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I wonder what could've been the huge mistake that this master committed before🤔. Hopefully it won't be Arjun's life the solution that they were talking about. View More
5 days ago
Reading Status: C0
Seems pretty interesting but unfortunately i ain't into harem/romance in a cultivation novel. These tags are like thorns for me. These tags usually ruined some good novels out there(just from my experienced, fight me✌️). Thank you for the tags. I really hate it when other novels don't have tags(no tags, no read, that's for me🤭).
Anyway don't mind me, especially all those thrash i wrote. Im just here writing some review for exp😁✌️. View More
Divine Emperor of Death
1 week ago
In TKA there was a player that loves to throw bricks for stun/dizzy effect. View More

Sky_Shard: I see we have a practitioner in the way of the brick.

Didn't read it, but wasn't there another novel where the MC uses a brick as a weapon?

Gourmet of Another World · C765
1 week ago
Such cunningness from the Void🤭. Hopefully that master will fall for it.
Thanks for the chapter and hard work 🙇 View More
1 week ago
🤔 hopefully they won't be targeting Arjun very soon.
I have forgotten, is there any mentioned about realm restrictions? View More
1 week ago
Yeah that would surely be great. But because of this fast pass thingy i could only read 2 chaps on this everyday😭. So wether there will be mass release or none, there is no difference for me. View More

NinjaKitteh: Mass release for the war arc..

Monster Pet Evolution · C794
2 weeks ago
Wth have i just read?🤦 View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C793
2 weeks ago
Yup, only you i guess😁✌️... Im only reading this because i run out of free pass😭😭😭 View More

aptop66: Am I the only one finding this novel interesting.

World's Best Martial Artist · C9
2 weeks ago
How can a reincarnated person be this stupid?🤦 View More
World's Best Martial Artist · C7
2 weeks ago
Why do i feel that this is the most stupid system cheat i have ever encountered 🤦 View More
World's Best Martial Artist · C6
2 weeks ago
What childish are you talking about? You must have really been living in a comfortable and peaceful life( which is im happy for you) but sad news it happens in reality. View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C5
3 weeks ago
Well im sorry if i came out as a terrible human to you by my comment. But i stand for my opinion. I believe in the saying, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. Imagine yourself being in the shoes of those people they bullied, would you really just forgive them? I doubt though. But if you will/can, well congrats for being on the path of sainthood. View More

ForgottenDream: it's sad the amount of incels in this comment section cheering on a MC for basically abusing a female like this... Hitting and kicking a girl like that isn't OK and if you think that way then there is something seriously wrong with you and you're a terrible human being...

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C5
3 weeks ago
If they could viscously scheme him inside what more when he is outside? If i would be in Van's shoes it would be too dumb of me to make amends on them. I would rather cut those roses earlier before their thorns could hurt me. View More

Kupkake: Its hilarious that their aunt is now going to be the cause of them being kicked out of this competition.

Honestly though they are all still kids and this is just a friendly completion, even if its between sects. I say that because there is no need for the hatred they have towards Van. I hope they eventually realize that and the two sides make amends.

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C122
3 weeks ago
I don't know but when a horror has a concept of ghosts, i easily get uninterested. But i do watch horror movies, like the IT🤭✌️
Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully i would like it too as you have liked it. View More

I_love_magic: Okay then........im not the biggest fan of horror but it can be done right too......try "My House Of Horrors"..........it is the first horror like story i have ever read.......that was good.

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C23
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C23
Don't mind me, i am just here writing a review for exp. And also because i am wondering why this novel have same cover with the summon sovereign?🤔.
From the syno**is i thought it was another transmigration cultivation novel, well at first it seems like it, but then all of a sudden it became horror/ghost hunting story😂. And i thought this arc was just a filler but after reading it for like 10+ chapters, i guess i was mistaken. Well i guess it is part of his adventures🤭.
It is quite well written though. The author is trying too hard in giving infos as much as he could.
Hmm about the mc🤔. I can't judge yet, i think he is the type of mc that can be ruthless but can be righteous too i guess? And good to those who he considered his friends?. And at least he is unlike those other mc in some transmigration novels where after they have transmigrated they became dumb. Here i think he uses well what he had learned from his previous time.
Romance/harem? Hopefully there would be none. But expect it to be just like other generic novels out there where jade beauties are sprouting like mushrooms.
😂😂😂 I don't know what i am writing anymore!!! This all just for exp!!!😂😂😂 View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo
3 weeks ago
I don't, but immortals are great fantasy. View More

I_love_magic: But you believe in reiki and immortals.......duh....are you serious??!!

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C23
3 weeks ago
I'll just take a break on this novel. I'll come back after this ghost hunting arc finished. I don't believe in ghost so yeah i don't like reading something like this. View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C23
3 weeks ago
When i read the synopsis, i was expecting to read another transmigration cultivation novel. But after reading for like 10 chapters about ghost hunting, i can't help but ask, am i still in the right novel?🤔😔 View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C22
4 weeks ago
Van needs to learn how to become a fisherman from Zang Che. View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens · C121
4 weeks ago
I have long forgotten this novel. Dropped it before i got migraine from the mess up texts. View More

Djabilong: I'm 100% sure he threw the blade at it before fainting.

Gate of Revelation · C8
4 weeks ago
Nah i think she's still too timid for Sherlie's shamelessness. View More

DaoDxD: Evelynn best girl.

Gamers of the Underworld · C232
1 month ago
I think every bullies deserves what happened to the girl, no gender exception!... View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C5
1 month ago
Still no new chaps😣 View More
Gourmet of Another World · C727
1 month ago
Or invite the fallen angel. View More

Oohsa: Bring the succubus 💕

Gamers of the Underworld · C227
1 month ago
Nah the author is making his readers dumb by such nonsense. View More

abdulwahidhashim: This is all every wuxia author fault..... even I think that is normal in this type of school.....humh!....😘😘

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C7
1 month ago
😂 View More

spoilerproof: One of these days, gao peng's gonna give goldie a cape & red gloves....

Monster Pet Evolution · C752
1 month ago
Yay! Exp😁 View More

VernHuoyan: First

Monster Pet Evolution · C749
1 month ago
Me three🙋 View More
Married to a What?! · C13
1 month ago
Yay double date😍 View More
Married to a What?! · C12
1 month ago
That's what you called love🤗 View More
Married to a What?! · C8
1 month ago
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