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Thin lzy also is understand that she cannot go back to the way they were. She just need time to get away and think View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C196
5 hours ago
Yes. Haven’t seen it yet View More

starrissing: I want to see the twins interacting with their sister 😍😍

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1171
11 hours ago
Yes please View More

BenVJ: mass release pls

WARNING! Tsundere President · C198
19 hours ago
Yup View More

Akane12: I don't think its going to work out with Chen

WARNING! Tsundere President · C198
19 hours ago
Reality have not sunk in. When it does, things will get messier View More

rozaali: This Chen is too good to be real.. I hope he doesn't hurt our LZY

WARNING! Tsundere President · C195
1 day ago
Precisely! View More

kittyyatou: Her heart belongs to HY! Im excited what's gonna happen next.. please release more chapters...

WARNING! Tsundere President · C194
2 days ago
To each their own i guess View More

Crazy_Duck: I was like watching an action movie. I felt very nervous and afraid for Lou. She deserves to be free, she's been abused and raped. I dont understand people rooting for Hou

WARNING! Tsundere President · C192
3 days ago
There will be no happiness in a relationship based on this. Hc may not mind it now but he will resent her later in. Problems must be faced not run away from it View More

Kashishhh: I wanted her to leave but not with Chen. She should have left “alone” a long time ago.

WARNING! Tsundere President · C190
4 days ago
I dont think she will leave View More

sangamitra: Whoa! She is leaving.. And I m feeling bad for Yunting though! 😢😢
More chapters please

WARNING! Tsundere President · C188
5 days ago
Hmm i smell a rat. That email may not be from hc View More

Redart23: LZY will now leave him. I wish HYT can find someone else to love. Someone whom he has no rival amd could actually love him. I pity him that he really got no one in his life. 😢

WARNING! Tsundere President · C185
6 days ago
Interesting developments View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Ahh i hope Yunting wouldn't have forced Zhaoyang and assaulted her physically. Even if he married for revenge, i wish he could have still respected her feelings and body... How wonderful that would have been as other than that Yunting is pretty amazing guy.... Maybe they could have some chance to be together.....

WARNING! Tsundere President · C184
1 week ago
Yup View More

Disha_2004: Anyone want a spoiler.. Huh...???? If anyone want u can ask.... I'm literally crying after reading half raw of this novel.... I pity huo yunting from now onwards😘😘

WARNING! Tsundere President · C182
1 week ago
I liked him from day one🤪 View More

CarmenL: Suddenly I like HY

WARNING! Tsundere President · C180
1 week ago
Yeah seriously.... View More

Akane12: Contemplating life

WARNING! Tsundere President · C178
1 week ago
Yah View More

Pudor: thats right!! 😂 u cant be soft hearted on him just yet. 😈 muahahaha

WARNING! Tsundere President · C177
1 week ago
Hey im first again.... Where's everybody? View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C178
1 week ago
Hahaha i love this chapter View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C176
1 week ago
Yes agreed! View More

Disha_2004: Author u didn't gave us any mass release since the release of this novel..... Please give us one now please

WARNING! Tsundere President · C174
1 week ago
I don’t think she will leave. She will realised running away will not solve her problem View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Well this is the real Yunting i guess. He is afraid that the one person he got comfortable to is gonna leave. I wish he wouldn't have assaulted Zhaoyang maybe then they would have been living a peaceful married life.
Though i feel Zhaoyang's behaviour changes as soon as Chen stepped in. I know she has the right to decide and he is her first love but i feel recently her too was getting along with Yunting and then just everything broke....

Guess it's soon gonna be Chaos.... It's calm before the storm.....

WARNING! Tsundere President · C172
1 week ago
Yah View More

kingjeff: I don't like this Huo Chen at all, he is trying to break his nephew marriage for his own selfish reasons

WARNING! Tsundere President · C170
2 weeks ago
Hope not View More

hanaangel_BTS_ZAYN: She runs away? ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀

WARNING! Tsundere President · C168
2 weeks ago
S&P😋 View More

Ishita19: Yes Hou is right here bcz no man like to see his wife with another man. But what are you doing Hou? Don't do this to lu. She is totally helpless & you are spreading salt and pepper in her wound!!!

WARNING! Tsundere President · C166
2 weeks ago
Agreed! View More

JenniJen: All I can say is Damn Chen!

WARNING! Tsundere President · C164
2 weeks ago
Everyone thinks that hyt dunno his own feelings but forgot that lzy dunno hers either. She’s just as confused but she obviously cared about him as well else why would she bother to collaborate and bring down common enemies.. View More
WARNING! Tsundere President · C162
2 weeks ago
True! View More

kepler16b: This novel title should change toTsundere Secretary..

WARNING! Tsundere President · C162
2 weeks ago
Yup View More

Moon_eclipse: Just tell her you love her

WARNING! Tsundere President · C160
2 weeks ago
Divorce wont solve the problem of the 💔 View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: And BAM!!!! Zhaoyang has dropped the biggest Bomb. But yangyang you think now when Yunting is starting loving you he will let you leave that easily.... IMPOSSIBLE!!!

WARNING! Tsundere President · C158
2 weeks ago
Yes. 😭 View More

Novel_lover_14: 145 chapters left

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1130
2 weeks ago
Lets wait and see...i dont think chen is that straightforward View More

Sonigangmei: Chen is being very respectful and loving towards her. Ting is always hateful, disrespectful and pathetic....He doesn't deserve lu even though he loves her.
I hope ting let go of lu for Chen.

WARNING! Tsundere President · C154
3 weeks ago
I think chen is not as simple as he sounds. Author already hinted as much. Time will tell. View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Well i don't think Yunting doesn't love Zhaoyang it's just he doesn't know yet as he has been a cold and indifferent CEO all these years. He is not that bad except when he sexually assault her.

Right now i don't know who to ship with Zhaoyang.....

WARNING! Tsundere President · C152
3 weeks ago
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