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  • The Girl From The Future

    The Girl From The Future

    Fantasy Robots Android

    Far far from the future where majority of the humans no longer have emotions and with the technology so advanced that androids became the ruler of the planet. Humans seems to have reached their maximum evolutionary potential hundreds of years past while androids continue to evolve. The humans can no longer keep up and became slaves. On one lone island in the middle of an ocean, there's a secret lab hidden thousands of kilometers underground. A lone middle-aged human scientist has successfully created a core made of Silka after decades of painful research. This core is just the beginning of his dream... --- My 1st Novel. Entry for Writing Prompt Contest #71. Ranked 4.

  • TBA - Future

    TBA - Future


    -- DELETED --

  • Squirrelprint in the Sand

    Squirrelprint in the Sand

    Fantasy Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Wizardry

    Young teenage boy Ged Woodard found Earth to be a boring place and often, he fantasize that he himself to be a hero Prince in a magical world. But when he got lost and was transported to an unknown World, he got embroiled in a difficult situation to stop the evil that threatens both the unknown World and his home, Earth. --- My 2nd Novel. Entry for Writing Prompt Contest #76. Ranked 4th.


Seems like it is still 1 chapter a day but released on a different schedule. View More

Phantomfiend: Can some one tell me, is the rate chapter relase nowdays is 1 ch every 3 days? Can the translator verify this? Or can you give us more information about the schedule?

The Legendary Mechanic · C612
3 days ago
I wonder what's Austin is thinking noticing that stalker mark? Hmm... View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C611
4 days ago
It is.. if you wait once a new chapter is available. Just like now. View More

blund: Kind of expected this chapter to be percheseble for fast passes now. Obviously not

The Legendary Mechanic · C610
5 days ago

Doc_E_Style: Also, I love Hebert. He perfectly portrays the difference between arrogance and self confidence. What a great character

The Legendary Mechanic · C610
5 days ago
There are probably no GMs on this game. Just like there are no Gods in the real world. View More

Spartens: This entire time I’m just wondering what the game’s GMs are doing because Han Xiao is in their game with the players and everything but they didn’t program Han Xiao so I wonder what they think about him

The Legendary Mechanic · C609
6 days ago
No.. no. HX should not do that to Jenny. That's bullying. Jenny is just a mortal not a Super. While HX is a Grade A Super. She'll die immediately in one bullet. View More

kurogon: HX should be the one that fires his gun to jenny, not the other hand.
How could you let man job to woman, where is your pride as man.

The Legendary Mechanic · C605
1 week ago
Wew... first time for this novel to have several chapters in a day. Thanks. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C608
1 week ago

AtlasStudios: Here is a mini-release to make up for the lapse in releases over the past 2 days. We had plans on increasing the release rate before having Privilege, but Webnovel mass activated Privilege across the site. We had to rush out the chapters to fill up Privilege and to also make up to you guys. Now that Privilege has been activated, we hope that you can support it if you have the means. Your support will allow us to divert more resources into this book.

The Legendary Mechanic · C608
1 week ago
I love how Jenny just casually fired the gun toward Han Xiao. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C605
1 week ago
Don't you know how privileges work? There are still normal chapters and we will get them every single day. Nothing changed, really for free folks. View More

Cuchillo: Why the **** are you people gifting to a book that stopped normal chapters in exchange for privilege ****

The Legendary Mechanic · C601
1 week ago
As far as I remember, 999 coins for 30 days, 299 coins for 5 days, etc. I forgot the others. You don't really need it. We still can read one chapter a day as usual. Those who pay can read more though. View More

BookDevourer87: Does anyone know how much it costs to purchase privilege rights? I read something about there being different tiers of privilege and depending on the tier you purchased, you can read more and more chapters in advance... WN is becoming more and more of a money drainage... 🙈

The Legendary Mechanic · C600
1 week ago
What's bad about it? Nothing changed, we free folks can still read one chapter a day. View More

BHMayger: It's bad enough we went to one chapter a day now privileged great

The Legendary Mechanic · C600
1 week ago
You want some of Brock juice? View More

Brisingr30: We need that some of that juice

The Legendary Mechanic · C600
1 week ago
Then you will curse... "I like these items but my wallet won't like it!". View More

Kyr8: That feeling when you login and see new items in the cash shop

The Legendary Mechanic · C599
1 week ago
You mean a tanker mechanic? View More

SonnySUN: yeah but HX is like a immortal now because of his class

The Legendary Mechanic · C596
2 weeks ago
He will obviously reject that offer. He will someday become grade SSS. Bloodshed Land is nothing. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C595
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter. Last chapter for 2019. 140 chapters left to go? View More
King of Gods · C1489
2 weeks ago
Heh, I'm thinking if maybe after he gets what he wants, he should just teleport from there. So those God Lords outside will be waiting for an eternity. View More
King of Gods · C1488
2 weeks ago
So sad. The chapter end so quickly. View More
King of Gods · C1486
2 weeks ago
That summon card for the Darkstar Leader. He now know the actual power of the leader. A spoiler and a cheat trump card. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C589
3 weeks ago
Wooops.. he can't probably tell that cat was his or else they will think it was a setup to get more stuff. View More
King of Gods · C1484
3 weeks ago
Good timing. If he teleported on some other times, they will suspect it is an ability of the God Eye. At least, in this, there's another distraction. View More
King of Gods · C1482
3 weeks ago
Third. View More
King of Gods · C1481
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C1486
It is a fascinating story. I can say that it can be compared to Desolate Era. Though, I like Coiling Dragon more. If only there's a proofreader on this translation, that would be the best. I highly appreciate the effort on translating this novel but it would have been wonderful if there's a second person to actually check it. Missing zeros on numbers, incoherent thoughts, wrong grammar, etc, I even started ignoring the original and primal universe as time goes on as they seem to interchange.

But if you have develop the skill of skipping incoherent words, you can survive this novel. Good luck! View More
Swallowed Star
3 weeks ago
Finally, what a wonderful read. View More
Swallowed Star · C1486
3 weeks ago
Uh didn't realise he can squandered them for resources like that. Very nice! View More
King of Gods · C1480
3 weeks ago
He better say he'll think about it. Then teleport once nobody is looking. View More
King of Gods · C1479
3 weeks ago
He better teleport now. D*mn. View More
King of Gods · C1478
3 weeks ago
Maybe he'll find the Thieving Cat in that place. View More
King of Gods · C1477
3 weeks ago
Ahh.. can't he just teleport using his God Eye? View More
King of Gods · C1476
3 weeks ago
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