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Hnn17: Behind every woman in white is a half asleep guy soundlessly screaming. I hope there's a twist to the story at the end of the arc, revealing that he is her nightmare.

Nightmare's Call · C1
2 weeks ago

gtfantasy: At end of Vol.3 Author summarised the volume and I do a brief translation here, note this is not a word to word translation.
Volume 3’s title is “Traveller” so author writes it using a casual style, the structure is also simple, a man on his journey, stop at a place for a while then move on, see some sceneries, meet new people, complete some tasks but don’t get deeply involved.
To be honest this kind of travel style story is not easy to write, you try hard to create a new character, a new place, make some custom differences, and then you have to leave all these behind and keep on your journey. It challenges author’s writing skills to quickly introduce new characters with unique characteristic and new events that are interesting. Authors believes he did a good job before Klein advanced to Marionettist, however after that he was busy to close some story lines, too many things to write and it’s on Klein’s return way, so he omitted some details for those revisited places, author feels he rushed a bit on this part.
Many readers believing author has a very detailed outlines for the story but he doesn’t, he only made detailed settings. After he sets a theme for a volume and decides using what style to write it, what foreshadows he is going to close from previous volume and what foreshows he is going to lay in this volume, then he just fills the volume with stories freely, he doesn’t want to think every plot beforehand as he constantly has new ideas. Just like at the end of last volume the scene when Klein left Backlund, then he has the idea how he is going to return at the end of this volume, also mention his siblings in last chapter. Also he wants the book world to be introduced in this volume but he is not clear how this part of story going to end beforehand. When he writes release “Nightmare” beyonder characteristic plot he then has the idea to write a plot to pass message to the daughter, this can be also considered as a journey’s end in a way. When he designs the setting of “Groselle’s Travel” and creates a Leon solider character, then he has an inspiration to return him home. Combines everything together he is clear of how he is going to write for this volume.
Volume 3 is kind of flat because of the structure and the style. Author mentioned this before in Raw that reader may be disappointed if they want to see something big unfold at the end of this volume. He wants to create a perilous atmosphere to set off Klein’s return, this includes Ince appears scene, malicious of the Mother Tree of desire and Rose school of thought’s attack.
There is another ordeal in this volume, that’s how to write the raids of ruin of God’s war and book world. As he gained experiences from his previous books, he sets two themes for it, one is “Suspense” and another is “Comrades”, he then wants to add “interesting” on top of it, but at the end his is not completely satisfied and he should do better. He explains the thinking how he creates and writes these two raids, for this part it’s too long for me to translate. For example the book world, because it’s going to be a short story in this volume, so Klein as an outsider doesn’t have time to know those characters’ past, so he only records what they say and what they do, for this part of story you can see generally Klein has no inner monologue.
Author summarised at the end, he created some good characters and stories but rushed the last part of this volume, and he wished he can slow down a bit. The next volume is going to be called “Undying”, the opening words for this volume are “Undying, a bless or a curse”. ** the opening words for “Traveller” are “Every journey has an destination”.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 month ago
Im a bit confused but i assume our FL came back before the time her mother died, father remarried and her sister is still alive? Also she killed the woman who in the future traded her sister to some horrible family. I hope I got this correct (*´-`) View More
My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! · C6
1 month ago
I wonder if the world is connected to the Veda, maybe there are some of the experimental subjects with LS... to maybe select the best one out of all of them and continue the experiments with the winner ? View More
Doomsday Wonderland · C602
2 months ago

Ozwin: If I had a large bounty and saw Sparrow in the room, I too would leave posthaste. Just saying he might have seen your face in a paper Klein.

Lord of the Mysteries · C636
2 months ago

Priest_Murong: Does puppeteer have a crush on Sanjiu or smth? Cause he keeps pestering her.. smh

Doomsday Wonderland · C570
3 months ago

Oberon: god i already love our mc and his friends there so flipping different from the normal idiots

Dreadful Radio Game · C6
3 months ago

Padoru_Padoru: Read the previous chapter, the part about ince zangwill waking up and lose his memories

Lord of the Mysteries · C607
3 months ago

StretchArmstrong: I'm sorry, Mister Meng Fan, but I'm afraid your job application doesn't even remotely resemble the proper format. At a bare minimum, we would need it to include your highest level of schooling, references from previous employers, and absolutely no mention of your 'sick-ass skateboarding tricks'.

Oh, and next time you apply to Baskin Robbins? Don't title your resume My Extraordinary Achievements.

My Extraordinary Achievements
3 months ago

OnePun: The name of this novel shoul be " The Hulk Who Cultivates".

Mystical Journey · C93
3 months ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Lol from the chapter title I assumed Arrodes was finna be firm with his questions and demeanor....in actual fact, Arrodes’ bottom line is wherever Klein’s feet are.

Lord of the Mysteries · C590
3 months ago

Linklight2: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!

So... This story is a headache to review, but most of the views either hate or love this novel. It deserves neither. The Galactic Dark Net, as many greatly negative reviews point out, has quite the interesting premise. It is kind of like this:

'Earth has recently entered into a galactic stage, and ability users, Aka espers, are the representative elite of each world. Earth avoided colonization by the skin of their teeth. but their hero, Ke Lake, has mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, a guy named Han discovers the existence of the dark net, and begins his rise to become a hero for not just earth, but for the entire galaxy!'

Yeah, boils your blood right? Well, although this premise and the ideas that follow are exceptional, certain obvious contradictions and oversights from the author make this story go from exceptional to mediocre. For example, his wolf fang battalion tactic operates on the basis that his void domain nullifies all powers without the victim being aware of it. Well, the author will drop this explanation at the drop of the hat whenever it doesn't suit the main character, or the battle he is in.

In fact, the author even uses the void domain as a replacement for a simultaneous signal for a couple of masters to withdraw their source energy at the same time. Then, in the very next chapter, he uses the fact that it is unnoticeable to surprise one of his enemies... Sigh.

Anyways, the translation is ok at times, sub-par at others, but the idea always remains clear. So its not like you will encounter issues understanding the plot, although at times you will question the infinitely numerous layers of plot armor revolving around the main character. Character development focuses mainly around important characters that often interact with the main character, while he himself remains largely unchanged.

Of course, development ceases beyond this sphere of influence, besides the occasional 'oh he's such a genius' or 'wow, he's badass.' But this is typical of most Chinese novels; the story isn't necessarily worse off without good character development. Although this can lead to repetitive situations, the author avoids ****** the reader sick of the novel by constantly inserting new ideas, new unique elements to make the story more entertaining.

Thus, considering all that I've said, this novel deserves around 3.2 stars. It's better than average (3 stars), but the drawbacks mentioned makes this story a favorite for some, and a blight for others. As you can probably tell, I like the novel a lot, despite its obvious drawbacks. Now I'm not saying that you will necessarily like this novel, but I encourage you to try it out. You might find that it's better than you originally thought!

Galactic Dark Net
4 months ago

Mad_003: To think the cause of death for Kalvetua will be food poisoning, always remember what you eat can sometimes be fatal to health.

Don't be a Kalvetua who haphazardly eat anything you throw at it.

Lord of the Mysteries · C545
4 months ago
If anyone cares for a summary of the missing chapter:
-The army find the ogre territory.
-Ogres were introduced and turns out there’s more than 500 of them.
-Soran and co realize there’s a double-headed ogre wizard in the tribe since there’s kobold slaves and some of the ogres have armor. View More
Abyss Domination · C79
4 months ago
Honestly the hamster thing was unexpected View More
Abyss Domination · C73
4 months ago

ThiccSkinn: RIP hamham

Abyss Domination · C73
4 months ago

Sharedlegacy: f*ck this was pretty heartwarming

Abyss Domination · C5
4 months ago

Meowme: Everyone seems to ignore the fact that the author just dropped a reincarnation bomb idea about the Female Lead being an agent out of the blue. Like yeah... No mention of it whatsoever from the start till now. Seriously, what crappy writing. 😑

Godly Empress Doctor · C8
4 months ago

DJason: "My daughter would not fall for him anyw-" shut the fk up. Chen Fan, is your chad Chinese MC. With his sharp gaze of a thousand swords, he shall slice down her panti-

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C3
4 months ago

cherryclan: I get more and more irritated every time I start one of this author's book, she doesn't know how to start a book for the life of her. All the dialogue is narratory, ths conflict is caused by the MC's stubborn behaviour,, and of course, the ****ty crown prince for a fiance.

Gotta clench my ass cheeks and get through this mess, the rest of the book usually is pretty good

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C4
4 months ago

Juxuan: Even birds give out bussiness cards these day. What the hell am I doing with my life *sigh*

Warlock Apprentice · C23
5 months ago

gtfantasy: At the end of volume 2 Faceless author summarised the volume and I will put a brief translation here. The volume Faceless meant in three ways. First was the potion’s name, this was the easiest to guess. Second was the Klein’s status in the capital, using fake face, fake name, fake identity to meet with people, to solve problems, to get involved in different matters, he seemed busy all the time but still felt lonely when he returned to his house. Third indicated those people formed foundation of the country, in history book they have no name, no face, no past and no life only exists as numbers or as simple description. In this way aren’t they are faceless as well, the walk on of a show, the cannon fodders, who cares what they looks like. In this volume authors tried to portrait these faceless people, old Kohler, Liv family their hope, they hardship and their tragedy, to make them more human than numbers, although the stories seemed shatter, it followed this hidden theme. When some of these people die, more of them come, they are the footstone of the era but they are essential.
To consider all of these elements author discarded the more shocking ending to conclude the volume, using the worst era, the best era is good enough to express the volume name Faceless. Third volume name will be Traveller, main story line will be more clear than volume two. But when we think about the volume two Becklund there are still many stories to be told, for example royal family’s goal, 0-17, vampires, psychology alchemist, the stage is there for Audrey, Fors, Xio and Emlyn to show themselves. Klein will be back, and will be there for long.
Second volume’s plots seems very shattered but it still attractive, the main problem was the main plots was very compacted, incident after incident, Klein never got time to breath, he was always busy to solve problems, and lack of time to relax. It probably make some readers unable to relax and anxiety. Timeline was separated by Tarot meeting each week, so every week there must be beyonder events to keep the story entertaining, author tried to jump some less important meetings and make the timeline under control.
Of course Tarot meeting is an important element as well, author won’t forget the first meeting when Emlyn attend. Author also happy with the characters he built, because readers like them. Using 0-17 to close the fight to show that church is still powerful otherwise they won’t rule for long. Other than that there are more stories about it in the future.
At last after years of writing author is aiming to use simple, easy words to tell the stories, no needs to exaggerate and long description about something, leave spaces to readers, when at the right moment even the simple words can penetrate readers hearts and shock them. Even he is still not master the skill, he thinks he is on the correct track. And please anticipate volume three Traveller and it will be more fun and excitement.

Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago

VampirusCrow: His chrysanthemum has suffered damage.

Cultivation Chat Group · C210
5 months ago

KosherPiglet: Amon was mentioned by Captain Alger in chapter 60 as one of the prominent families of the Fourth Epoch.

Lord of the Mysteries · C355
5 months ago

Corona_Queen1997: I’m pretty sure I brought up that I hate the “I’m only weak around him” plot line on a previous chapter. I seriously want to love this story because it’s really good so far but hes seriously creeping me out.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C30
6 months ago

RaYak: Remember kids, always wear protection.

Lord of the Mysteries · C183
7 months ago

missymirei: I wonder if that's what happened to that Psychiatrist Hood Eugen who tried to mingle himself to his patients, only to be infected by their polluted 'seas'.

Lord of the Mysteries · C183
7 months ago

ScottyForsythe: He really is running a whole religion by himself 😅

Lord of the Mysteries · C181
7 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 10.58million
Rating : 9.4(24318)
Chapters : 540 approx
Status : completed
Word count : 1.10million
author level : lv4
No of works : 1
Disscussion : 1578
Year started : 2017
Chinese title : 傲娇女神,逆袭吧!

My friend is participating in bts event. Hope you guys support her.
Thank you
Name : Through Countless Reincarnations


Strike Back, Proud Goddess!
8 months ago

DawnJester: I love how people afe enjoying this even thought our mc is not adventuring rn. In most novels manga and anime these chaps would be called fillers but here it just looks and feel right

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C18
8 months ago
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