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    The Era


    The mark you leave during your life and how you change,affected and influence the people you met. That Is An Era. Have you created an Era

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    Contracts. This has been the way of our world. The agreements between a mortal and a god. We do not know why they do this. What do they want ? Why us ? Who do they fear ?


Author I have finally caught up with your novel and this is an excellent written piece of work and your doing great.I liked how you made Marc's character fit in the confines of his world and can be strong but not as omega level mutants and such forth which I like. It seems organic in sense. Now from what I have seen the pacing is a bit fast for my preference but its fine. I like how you are introducing characters. I actually hope to see more of MC's family in a sense. Like a special short chapter spending time together. I sincerely hope this not a harem. It ruins the context of the world. And I mean very few women would love to share the love their lives with other people and have sex. Yay. Its dumb and just plays to fantasies for young men. I sound like an old man when I am teenager. Anyways, I am fine with Jean and Emma liking the same person it happens to all of us. If this turns into the Spider, which was good fanfic, but I was tired of all the drama and threesome sex.So I just hope the MC just loves one woman and stick with that. One girl can change a man's life for the better. Many people can attest to that. I want to see how you develop your novel and all the points I made are purely based of my opinions and you don't have to follow what I say. View More
Marvel: Pocket Hunting Dimension · C12
7 hours ago
You have written a great novel. His progress in power makes sense and its contained in the world laws in a sense which I love. Like this relationship. Its great but I wish I could see more of this. View More
Professor Dovahkiin · C21
2 days ago
Reading Status: C405
I feel sorry for the author many times. Some reviews are constructed other are just inconceivable rambles about beta mc which honestly makes no sense. It's like they think everyone is just 'alpha', what are you guys, thirteen-year-old children. Its quite pitiful View More
Summoner Sovereign
3 days ago
I hope he doesn't go around and just have sex with people constantly. Unless thats apart of his character and written well. If not its just...maybe its my morals View More
Professor Dovahkiin · C19
5 days ago
Or its going to be .Oh I love you both let me marry you. It always goes down that route View More
Isekai For My Ex · C3
6 days ago
Why did everything seem to come out of nowhere View More
Pierrot: Entertainers of the Gods · C2
6 days ago
I like where your taking this. View More
Re: Level 100 Farmer · C94
1 week ago

DaftWully: Wow. Anthony is bringing a girl to meet the family. I had no idea their relationship had reached that level!

Chrysalis · C525
1 week ago
I am not sure if this is chapter that their was a comparison with him and Voldemort. However, they are very alike. I don't condone the plan of fighting the ministry. Can't his government be corrupt ?. Can't his people be prejudice?. Questions like these need to ask. Simply fix the current generation so that the future ones can be better. View More
The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C14
1 week ago
Couldn't you have said that in a much calmer manner View More

Piggy: mate, the moment he got isekai'd, the original fairy tail world became an alternate universe, therefore different characters, dumb*ss. n i gotta say if you consider this one of the most poorly made books on webnovel then you must be fu*ked in the head

Fairy Tail: Card Master
1 week ago

Almighty_Fatty: Thanks for the chapter! People should take a break from reading tbh, way to many angry children screaming in the comments :)

Chrysalis · C496
1 week ago

Pestilance: people in comments seem to be getting kinda antsy

Chrysalis · C496
1 week ago
I have never seen people so obsessed with upgrades and just appreciate the story that is written. You guys do know it's a story View More
Chrysalis · C496
1 week ago

Augurius: Ok. I dont get you people. We all want to see the evolution. But you need to set things up properly. You cant bastardize the novel because you want to get to the "good stuff" sooner.
If he had written off the core absorption as "i absorbed the core. It hurlike hell" as you guys seem to want, we would all be pretty pissed. So put on your big boy pants, stop complaining that the author is not a quickshot and STOP WHINING. Jesus...

Chrysalis · C364
1 week ago

DemonLord44: I have a theory.Since the dungeon seems to have some sort of self conciousness and it tests monsters and grade their performance in delving into the dungeon,perhaps Anthony suffers itches while mutating as he is not choosing the mutations that the dungeon has pre-ordained.The other ants do not suffer as Anthony was the first to break the rules,(the itches are the dungeon's punishment for breaking the normal evolution pathway or at least a sideffect).

Chrysalis · C312
1 week ago
Its fine View More

amaturewriter: still dont understand ur point

Re: Akimichi
1 week ago
I see comments where they said that he should learn haki,swordsmanship and many more. Um How. How can anyone learn anything in 7 days. Its literally impossible. Maybe the basics of swordsmanship but other than that no. View More
《Anime Survival》 · C29
1 week ago
Oh by my God how is that censored View More

amaturewriter: what?

Re: Akimichi
1 week ago
Reading Status: C0
I haven't watched or read RWBY. However, as a stranger to a stranger just wanted to support you in your story with this review and power stones. I wish I could read this RWBY was such a bad show and the forced LBGT thing because fans turned me off but I hope you do well. View More
An Endless New Dream in RWBY.
1 week ago
.....Wow..you really are an ******* writer View More

amaturewriter: SO far this is amazing and its unique [the 2 akamichi SI FF].....so far not much but interesting.......its cool MC dont have the SI knowledge......

suggestion: keep MC OP [he was a champion] dont neuter him....keep him OP .....give some BS powwa...ie: wood style?,....or sage mode [natural..not animal ****]....dont make him an idiot...keep him cool and smart..............also add some romance and fluff.....just build it.......if harem keep it small....just saying....maybe save karin and tatuya [tatuya,,, I think was sold as a slave by her parents when she was a kid....MC could save her?]............really want to see an akamichi FF where MC just fucks up all the other super powers.....screw teams and ****,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway....GL

Re: Akimichi
1 week ago
Glad you're back View More
Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C6
1 week ago

RealmSeeker: Hey before I forget got to give you credit on picking Jason Todd. I just checked out his page on the Batman wiki and was blown away. Not the DC or DCEU wiki but the Batman wiki. Among the robins I’d always assumed the only thing noteworthy about him was he turned villain or antihero. Dick was the first an amazing acrobat, leader, and most moral, Tim was perhaps the intellectually gifted detective and scientist with the potential to surpass Batman, and finally Damian was the most well rounded. So I’d assumed that compared to the other robins Jason lacked. But I was way off base it was only after he was resurrected by Talia in the Lazarus pit that I feel his true potential awakened. She thought there was more to him and she was right he took what he learned from Batman made it his own and went on a journey training and learning everything he could from the league, All caste, lady shiva, bronze tiger, and many others. He also knows a unique technique taught to him by Lady Shiva and an old punching technique that'll take someone's supernatural/magical enhancements and powers. Even Damian Wayne, who doesn't like Jason, called him in Event Leviathan one of the great master fighters of all time. His abilities aren’t limited to combat alone either. As Cole’s first persona and one who possesses no powers he’s pretty perfect. His abilities and knowledge will give Cole a great foundation to build from. So yeah check out Jason’s Batman wiki you definitely won’t regret it.

Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C6
1 week ago

RealmSeeker: Cole Stephens or Jeremy York is an interesting guy in an interesting position. His power gives him limitless potential and his status as a being outside the continuity/fate/ destiny makes him the freest being in the world. However the current him is just potential/possibility he needs constant training, studying, and preparation to turn that potential into ability. His goals as the red hood is to to grow and evolve himself and his capabilities while seeking vengeance on the hand and keeping his identity secret. As Jeremy aside from taking back his birthright doesn’t seem to have many goals. Civilian identities to heroes and villains are an important part of them. What does he want accomplish as Jeremy? His parents were NY royalty will that factor in? His past life aside from giving him knowledge of marvel and DC is a blank he has no real attachment to. So Jeremy’s memories, story, and identity is a lifeline that will give him a foundation to become someone new. Whether he wants to stand out as Midtown’s best and brightest star or remain as low key as possible to prevent being looked at or perhaps another option all together is unknown. Well first things first Cole is still and embryo that has a long way to go. All in all I look forward to this character future.

Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C6
1 week ago

Iwalkthestars: I'm back for real this time. Work/School consumed me. Anyways, I'm back and ready to write. Excuse my grammar and punctuation, I'm buying a actual program to proofread soon.

Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C6
1 week ago
It was predictable but good chapter View More
FGO: Evil God · C87
2 weeks ago
I don't know. Maybe the author has a life outside his books. View More

RavenClock: The update is too slow
Please speed it up

Professor Dovahkiin · C10
2 weeks ago

GedonistOver: If it's the professor of Defense against Dark Arts he is a dead meat

Professor Dovahkiin · C1
2 weeks ago
After the the writers block.Rewrite this chapter. View More
The High Human · C0
2 weeks ago
I find Takeru abilities ok because Kakishi could have become one of the strongest people in the world if it wasn't because of Obitio. Now this was intresting but wouldn't Takeru be old Naruto. Will he die in peace early that would be great View More
The Random Reincarnation of An Average Guy · C23
2 weeks ago
I am not always a fan OP characters because they aren't realistic which is what they are meant to be.However, would people from our world always take such risks in some aspects,would we really just have 10 women by our side just so both of us can just use each other for either lust or some other gimmick. For me, no. I was raised with a certain set of morals and its hard just to forget them as soon as you go into other world. Killing without remorse, killing animals without any sense of guilt.If I did reincarnate I would probably die in first month.But this chapters showed how real something can get. Your Killing someone. This sense of immense guilt cannot be gone so easy. Those lives are always on your hands. View More
The Random Reincarnation of An Average Guy · C22
3 weeks ago
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