sensitivity low enough the people who operated the machine could remain in ignorant bliss everyone was happy.
Until the day the alarm went off again and production who had gained awareness of the methods to alter sensitivity to zero cause a catastrophic failure to go unnoticed. Though technical staff were blamed, I data logged all changes to ensure my technical staff would not abuser their privilege to change settings without verifying for an actual failure.
The takeaway is it's human to be lazy, ignore problems and deflect blame. Once you loose faith in technology it's hard to win it back. Will Ves start reducing the biofeedback on future Mechs or will he learn what is important and what is annoying?

The Mech Touch · C702
2 weeks ago

The_Unprofessional: I remember a similar case with a cnc milli/turn center we automated a while back. So i stepped on the shop floor and right away it was clear for me that these dudes where putting a magnetic bridge on the door closing sensor of that machine so that they could start switching parts while the machine was doing the tool changes. Which is fine if you have people who know what they do. With practice, you can easily get around 5 to 10 percent more parts depending. But we made those guys aware that they could never, under no circumstances, ever do that with a (non collaborative) robot in front of the machine. Of course they nodded, grinned and made even jokes about it. I stressed again that this might lead to a catastrophic accident since they cheaped out on the optional security measures. After installation and handing over the keys it took around 3 months and some dude from a temporary worker comapny in the second shift for someone to get litterally smashed into a wall. Larger robot arms will not stop in front of soft hinderances. The dude was lucky and is recovering but will have a permanent titanium plate under the skin of his skull plus a shifted eye socket. They call him wonky eye now. What a win.

The Mech Touch · C702
2 weeks ago

The_Unprofessional: Battlelord, my brother from another mother, i loved your tantrum just now. Even the most down to earth guy is allowed an angry comment from time to time!😄 that beeing said, this would be the most hilarious ending to a novel i have ever read.
"After a pointless run through space with many unfulfilling challenges and lamentations, the MC takes an arrow to the knee and dies of sepsis in space. The end."

But honestly, for me the questions has only one obvious answer. Ves is an anti hero. But with a transformation from the dumb goody two shoes in the first chapters towards what he is now. Desillusioned, somewhat lost, without scruples. (Remember that vandal buddy he sacrificed?) He will turn amoral over the course of several chapters, learning from the surrounding and finally become evil for his goal.

If you reflect about this novel with two steps of distance, i think you could question if this is either a coincidence or really a stroke of genius from the author.

To end my speech in an unprofessional high note, i still hope for the comeback of the codpiece. Even if he does it in an evil cockringy kind of way.

The Mech Touch · C698
2 weeks ago

BattleLord: My epiphany from yesterday's discussions of brainwashing was that the Dragons of the Void are controlled by the Five Scrolls Compact, who like Doctor Jutland have psychic abilities to alter minds. I don't think it is a coincidence that the author reminds us of them in this chapter.
In the Groening System story arc, Ves's first trip to the Frontier, he met Doctor Jutland who was desperately trying to take his research of Groening Planet before the storm again sealed the planet. Other than the expeditionary force, only the Dragons of the Void were available to rescue the good Doctor Jutland.
Doctor Jutland exhibited powerful psychic powers to enable him to control the exo-Beasts.
Ketis stated, "The Dragons of the Void messes with their heads somehow." This group is fixated on extending life and maximizing human potential. Thus, how could they not be involved in this quest? Anyone else by into my theory or am I starting to sound like Ves? WHaHaHaHa

The Mech Touch · C690
2 weeks ago

sagron: "Anyone willing to visit a hive of scum and villainy was either a scum or a villain!" - So which is Ves?

The Mech Touch · C672
2 weeks ago

Pruf: You should ask how much costs HP book. It's roughly 40 bucks.
Yet, this novel so far we cost you about 130 bucks through buying SS. Is that okey?
Well, it's not about this book, even. Webnovel is just "tad bit greedy".

The Mech Touch · C672
2 weeks ago

The_Unprofessional: But this story has the codpiece. 😏

The Mech Touch · C672
2 weeks ago

JauPim: Based on comments that I have seen from various authors, I am fairly certain that 1 spirit stone is equal to about 200 words (Please correct me if I am wrong).
The Mech Touch seems to be a consistent 11 spirit stones per chapter, meaning 2000-2200 words I would guess (Again, please correct me if I am mistaken). If we use 2000 words per chapter then we currently have over 1.3 million words in this story.

The Harry Potter series, all seven books, has 1,084,170 words according to this website - https://wordcounter.net/blog/2015/11/23/10922_how-many-words-harry-potter.html.
Just thought that this would be interesting to share.

The Mech Touch · C672
2 weeks ago

Heidern98: Who knows why the author has changed the pacing of the story telling, but the author could certainly benefit from more effective proofreading/editing. I understand occasional errors, but incomplete sentences really bother me for some reason... :(

The Mech Touch · C660
2 weeks ago

The_Unprofessional: This comment is completely underappreciated. I believe you just pointed out a very pivotal revelation. His beloved bright republic slapt a collar on the LMC, bend them over by the chain and -quite royally- sodomized his ideals and standing. He will travel the galaxy on his version of the wolfmother eventually. I am sure of that.

The Mech Touch · C652
3 weeks ago

LegacyEchelon: Ves gonna go ballistic when he checks his funds and finds out his majority stake in the company has been sold off.

The Mech Touch · C652
3 weeks ago

BattleLord: Exlor that was an amazing summation chapter I really feel you have a great depth of knowledge.

I recognized the education system has flaws yet it works to meet the needs of business and society. They flood the market with an educated workforce and the higher the number the cheaper to employ. Society has self correcting methods of absorbing the excess, the soup kitchens are not overflowing with unemployed engineering graduates.

I like many of my colleagues dreaded the hiring process and due to my success and nurturing outstanding employees I became the pool that talent was drawn from. Personal Department, depending on the position I required posted my criteria and sorted applicants down to the top ten. Hands down they were amazing people who knew me well.

Interviews are a disruptive burden, added onto the interviewers workload. Consider what Exlor wrote hear as good advice if you are seeking a job. You have only one chance to stand out from the crowd, the person interviewing you is busy, so don't waste their time.

I looked for anything that stood out, how impressive the school or grades meant little. It is a metric that they could learn in a classroom environment. The workplace tests you constantly and failure means loss of productivity, resources or injury. Not a grade on a paper.

Work experience is a strong metric, it can swing either way. Too many jobs (unreliable, no loyalty), too few (inexperienced, unmotivated). Often your previous employers mean more than you think. Contrary to belief it's a small world, competitors are known and poaching good talent is a loss for them and win for you.

Finally I hunt for anything I want to expand on from the resume including hobbies or interests. I need Team players, people I can give a vision to and trust they will utilize their skills to achieve or better yet supersede what was expected.

A concluding question I ask that can tilt the scale. "Where do you see your career in five and ten years if you get the job?" You would be surprised at how many have no vision of their future. The ones that do might have had a weak interview, yet get a recommendation for hire along with my first choice. Recommend to colleagues or Third Party suppliers. Talent should never be wasted or allowed to slip to competitors.

I believe Ves has a keen sense of this and this novel is brilliant.

The Mech Touch · C651
3 weeks ago

SkyEmperor: I'm familiar with a male victim. He thought he was homo after an incident, but he was actually straight. It was the feeling of pleasure and disgust from the pleasure that gave him PTSD, so he couldn't bring himself to commit 1 session to have s*x or he'll be reminded - doesn't matter if it is a man or a woman trying to sleep with him, he went into full panic attacks. Oh and as of two years ago... He's dead, because AIDS from the rapist got him, then he poisoned himself to death on meds (overdose). In his will, he wanted people to know that he lived a life worse than death and that he simply picked the less painful option.

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C103
3 weeks ago
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