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I want more i love it so far :) View More
The Dragoon in Skyrim · C14
1 week ago
This is awesome :) View More
The Dragoon in Skyrim · C13
1 week ago
Reading Status: C0
Started reading a few chapters but stopt reading when I noticed Monika is my mother's name everything became very disturbing afterwards otherwise it's a good fic. :p View More
In Another World with JUST MONIKA
1 week ago
Woho :) View More
Blue Devil · C45
3 weeks ago

TheRealKeanuReeves: I hate giving myself a review but I need to say this. if your planning on spamming your review like AWESOME AWESOME AWSOUME. i apreciate the time you take out of your day to say that you like it but you can just spam on the comments. all spam reviews will be removed so don't be surprised.

I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction)
1 month ago
It's a great story so far you'll get my last stone. :) ;; View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C45
1 month ago
Ty for the chapter. Still think this is the best fan-fick on here View More
Blue Devil · C41
2 months ago
Reading Status: C600
Waisted about 300 stones to open the chapters and find out its dropped that vast a waist of time and money sense I paid for the sp View More
My MCV and Doomsday
2 months ago
When I read about the baby stage in other fan-ficks and novels I always start laughing especially the walking stage learning to walk at 5-7 months and they are deemed geniuses and myself learned to run before walking at 6 month hahaha :p View More
Marvel Reincarnation Story : Kryptonian · C4
3 months ago
I can understand limiting the strength in the beginning sense superman kan absorb an entire sun and destroy a universe with it :) View More
Marvel Reincarnation Story : Kryptonian · C1
3 months ago
seems interesting. NO emojis! View More
Dropped in another world Marvel universe? what's that. · C1
3 months ago
woho yey ty View More
In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C27
3 months ago
Thanks for the chapter the this seems interesting so keep up the good work :) View More
Dragons Among Heroes · C3
3 months ago
This novel is awesome :) View More
I'm a Vampire God?! · C27
3 months ago

Ellendria: Weird. Google is a liar then lol. Oh well I'll keep it anyway. For future readers to laugh at me. 😁😉🤣

I'm a Vampire God?! · C8
3 months ago
Reading Status: C40
This fan-fick is awesome View More
Blue Devil
4 months ago
MORE!!!! View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C64
5 months ago
hmm why does it say one of his spatial artifacts when he only got one i dont remember he got more spatial artifacts so how come it says ¨Yale changed his clothes by ones more luxurious which he found in one of his spatial artifacts¨ he only got one!!! View More
Last Wish System · C86
6 months ago

WTFox: Definitely one of the best novels I've read here amingst the originals. Excellent grammar, world building and chapter length. Needs more love and support. Highly recommended for lovers of reincarnation into non humanoid genre

Red Wings
1 year ago
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