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for a second I thought this was a reference to the amazon rain forest.
And then I thought about it and decided that it was. View More
Abuse of Magic · C235
3 months ago
You know the f-word wasn’t directed at the author. It was just an expression of my irritation.
Besides I have immense respect for anyone willing to pick up writing as long as they are willing to take feedback and improve. However when someone tells me to write my own novel instead of giving criticism, I get pissed because that is an ignorant statement.
Anyway I get where you’re coming from. View More

UNDEAD_KING: I dont say it wrong to tell your complain just i say ask politely i think that the word you just wrote just to rude in my opinion it ok if you stop reading this novel but i hope when you give your opinion please at least use polite word if you use harsh word it just made author will be sad that why i say author is just human not angel i politely ask fogiveness if my respone is a bit harsh i think once again forgive me i dont want to make anemy with you or anyone more anything i will love to be friend with you or anyone 😅😅😅seriusly i just a little bit angry when you use rude word to author like i said i just admire any author that can write novel or try tO write novel human will learn from mistake it not like i said i say i kind i just a simple human

Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction] · C3
4 months ago
I have a lovely response to your opinion... Kindly shove it in your an*s.
This is an actual error in the novel. You think an editor would see that and go "oh yeah this is your novel so I won't point out grievous errors in it". Well, do you??
I truly apologise if my comment asking the author to fix their errors affected your moral compass. Next time I'll be sure to take into account self righteous readers who don't understand the concept of criticism and feedback.
Oh and you'll be happy to know that I am no longer reading it. View More

UNDEAD_KING: If you dont like it dont you read it why bother comment if you think you can write better novel please do it yourself dont complain and just read it take it or leave it our authour is human not angel

Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction] · C3
4 months ago
honestly I'm still getting anxiety from that closet room kiss scene where some unknown character was watching....
also can you plz post the rest of this goddamn novel. I'm getting impatient. That was a compliment. I promise. View More
Save Them All: Stiles Stilinski's Rebirth · C0
4 months ago
your writing structure is repetitive and now that I've seen it, I can't un-see it.
So fair warning to the comment peoples.
this is the structure:
"'character does action', as 'something happens'"
And so it repeats... Constantly.
Author you have to diversify you sentence structures or else it ruins the novel. View More
The Irregular In ATG · C20
4 months ago
You get a planet with life and magic. View More

TheLonelyMage: What happens when you combine all the runes.

Abuse of Magic · C206
4 months ago
Well fk this I’m done then.
Author just casually sinks the only ship I was interested in seeing.

(Obviously I will continue reading but I’m no longer as enthusiastic about it as I was earlier) View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C58
4 months ago

Nymus: You shall Not Stop the Yuri!

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C58
4 months ago
mmm yeah I still enjoy reading this too but this is slowly killing it off in my opinion. View More

PamC: Gonna have to agree with you here even though I'm still enjoying this.

Lilim Heritage Online · C78
4 months ago
what the heck is actually going on now?? Why are you making the mc dumber with every chapter?? is this some poor attempt at comedy?? Please stop. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C78
4 months ago
I would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little confused as to what's going on in this novel right now... View More
Trope World · C45
4 months ago
I existed long enough on this site to predict these “announcement” chapters.
Though it doesn’t stop my excitement from being utterly crushed. View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C0
4 months ago

Hardeep: No harem!!! Please🙏🙏🙏

Marvel: My Own Path · C1
4 months ago

Mad_Lord: Anti-Harem Sect!

Marvel: My Own Path · C1
4 months ago
This feels more like a novel about Harry Potter with an add-on than a story about a different character. View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C15
4 months ago
What the actual f*ck happened to good normal relationships??
harem this, harem that. god it gets so exhausting having to read stuff like that. I was really enjoying this (I understand that I'm way too late to change whatever the decision is) but as soon as I saw the "To harem or not to harem" I got more than a little disapponted..
On wards I read in hopes of decent romance that isn't smothered by the presence of side hoes. View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C3
4 months ago
Kindly f*ck off :) View More

GreatWolf: Gain a harem and add Luna and fluer sisters

I am in Harry Potter! · C0
4 months ago

Janice129: Make sure Astoria doesn't die

I am in Harry Potter! · C0
4 months ago

Choco_Monster: I really want to see him troll everyone in the ball by coming as olivanders apprentice as well as being introduced as the heir of his "Family". Play them like the fools they are 😆😆

I am in Harry Potter! · C0
4 months ago

JamesAnthony1999: I would love to see more than just Orion going on an adventure. Maybe the whole group of his friends including Harry and Hermione? Mostly a 1 man show so far, can help develop friendships and such if they all bond on an adventure. Maybe it's a Yolo idea from Orion or it's school assignment/trip that's not from the original storyline? Either way hope I helped with some half decent suggestions at least lol

I am in Harry Potter! · C0
4 months ago
To be entirely honest I had no issues with his actions up until the utter annihilation of an army of unwilling participants. So perhaps that is a worrying reflection of my own views. Though now that it has been pointed out so directly by the system I am seeing the ethical dilemma. I’m gonna have to agree with system-kun here. The mc is totally evil.

Scary how easily black can be painted as white simply through word choice... View More
Abuse of Magic · C193
4 months ago
I can’t help but feel that the mc is walking down the wrong path. Brutality and slaughter do not make a king. A king feared by the people is overthrown by those who same people. Flaunting strength is also not a great way of proving your kingliness. It depends on your own views but personally I think what truly makes a great king is one that can obviously take care of the land and it’s people well but more importantly show the people that they don’t need a king to become better. Allow the people to become self reliant. Though maybe that’s just silly... I think my goal here is just to stimulate thought. View More
Abuse of Magic · C192
4 months ago
What I think is please keep going XD View More
The Irregular In ATG · C14
4 months ago
Wow it really was in the next chapter...
Colour me pleased 😋 View More
Abuse of Magic · C188
4 months ago
Stop using c*nt. It ruins your novel and it makes the mc look like an arse. View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C9
4 months ago
Did you seriously put “u” in there instead of “you”??
*cries tears of righteous rage* View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C2
5 months ago
Won’t lie I skipped through most of this chapter.
I hope you’ve used a different writing structure for the newer chapters. View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C1
5 months ago
will the mc ever purify his own mind of the darkness within or is this some permanent feature?? tune in next time on Domestic Voi- *cough* Abuse of Magic. View More
Abuse of Magic · C187
5 months ago
Dumb system with an ego ruining the novel again. no one else is using the computer so why not just let the guy play?? that isn't small profit at the sacrifice of integrity, it's smart business. Besides it was the system that made these bullsh*t rules so how is that a reflection of the mc's integrity?
Infuriating take on a system novel so f*ck this I'm out. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C6
5 months ago
Just casually cheat on your gf yep no problem there at all, nope not at all.... >:( View More
The K-Pop Dream · C0
5 months ago
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