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Doesn't this chapter make you dream? Make you want to become something?
It's sad and pathetic how Reverend Insanity will probably never be at the top, while people vote up those crappy novels. It shows their taste, and how ORDINARY and small they are in their lives. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1285
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Reverend Insanity · C1285
2 months ago
Fang yuan is a otherwordly demon. Fate can't see him. View More

nothing_much: escaping fate would be diverging from the first timeline, which Fang yuan used SAC for the first time..eg Fang zheng who was supposed to die along with with qing mao mountain, but since he is alive its considered escaping fate thats why HC wanted him dead...but in Feng jiu ge's situation we dont know whether he died in shadow sect in the original timeline....other than this there are normal escapees of fate that randomly escape fate.

Reverend Insanity · C997
7 months ago
Fang Yuan is an outsider - that's why heaven overseeing tower cant see him. As he isnt bound by fate, he can take the position of venerable. View More

popochong: The prediction for Dream Venerable was also for a female. Unless FY uses that yin-yang gu, he won't ever fulfill the requirements. Its also why there's a huge emphasis on females with dream path attainment in the story so far, as a potential verenable who will pave the way for dream path like star verenable did for star path.

Reverend Insanity · C983
7 months ago
"As for Gu Masters who are Rank 6 and above, they are all legends. I am not clear about the specifics either. In the Gu Yue clan, there has never been the appearance of a Rank 6 Gu Master"

Well, one's sleeping in your class right now. View More
Reverend Insanity · C7
7 months ago
Because hope gu does exist; wisdom gu does exist View More

mrttao: this chapter was mostly an extremely stupid children's tale. why is the 500 year old cultivator treating it as fact? this hurt my brain

Reverend Insanity · C5
7 months ago
This story advocates political intrigue, manipulation of the rules, personal interest, and murder.

Its definitely gonna get banned. View More

adda: It's not removed. It's under review and pending approval or not, they do this for tons of novels so it's not worth getting panicked over for now.

Reverend Insanity · C967
7 months ago

Irgola: Today chinese government banned this novel, so it seems it would never be completed.

Reverend Insanity · C965
7 months ago
Seeing as this book is demonic in nature, it will undoubtedly be blocked - seeing that another book in your article was censored for having "fights" and talks about religion View More

Irgola: https://dailydot.com/layer8/chinese-online-fiction-censorship/


Seems the novel isn't blocked permanently for now, they are inspecting it and final decision would be made after a week to either allow it or prohibit to continue

Reverend Insanity · C965
7 months ago
Beautiful sentiment. The footless bird. View More
Reverend Insanity · C227
1 year ago
Reaching rank 6 is already amazing, most people cant even reach rank 2 let alone rank 5 for their entire lives, and he did it starting with C grade talent. View More

Seregosa: I'm a bit disappointed that he only reached a rank 6 master in his past life(he'd need to be one to refine that gu, right? Especially such a strong one. At the very least a peak rank 5, but it should be a beginning rank 6)... But I guess it doesn't matter.

It's not really surprising since he had kinda poor natural talent. But now, he'll be awesome with this bug as his vital one. So this life will be a great one.

I wonder if he'll keep on using that bug later on, maybe he'll get killed again and revive, but not traveling back that far in time? :P

Reverend Insanity · C19
1 year ago
The clan head is rank 4 :P as only rank 4s can be the clan head. They were talking about their bloodline getting weaker. View More

mrttao: >“It’s been 3 years, an A grade talented genius has finally appeared in the Gu Yue clan!”

It is only 3 years... why is this relevant? from the earlier discussion about the last time they had a rank 4, shouldn't it be 300 years instead?

Reverend Insanity · C6
1 year ago
nah he fell in love with a mermaid in his second life. View More

thatguy8: love the story an of course the main character too.but i think it would be nice if fang yuan found a woman he could truly trust but then again i dont think hat will happen. lol

Reverend Insanity
1 year ago
Guys, u can find the chapters elsewhere *whistles* View More
Reverend Insanity · C437
1 year ago
Fang Yuan's Love life? Just wait 500 more chapters :P. View More

FunFun: She wants him to love her, and which successful demon had a love life? Exactly. + She was a raging *****, absolutely don't feel bad.

Reverend Insanity · C435
1 year ago
The cost of taking the land would be too high (a spirit can fight multiple immortals) and it was previously mentioned that land spirits are stubborn and would self detonate when left with no choice. Since the land is the spirit, everything in the land would get attacked by wind. So no, its not worth it to attack the land. View More
Reverend Insanity · C405
1 year ago
And then later in the story, you realize that's nothing for a clan and Qing Mao mountain is backwater country xD. View More

Seregosa: Because this author isn't that bright and leaves plot holes everywhere... Really getting tired of it. There's some of them everywhere. Just take recently when he selected that bug, he mentioned that feeding all of the gus in that room would probably cost over 1000 primeval stones every day. Where would they even get all those resources? Even if not counting the stones themselves, just the materials would be kinda hard to get for so many different gu. F*ck, that's well over 350000 primeval stones in a year.

Reverend Insanity · C74
1 year ago
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