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VermaWyrda: Sigh it really is indeed going all to easy...... Guild funds and a guild core all wrapped in a package.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C357
2 weeks ago

violetrose42516: Well this is getting crazy. Although I was already leaning towards this sort of development.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C345
3 weeks ago
About the jealous gods I can somehow believe that, but the island being enemy territory I don't know, there was that mysterious person that was presented after Eisen finished the three golems but it's still unknown wether he's friend or foe View More

MythologyMaster: I think its more like jealous gods are stopping the memories from resufacing but some gods are trying to stop it. So they probably are accidently sailing towards an enemy god's island right now

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C344
3 weeks ago
Could it be the islands are giving them the memories? View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C344
3 weeks ago
God I wonder when he will adress the issue with the new memories and weird notification,this is killing me right now,when will he get out of the capsule and start thinking rational and without that happy feeling all the time? View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C338
4 weeks ago

Navie: I remember when Biako first introduced Lone and man 🤦🏾‍♂️the amount of hate she got had him snapping and look shit one of the OG’s (I wonder what she would look like if she was an undead elf 😈) Don’t mind me just planting a seed here ..

Rise of The Undead Legion · C351
1 month ago

MadThelric: Damn, at least it's confirmed that he's still healthy (minus an arm). Even without his ex-son-in-law, those tumors would have caused trouble, so at least he cut that problem from the root, more or less like the yin mass in-game. Is there a connection between the yin mass and the tumors?...

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C290
1 month ago

FurtiveOrphan: Technically he didn't scam her. He asked how much she wanted and she told him 1 gold, he just agreed with her price. The fact that he knew the actual price and she didn't isn't on him.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C285
1 month ago
This plot armor I don't mind at all👍 View More
Level 0 Master · C85
1 month ago
Right here👍 View More

Meowhead: Is anybody besides Mr. Nice even reading this???

Level 0 Master · C80
1 month ago
Oh well so much for that😅 View More
Level 0 Master · C59
2 months ago
Well that explains the annoying loyalty View More
Level 0 Master · C50
2 months ago
Man I really wish she would just go to Sungjin's side and kill that mad a**hole king but her way of still staying loyal makes you wish you had a subordinate like that View More
Level 0 Master · C46
2 months ago
At the end of the day Sungjin would probably say "thanks for the territory😎" View More
Level 0 Master · C39
2 months ago
Nice chapter, and now I'm starting to see improvement in translation View More
Level 0 Master · C33
2 months ago
Say yeeees,but we all this isn't going to be the answer😅 View More
Level 0 Master · C31
2 months ago
Man my heart almost punded out of my chest😨 View More
Level 0 Master · C23
2 months ago
I'm really starting to like the mc,he's got some cool moments View More
Level 0 Master · C16
2 months ago
Might check them later🤔 View More

Cinque_39: I mean look at ‘I Reincarnated For Nothing, Everyone Else is A Returnee, and Stop! Don’t Shoot Froendly Fire’ They all have a villain related to the church, angels or the ‘Holy’ element.

World Domination System · C136
2 months ago
Next chapter family bonding View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C236
2 months ago
That would be so fun😂😂,can't wait for the debut View More

kikijiki: Juat imagine what all those player will feel when they see Skelly riding him into battle. Can't wait to see the clans ****ting themselves in fear thinking its the same dragon that killed them before! So many possibilities for terror! 👍👍👍

Rise of The Undead Legion · C316
2 months ago

ShadowDog: Rip Bar, drowned by jealousy and from the stream xD

Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO · C19
2 months ago

ImpaledDread: Dean men, what? I had to read the title twice, then i giggled. Read it again & giggled so more. Priceless

Rise of The Undead Legion · C302
3 months ago
I still miss him,still nice to be remembered outside of kingdom View More

Biako: Always loved general ouki. Man he was badass

Rise of The Undead Legion · C284
4 months ago
Loved this story and even if I wish there would have been a few closure chapters on some of the characters I am still satisfied with this ending.
From a prince in a backwater territory to a king and defeating one enemy to face the true one and actually reaching godhood and staying together with both female companions.
Good job author👍 if you have another story or one in progress please do tell,I would love to read it View More
Release That Witch · C1498
4 months ago
Awesome ending🤣🤣 it's this kind of imagination that keeps me reading this novel View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C280
4 months ago
Haha I already like Albert with his chill atmosphere, wish I had an AI like that in a game View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C277
4 months ago
Does that mean we won't see Nick for a while?😞
I already miss that punkass god View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C276
4 months ago
That was some "lord of the rings" level with that wall explosion View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C274
4 months ago
Finally the undead are back😭😭 and now he can turn his friends into undead.
Now it's time to enlarge the legion
Rise of The Undead Legion · C263
4 months ago
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