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Original Works

  • Falling for an Angel

    Falling for an Angel


    This would be the second novel I write as a follow up for one of the characters from my previous novel, " Part Time Romance." I will commence this once I complete the first book. Thank you. Synopsis to follow.

  • Part Time Romance

    Part Time Romance


    " Why don't you look at me?" he asked. Maya was stunned. " I do look at you," she insisted. Lucas just stared into her eyes," You look but you don't see me." " I thought you hated me," she whispered. "I don't," he denied it... Two star crossed lovers. Will they be able to succeed in overcoming all the obstacles or just accept their fate? An office romance for the ages. Read more to know Lucas and Maya's story.


Why do they need another room? What was wrong with their original room? View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C87
1 day ago
Author. Could u do me a favour and list of the timeline of all the stories. I m lost at what story took place when... It's confusing. Help is needed. And what order am I to read the books. I have read the other two but still at a lost. View More
Bambi and the Duke · C263
1 day ago
Why is it that the more successful the GU men are... The more emotionally handicapped they are... One doesn't know he is in love... One doesn't want to accept he can be in love... These men shouldn't be allowed to marry. They should just join priestdom... Save the women a lot of heartache and trouble... View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C625
4 days ago
The irony will be if the Song Family is also part of the underground and they have some tiger tattoo. View More

yemuchiz: They seem to have a connection

A Song For A Summer's Night · C82
5 days ago
Food for thought... View More

Jessiebae: Yeah he does. When I noticed that Long Jie had a tattoo as well I was thinking like father like son but then we see that Su Chen has a tattoo as well so I'm quite curious especially after what the author said. I wonder if it has something to do with their personalities 🤔

A Song For A Summer's Night · C82
1 week ago
He does? I have not read that book yet View More

Jessiebae: I'm curious about that as well if I remember correctly Long Huojin has a snake on his side

A Song For A Summer's Night · C82
1 week ago
Holy ****. It's sounds like a crime drama. One day they are making movies, next they are sharpening knives?! That's so cool. Author... I have a doubt. Do the phoenix and dragon tattoo have a connection to each other or only to the respective characters? View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C82
1 week ago
I have reached a point where I am sick and tired of Lin che's story. I never imagined a person to be that clueless in life. I would rather the whole narrative turn towards Minmin and her husband. Even youran sounds more substantial. Sorry author but it just baffles me how long does she and Jingze take to realise the simple fact that they are in love? View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C613
1 week ago
What the so called president did was wrong! U can't use a woman as a toy nor treat her like a possession. U don't like other men coveting your wife maybe u should covet her first then. Using sex as a manipulation tool is just low. Furthermore from a so called leader of a country. He sounds like a jealous schoolboy. Jingyu seems to be the only emotionally matured Gu in this book.. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C605
1 week ago
I find Minmin and Jingze the smartest among all. They can see the bigger picture and are not stupid like Lin che. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C597
2 weeks ago
I am confused. Were they not having sex all this while? View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C74
2 weeks ago
I am actually very pleased with ren and su feng's storyline. I love their story better actually. Thank you. View More
Daughters of the Elite · C61
3 weeks ago
Wow I really didn't expect that twist. But he played the role of the uninterested husband perfectly. I was wondering why did he make a 180° turn so fast. Now it makes sense. Author. U can't leave me hanging here. Need more chapters. 😍😍😍 View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C67
3 weeks ago
You mean this is a continuation of another book? Aiyah!!!! 🤦 View More

venn97: Like father like son 😂... Except Huojin is filled with love with Guangli... While Jie is taking a bit of time to feel love... The vow they make is useless 😂

A Song For A Summer's Night · C7
3 weeks ago
Omg. It will take her 100+ chapters to realise she is pregnant? 😭😭😭 View More

parkmindo: Until chapter 703. That when she would know that she is pregnant

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C576
3 weeks ago
I really don't understand the general public constantly speculating on the FL and ML. I mean by looking at a random stranger how can u tell if they are well bred or rich or influential? Are they horses? It's surprising. I have never witnessed people actually crowding around rich people. It sounds preposterous at times. Does it actually happen in real life and I don't know about it? View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C551
4 weeks ago
Exactly! I mean u either like the person or u don't. U can't just use him whenever u want to. That's just a bitxhy attitude! I feel like this FL is the worse I have found so far. View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C535
1 month ago
Why can't LZ just tell HYT the truth? Why keep it a secret? Ya I get that he didn't look for her? But if she thinks he blamed her for his mother's death then shouldn't she be responsible to clear things out? I mean after all she is following her dumb mother's plans! Why the hell would she let her child call his granduncle daddy?! That is just twisted! How long does she plan to separate the child and father? If she was in a relationship with HC then it's understandable. Now it just shows that she is dumb and very short sighted. I thought she was smart. She is just playing with both their feelings. View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C535
1 month ago
Thank you for your support Love_EXO. I will keep u all updated. View More
Part Time Romance · C28
1 month ago

Sree_ExoL: Maya and Lucas are really a good couple

Part Time Romance · C26
1 month ago
Thank you for explaining the situation. 😊 It doesn't ease the frustration of not knowing what is the issue. View More

Cantiara: This time isn't like last time. He has stuff to do that have more priority than translating this novel. What I know is, he isn't dropping this novel.

Maybe you guys need to know this, but he's actually not earning any $$$ with this novel. If anything, he had lost $$$ translating this novel. It's sad but true. I'm not at liberty to disclose any more information than this, heck, maybe this is already too much info to share, but I just think it's important for you guys to know at least this much, in order to understand his actions better.

Please understand that this is basically nothing more than a fan project for him. He's basically doing this for free, in whatever spare time that he has inbetween translating LOHP (THE project which gives him an actual income to make a living) and some real life stuff. He never had the intention to disappoint you guys, that's why he didn't drop this novel and instead decided to pick this up again, even though he can't promise a steady update.

Some of you have suggested to get another translator to pick up this project. Well, it has been tried before. But it's not that simple. Nobody wanted to take over a project which doesn't yield any financial gains such as this one. Especially when you have to put in hours of work into it.

So instead of pressuring this translator, I think we all should just support him to keep him motivated. Coz' really, he's basically doing this for free, for us, and to share his love of BTY with us.

The Beautiful Time With You · C370
2 months ago
Author... U tease us too much... We want more!!! Mass release! Mass release! Mass release! 😊 View More
The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! · C446
2 months ago
I am aiming for atleast one chap a day or every alternate day. My apologies reader. View More
Part Time Romance · C15
2 months ago
For once this novel is free. Why are they still holding away chapters ??! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Have mercy on us readers. View More
The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! · C426
2 months ago
Thank you for your invested interest in this book. I will write and upload chapters at the soonest opportunity. View More
Part Time Romance · C12
2 months ago

Sree_ExoL: Oh!! Thank u author for coming back..

Part Time Romance · C11
4 months ago

Sree_ExoL: What type of boyfriend is Lucas..He thinks that he loves Maya very much but couldn't even recognize her presence..

Part Time Romance · C8
5 months ago
Well technically he only knows her for a short time... View More
Part Time Romance · C8
5 months ago
Congrats author... 😊 View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C257
5 months ago

Sree_ExoL: I am scared that before she could tell him about her true identity he would know it himself and that will create misunderstanding between that..I hope that doesn't happen..

Part Time Romance · C6
5 months ago
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