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No wonder Feiyan often act like she wanted Sun Family. She makes Xinxin hates Sun Family including herself to prevent Xinxin return to the cruel family. The young Feiyan sacrificed too much. 😢😢 Now, i'm cried for her. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C632
1 day ago

anjeeriku: I’m really disappointed that some of you don’t read my author notes. Seriously. This novel ends at chapter 652. Idk why some of you are complaining.

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C624
4 days ago
Reading Status: C612
Thank dear anjeeriku. This novel filled with food and loves. Conflict and challenges. I really loves this. I think i write for the second time. Totally loves it. Since it's reaching the final plot, i'm a bit upset. Thank you for this wonderful novel. The character development really well since we never expect there's another side of their character from the past. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife
1 week ago
Why drop? View More

sangamitra: It's so sad this story will not continue. Where are other people?? Why no one is commenting here.??

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy · C1423
1 month ago
I'm sorry dear beloved Author. I'm certain your meaning of tsundere quite different from i research. Tsundere doesn't limit to love interest and instead of switch, the more exact is their action is harsh but actually contains affection. Both happen at the same time. For example, you are disgusting and take this towel to wipe your body. Though, tsundere looks cute but it's hard to express tsundere in words since it can misinterpret. Dere is Li Zhao. A***, so sweet. Luckily there's no yandere in your novel. Anyways good approach since it makes people curious. View More
The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C84
1 month ago
I'm sorry but since you commented a comment about a year ago, i'm kind of lost. I stopped reading this novel since it's turn privilage. I think you got wrong idea, since what i'm talking about her character. Who the heck will implying about the world outside the novel? Her character potraying as badass and brave but turn out weak in even protect herself. All of you can express your opinion while i'm just need to keep silent. Plus i really rarely commented unless i can't stand. And if you encounter another years ago comment, just please only go ahead and reae since i can't remember anything i comment more than 3 months since i read too many novel. And sometimes i don't remember what kind of feeling i had during that times. I just moved on with every comment i did. Thanks for your opinion. View More

Muthoni_Murira: I am flabbergasted by your comment! Are you trying to imply that feminine women cannot be strong? Believe me, you can wear a pink skirt and be more badass than anybody else. Also, how does not wearing skirts equate to braveness?

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife · C11
1 month ago
What kind of nonsense Nurse Suchun, you will died first. People like you make others look down on moderate and poor people. How can you a mere pheasant dares to dream to fight with Goddess? View More
The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C83
1 month ago
No wonder i feel this story is imcomplete. Especially about Mangoose. I felt something wrong with this ending without the real ending for Mangoose. Turn out, Flow07 want to settle the issues in another novel. Wow, good job. I will hard time to wait the next issues about Mangoose and i'm sure the son will settled it. Hopefully. Thanks for great novel. Dear author, thank you for your creativity and imaginative. Hope to see you again. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C911
1 month ago
I don't think so since The Mangoose still roam freely. There's no ending for them. I think the author try to make the Rice Balls old enough to understand about the danger and their mother's power. Mrs Li just a part of Mangoose, now the true Mangoose will find Mu Lan. Do you remember someone heard Mu Feng mentioned about Cobra during his disguise during rescue mission of Mu Lan? Someone heard it. I'm sure the Mangoose hunt the real person they're disguise. View More

Thanga_Sankari: Is it the last chapter

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C900
1 month ago
Dear Author being genius by promoting new novel about Xue Lin. Hahahahha. Now i'm curious. Good luck for new novel. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C893
2 months ago
Alex not wasting his time. Hahahaha. Alexa will be fine View More
She's The One™ · C7
2 months ago
Yes he can't love her anymore if Xie Na's boyfriend take responsibility. Because it's hurt seeing someone you loves happily build a happy family while you still loves her/he. But if not, of course he can loves her. We still don't know what her boyfriend position and actions towards the baby. Maybe he just want her virginity and truly want to break up with her. And yet, Xie Na being stupid and low EQ though her IQ quite good. Poor Tang. I just can hoping the bright future for Fang. View More

Agrotera: Ok... I will be honest I hate it that they act like it is common sense that he 'can't love her anymore bc she is pregnant''.. that is total bull****.
You shouldn't let a mistake dictate your life. Having a loving family, is more important than growing up with your biological father (who is a f*cking cheater)'
At least that is what I think

The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C78
2 months ago
I hope so. 😍 View More

Yuki_Qing: nvm, she should create an auxiliary chapter.

Loving with a Heavy Heart · C163
2 months ago
Because the author repost the old special chapter. That's why the author already left note at author's note. The old special chapter already deleted. 😍😘 View More

Yuki_Qing: feel like dejavu

Loving with a Heavy Heart · C163
2 months ago
Stupid bandmate. If Alexa want to make your band to get signed because of Bretton, the first day you established she will do it. View More
She's The One™ · C5
2 months ago
Mrs. Yue : Dear stingy Rich Man Yue, that 5million car absolutely cheap compared to our precious and priceless Qingsi. View More
Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married · C347
2 months ago
I think so. His snicker smile gives away his intention. View More

patsleyy: So, someone paid him right?

Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C524
2 months ago
Stupid reporter. Dared to hurt Xinxin, so you must willing to court death. Good for you. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C524
2 months ago
Of course i can replied soon because our timezone was different. I received all the notification at night while maybe you write in the day. Well, if you so mature. You can accept well all the comment. Seriously. When i wrote those comment, i just thinking about author. How immature reader treat her as human being. You say you work at hospital that's mean you are working reader and the author probably working too. She need to squeeze some time to think the plot during her busy work life and then comes the plagiarized issues, that's her hard working and precious time but because of her passion to reader, she keep writing and tried her own solution to solve it. But you can't be understanding. Well, maybe in this world you can't accept comment who doesn't support your action. Well, i'm not wasting my time anymore. My work piled up just because this useless argument. If you think you're right, then you're right. Simple. Just because i don't think you're right, why you keep dragging this issues? Can't you read i said STOP THIS ARGUMENT? Your time is precious, so no need to argue something immature. Bye bye. Stop replying because i'm very busy. I'm just replied since you will keep sending comment. If you really need to reply. Please at one comment, no need to send more than twice. I just read the top comment. I'm busy too. I'm not someone who will flaunt where's i'm working or what's my position. Bye bye. I hope you seriously can stop. It's getting annoying to reply. I want to stop this childish argument. Adios. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C798
3 months ago
Why i call you stalker? Who the one check my profile just to scold blindly? Then do you have superpower to know what's written in my profile without stalk it first? I don't know how i offend when i merely stated you're lazy to read and keep saying waste your coins and whatsoever when actually the real chapter released, you will not need to pay again. You just one of them, got the same comment. Know the rules. You are the one start to attack me. I don't attack people first since that's waste my time. While others people seems understand my poor grammar and language, yours not. Plus, i'm not interested to argue with someone just because i'm not satisfied with them. Do whatever you want. I'm at the age when i lazy to entertain useless argument. Bye bye. View More

sparrowstar: Stalker for whom ??? You??? I am not that pity ok. If someone reply you so directly they became stalker??? Mam hats off your thoughts. You are not even worthy to stalk don't think too high of yourself. I have high standards and you don't match my standards. Sry

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C798
3 months ago
Are you a stalker? My pleasure. Lazy to read the author's note but very hardworking in critic her way to deliver the novel, what should we called? I don't mind whatever you write because i don't insult or disrespect you at the first place but it's your own way to interpret my comment. I don't offend people if they're not attack me first. Adios. View More

sparrowstar: You are not in a position to teach me what should I do or not . Your profile is telling about respect or something are you ashamed?? Give Respect and take respect. Ok and mind your own business. U got it?

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C798
3 months ago
Poor Fang. I'm crying for him. Why Xie Na so stupid? You are confused with your bf but at the same time proved your love? Stupid because despite your confusion, you still make the foolish decision. And what the hell with you not wearing condom? Now, both of you hurt and for sure your bf will not responsible because he really want to break up with you. Poor Fang, his first love ended without any starting. View More
The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C74
4 months ago
That's bull$hit, Li Shen. You're very ignorant. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C819
4 months ago

KisanaSasaki: Since the beginning of this chapter, i'm sure Yingjie is Makio's son. I feel it. And suddenly his friend talk about the same guess as mine

The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C73
4 months ago
Since the beginning of this chapter, i'm sure Yingjie is Makio's son. I feel it. And suddenly his friend talk about the same guess as mine View More
The Emperor's Pampered Wife · C73
4 months ago
Thanks for update. I wonder what happened to their relationship. Since they suddenly drift apart. Keep a good work. <3 View More
She's The One™ · C2
4 months ago
Thank you dear author. I will add to library soon. I'm sure i will loves the story again. The best of luck for you. 😘 View More
He's The One™ · C0
4 months ago
Luckily my coworkers on leave, otherwise she will saw me crying right now. 😭😭😭 His understanding towards his mother really amazing. And honorable. View More
The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy · C1064
4 months ago
Not only you. I'm crying. 😭 Those toys held high sentimental value. View More

theiasufa: Hey..I don't know if i over sensitive or what but I got a little teary when I read this chapter...poor xicheng...he has to mature early but he is still a child after all....😢😢😢

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy · C1063
4 months ago
This kind of punishment should be done by their father. The kid should punish her with cruelty but not this kind of cruel. Though they're mature, that doesn't mean they will behave like this. View More
One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C1013
4 months ago
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