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A bullet to the heart, a bullet to the brain is all the same, it doesn't matter, the one who gets shot will die. I don't understand the difference. View More

Draigon: He could've at least aimed at Jason's head, what kind of retard aims at the chest when you're literally standing point blank next to someone... even though it probably wouldn't have killed him how bs...

Lone_Wolf · C180
3 months ago
I think filler is important to this novel of mine as it has no background what so ever, it's a complete different world with the readers having very few knowledge about it, I am building the world and scenario around mc while I progress with the story, many people don't like filler and I can understand that.
I do not like narrating a story that is why I use the characters itself to talk and explain about the situation they are in. View More

keraskali: Why I feel each chapter more like a filler, no action talk only. Planning to kill one person already dragging multiple chapters, maybe killing episode will take multiple chapters too, so talk before kill, while killing, then talk after kill

Lone_Wolf · C174
3 months ago
Thank you View More

TrueBlue: Yo zarakh I just checked out your pa.treon. And sweet Jesus, the thing is amazing. How can you possibly give us more than 50 chapters of both Pokémon and lone wolf for some measly 12$? The Webnovel cun.ts would’ve charged like 200$ for that. Not that I’m complaining, thanks for all your efforts man, appreciate your work.

Lone_Wolf · C130
5 months ago

TrueBlue: Yo zarakh I just checked out your pa.treon. And sweet Jesus, the thing is amazing. How can you possibly give us more than 50 chapters of both Pokémon and lone wolf for some measly 12$? The Webnovel cun.ts would’ve charged like 200$ for that. Not that I’m complaining, thanks for all your efforts man, appreciate your work.

Lone_Wolf · C130
5 months ago
The amount of energy that he absorb is only little compared to what goes on his body, while a normal being that is huge amount of energy, for Jason it's just to little to give him a good power up. View More

DukeOfDegenerates: How is it a waste when his body absorbs the pure energy and not the impure?

Lone_Wolf · C98
6 months ago
You can message me in discord link given in the description. View More

MrE: Evil God how do I get in contact with you

Journey Towards Greatness · C222
6 months ago
It was not few years but few months, the time ash spent in johto is when Julian was busy with his company, they visited hoenn at the same time. View More

LNreader9999: Anyone still confused with the time line as well as Ash's eternal age of 10. Wasn't there a time skip of a few years, so realistically shouldn't Ash be more than 10, as well as in a different region by now since he what stays in a region for 1-2 years max then goes home and then almost immediately heads to another region, so how are he and Julian in the same region years after Julian's championship?

Journey Towards Greatness · C221
6 months ago
As I said, it will be in sinnoh. View More

Crazy_Ghost: Can i ask about Mew's egg? Which chapter it'll appear again?

Journey Towards Greatness · C192
7 months ago
This is the last chapter View More

Weasel: When will you return to the prezent?

Lone_Wolf · C64
7 months ago
Tell me View More

Denzel_theking: Author we know where u live 💀💀💀

Journey Towards Greatness · C179
8 months ago

Ttnumber2: I’m really enjoying your keep up the good work I’m reading both of your novels and I’m very impressed with both of them

Lone_Wolf · C46
8 months ago
Humans but with witch and warlock bloodline View More

sumberuang: mage is human species or not?

Lone_Wolf · C43
8 months ago
Well you are right, Julian could easily do it, but the author can't 😂 View More

Whitemist: Yes but that is only considering the fact that trainers direct their Pokémon’s every move think for a second who tells wild Pokémon what to do? Also it’s Julian the guy who can manipulate omniforce wich is literally the god force of this novel-verse he has telepathy sense sharing and Omni-directional sensing a better question would be how easy Julian with his current stats would find it to command his whole team of powerful Pokémon also don’t forget we already have battles with as many as three Pokémon on the field also mob battles against five wild Pokémon there are more examples my question is why does a trainer have to do one on one battles or even one vs five battles whereas they can’t just send out a few more Pokémon seriously it’s to the point I would call it a plothole in the logic of Pokémon itself a logic-hole.
As always have fun.

Journey Towards Greatness · C165
8 months ago
Sending a whole team will be difficult to command. View More

Whitemist: I have never understood why you aren’t allots send out your whole team at once I mean come on if legendary Pokémon are really as powerful as they are said to be why can’t the trainer just take out his whole team to try fend it off I mean even in the Pokémon game series would it really not be an option to have to use all six of your team to fight legendaries like old RPG turn based boss fights and this isn’t even a Pokémon world where the carry limit is 6 Pokémon why not leave half the team to take on Kyogre a and half for Groudon?

Journey Towards Greatness · C165
8 months ago
No, I am going to torture my readers by slowly updating only one chapter a day, hehehehehehe😈 View More

Lolhappy: Atleast do it like this finish the legendaries arc release then you can go onto a regular release rate

Journey Towards Greatness · C165
8 months ago
I get you don't worry I will look into it😀 View More

Nirvanic_Sun: I already said that he knows drinking vampire blood is supposed to kill, and you saying jason is a superstition makes his question worse, no one he questions the way he did will have the answer to his question. If he's a superstition then the vampire he killed probably knows about the superstition.
"It's just a story told to misbehaving vampire children, the lone wolf doesn't exist! Theres no creature that can survive the blood of a vampire!" But no info for him! He only needed to ask the first supernatural he got his hands on 3 questions. Vampires probably have more info on hunters than the hunter girl since she only needed to know who they wanted her to kill! Yet no! 3 questions!

What am I? "The boogeyman." No ones gonna connect his abilities to him being the vampire version of the boogeyman, his species exists as nothing but a legend but he dismissed all of the info someone had because they couldn't tell his race by sight alone. No ones going to be able to tell his race until he lets them know he drank from a vampire

Lone_Wolf · C35
8 months ago
I get what you are saying, I will look into it in future chapters, even though Diana had already said that he will die from drinking her blood which you might have forgotten.
Jason existence is like a superstition in the vampire world so they won't come into this conclusion.
Well next time I will try to elaborate more so that my readers won't get confused. View More

Nirvanic_Sun: What Jason is, is considered to be a legend by higher ranked vampires, theres no reason for them to hide jasons species from weaker vampires, if anything they should let them know so they can prevent another jason from showing up. Also, how would the vampire Jason questioned know what species he is from seeing his healing when what he is, is something from legends? Letting himself get cut and asking if the vampire knows what he is from seeing his healing is dumb. He would be much better off asking what happens when a human survives drinking from a vampire since from the girl he drank from he knows she was sure he would die after drinking, meaning his kind is really rare and some random vampire wouldn't know about him from seeing his abilities. Instead, they would be much more likely to know about the legend of a human drinking from a vampire, considering someone surviving is too rare for random people to know the abilities gained from it, there should still be a legend of a human surviving and becoming strong from it. Like I said, asking what he his by showing his healing is dumb, how would a normal vampire know his abilities and race when it's so rare? It's like assuming he doesn't know about white people because he couldn't identify jason was white at first sight. Again, jason knows hes different, he knows from the girl he ate that he should have died from drinking vampire blood, but since he knows WHY hes different, he should have asked the vampire about the reason hes different before killing him.

Moving up the vampire ranks so he can get more info is smart, but he didn't make sure the vampire gave all the info he knows, the vampire might not be able to identify a human that consumed a vampire by sight since their so rare, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know about them at all. Eventually he'll get a vampire that knows what he is by looking at him, but how many people will realize he's the real deal and realize that legends aren't just legends just by looking at him? You're the only one that knows the vampire didn't know any info since you wrote him, but Jason doesn't know that, and really should have asked about the thing that turned him instead of "do you know what I am." He should have asked do you know what happens when a human consumes a vampire

Lone_Wolf · C35
8 months ago
Are you sure a commander level vampire will know anything about this being in the past? He in not even a noble he doesn't have access to the deep secrets of the vampire community, he only knows the standard information as he is only a second lowest rank in a vampire nest.
If you leave out the ordinary vampires out of it.
Julian doesn't know what happens when a human drinks vampire blood, so when he asked him the question what he is and he didn't got any answer he already came to a conclusion that he is different.
If there were people like him who drank vampire blood and became like him, the supernatural should be able to recognise him even if he is a rare species, heck even if a supernatural couldn't recognise him a vampire should be able too but they couldn't as well so Jason was disappointed with Bleiz answer, even if he dig further he would just be wasting his words.
The reason why he then moved on to the vampire rank system because he wanted to find out if there are vampires out there who are more knowledgeable that Bleiz, that is why he figured out how to differentiate a vampire.
Jason didn't want to waste his time around Bleiz and reaching to no conclusion, he wants to find someone who is more powerful and knowledgeable than Bleiz. For example you cannot except a proper answer form a student who has not studied the certain chapter, you need to go to the teacher to figure it out, when Bleiz revealed his rank, Jason was already disappointed.
Jason is a very complicated character for me to build so I would like you to be patient before jumping into an conclusion. View More

Nirvanic_Sun: He's retarded, he asked what he is and when the guy didn't know he didn't ask more questions? That's like him asking the dude what his ethnicity is and when the guy doesn't know jason comes to the conclusion that the vampire doesnt know about white people. If he werent retarded he would ask what happens when a human survives drinking from a vampire. He knows thats how he changed and the only reason he didn't ask it is because you want him to look like a badass criminal genius by being a crime boss, but haven't figured out what species you want him to be or the plot that follows. He can't be both a criminal genius and so stupid at the same time

Lone_Wolf · C35
8 months ago
Heatran is a Pokémon that lives in volcano, it is not a Pokémon that created a volcano, it cannot restart a volcano, and restarting a volcano is not something simple, the magma which is underneath the surface of a planet, even below the lowest of the sea level has to rise up.
Heatran may be a powerful legendary pokémon but it cannot control the whole landmass beneath his feet. View More

RougeGlitch: i don't understand why heatran can't just restart the volcano and solve the problem hes a legendary magma pokemon and all

Journey Towards Greatness · C163
8 months ago
I don't know what you have but I am excited to see it. View More

deicide: To Evil God ZARAK it's a long explanation and I have drawings to show you so an email will help

Journey Towards Greatness · C162
8 months ago
Feel free to suggest it. View More

deicide: To EVIL GOD ZARAKH I got a good idea for sinnoh drop me an email if you want to hear it

Journey Towards Greatness · C161
8 months ago
I plan to reveal it in the sinnoh arc, you have to wait a little more😋 View More

KingVic: Man where is the poke egg that mew give to him????????

Journey Towards Greatness · C161
8 months ago
Milotic View More

Shadow1325: I forget does he have any Hoenn water types?

Journey Towards Greatness · C157
8 months ago

Draigon: Yay... at least now he has help and won't need to go watch movies like an idiot expecting answers...

Lone_Wolf · C24
8 months ago

LordChew: AYEE about time congrats to making it to the TRENDING ORIGINAL STORIES. been waiting for that in a while, you should do some shout out again in your fan fic so it can gain some recognition.

Lone_Wolf · C22
8 months ago
I see your soul has left the dark dungeon, just stay that way. View More

ARISTOCRAT: Thanks for chapter.........a normal reply for once from me to you(author)
The Basement Keeper

Journey Towards Greatness · C150
8 months ago

Lanais: I started reading your other novel too. Brilliant work, both the novels. Do take good care of yourself. I will kill myself if you don't update chapters for a day.

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
8 months ago

Heretoc: Is it only me who went 'What?!? ' after reading about Airbnb hotel.

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
8 months ago
But my room is on top floor.😋 View More

Mystogrigen: What if we nail your door shut and hang a sign that says "basement" on it?

Journey Towards Greatness · C146
9 months ago
Your soul is pure and blessed 😂 View More

IMMORTAL_GOD_WEED: It's sad I dont have a basement 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Journey Towards Greatness · C146
9 months ago
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