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So how come the black hole knocked him back? View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1343
23 hours ago
That only applies if they mixed with outside blood initially. For example, if you stick a family of ten siblings on a island and let them procreate for a thousand years, there would still be genetic issues even if they are like 8th cousins. View More

FearedKarma: No because you can marry distant cousins or way way distant cousins (like 8 lines over) and not suffer from the blood mixing

Battle Through the Heavens · C1324
1 day ago
Wow a whole dimension of inbreds, inbreeding for generations and generations, afraid that outsiders would taint their bloodline. Scary View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1323
1 day ago
Yup, dou zuns and dou sheng will be as common as cabbage now View More

Balor: Now all the hiding clans will send out people like cockroaches since they have been introduced

Battle Through the Heavens · C1311
1 day ago
It's the right novel. I call mine king dong. Those girls like lin dong so be it. View More

redzion: Like Lin Dong..? Wrong novel

Battle Through the Heavens · C1287
2 days ago
Where did all these dou zuns come from? They were supposed to be rare. And why is this flawed sect not a major sect when it has more power tham the major powers. This story is going off a cliff. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1284
2 days ago
The void dragons can travel through space but sadly it takes them longer to get there. I wonder if the pheonix tribe is on the other side of the mountain and that is why they are so fast to get there. Everyone else took several days, but they only took several chapters. Their speed is astounding. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1266
2 days ago
Why didnt they take the sapling? Maybe it could produce another fruit. It is legendary, so the tree itself must be legendary as well View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1248
3 days ago
Xy let the tigers run back to the mountains so they can bite his ass later. And he is going to do it again this time as well. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1246
3 days ago
He let 3 tigers run back tho their best earlier now he had to deal with a whole lot more View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1239
3 days ago
So what happened to not releasing the tiger back ro the mountain. Should have killed everyone from the wind lightening pavilion View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1236
3 days ago
She probably hideous that why her nickname is witch View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1122
1 week ago
He can be an external elder at the pill hall now. Those 2 elders at the burning valley could only make mid grade rank 7 pills View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1118
1 week ago
No he is a rapist View More

Ieattomatos: Dude is still a virgin tho 😧

Battle Through the Heavens · C1117
1 week ago
No he raped her in that chapter. That baby is his. View More

Kevin_Bloomfield: Actually, he is still...how do I put it...pure. While he claims Medusa’s child as his, they actually never did *IT*. It’s likely (based on the event of with the fallen heart flame), it’s Xiao Chai (the sky serpent who merged with Medusa). Since their energies mixed together during their time in the FHF, XC split off from Medusa and became a unique entity. Based on what they said, if he’s able to craft the lvl 8 pill, XC will be back and have a strength greater than Medusa and even have a chance to host XY flames.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1109
1 week ago
Yes it does View More

Tygon: How do they maintain their bloodlines pure? Does it involves a lot of inbreeding?

Battle Through the Heavens · C1102
1 week ago
Xun er is just watching and rubbing one off while she admires how strong xiao yan has gotten. She hasn't intervened yet bc she hasn't climaxed View More

VaibhavKronos: I bet xun er is just watching the show , waiting for the right moment to come and the right moment would be when all hope would be lost .

Battle Through the Heavens · C1099
1 week ago
He could have given a puppet to his brothers and friends. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1072
1 week ago
A monkey? Monkeys like to eat chicken so ZI yan must be like king kong View More

IcyMind: Well zi yan true form is a mystical beast and xiaoyan has the pheonix wings...so u guys shld know what ziyan is...

Battle Through the Heavens · C986
1 week ago
I think she is related to han feng. And he killed her brother,, oh nooos View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C945
1 week ago
How would he take advantage of other people's fight if he announces himself? Xiao yan is an idiot. Fairy doctor is probably face palming when he said that View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C856
2 weeks ago
They didnt go very far but xiao yan is taking is time and reminiscing about the good old days. View More

MechaJay: How far did those 2 da daoshi have run? They have a friggin dou huang and do zong and still be late? This author really lack consistency

Battle Through the Heavens · C815
2 weeks ago
Xiao yan likes to make things more complicated. He announces his arrival and has small chut chat right before everything important View More

VaibhavKronos: Xiao yan kills one target out of three , alerts the whole camp and had to be rescued by his partner .
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Ezio disapproves
Connor disapproves
Bayak disapproves
Jacob disapproves
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Agent 47 disapproves
John Wick disapproves

Battle Through the Heavens · C779
2 weeks ago
So xiao yan's amazing speed is slower than these 3 elders mouths. Guess his speed isn't worth **** View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C762
2 weeks ago
She is mothra View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C742
2 weeks ago
It never said she was 40, she might be 25 View More

Q_Q: The most stupid part about this story
A love started between 40y old women and 16y old boy 😂😂
He killed some desciples and elder (should be considered as family members for her) ge still think she have to treat him like special person - and she still does - when he diesnt show any form for gratitude or respect for her or the sect she is leading !!

Battle Through the Heavens · C373
3 weeks ago
Burning flame valley may be interpreted as flaming valley, which is may be interpreted as a valley of queers View More

Tygon: Burning Flame Valley? Might be a good sect for the protagonist to join. 🔥🔥🔥

Battle Through the Heavens · C368
3 weeks ago
How is he 19 now? He accepted the 3 year challenge at 15. Now he is 19 with 8 months left to go. Where is the missing year? View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C163
1 month ago
1 chapter a week now? View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C852
1 month ago
What chapter did roland get ambushed by titans? View More
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C386
1 year ago
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