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She and ZY coitus on a meteor previously. Lol View More

daolordzii: <I don't even remeber Chi you at this point ....

Rise of Humanity · C1125
6 days ago
Who’s teacher rain? Lol Shui Zian? Damn, good to see his name popping out at this point View More
Rise of Humanity · C1125
6 days ago
Lol, ZY image as baby maker and the embarrassment being whacked by a saint herb is quite a story to tell for future gen hahah View More
Rise of Humanity · C1123
1 week ago

Ravniss: Since when does he not kill women? I still recall the daughter of the heavenly Monarch getting shafted...

Rise of Humanity · C1120
1 week ago
Marvellous double chapters View More
Rise of Humanity · C1118
1 week ago
A promise a sweet burden, a thousand more to come View More
Rise of Humanity · C1115
1 week ago
This moment is damn nostalgic, happy vday to them View More
Rise of Humanity · C1114
2 weeks ago
Revenge is definitely best served cold hahahahaha View More
Rise of Humanity · C1112
2 weeks ago
So the title is meant for ZY hahahah View More
Rise of Humanity · C1111
2 weeks ago
That definition of love lol View More
Rise of Humanity · C1109
2 weeks ago
Nice plot brewing. Waiting for the showdown between MXT and his advisor View More
Rise of Humanity · C1108
2 weeks ago
This, I ship View More

TheBananaMan: Brother Feng about to get a new love interest?

Rise of Humanity · C1104
3 weeks ago
Nice chapter View More
Rise of Humanity · C1102
3 weeks ago
My guess is that she have the same look as the lady from western empress successor in Kunlun world. Before ZY left the ancestral star and View More
Rise of Humanity · C1100
3 weeks ago
The fifth one can taste the newly combined monarch arts View More
Rise of Humanity · C1098
3 weeks ago
We feel you ZY. Hundred thousand years just for this one moment View More
Rise of Humanity · C1095
3 weeks ago
ZY is beyond XH now View More
Rise of Humanity · C1093
3 weeks ago
Mu XianTian gotta succc it up View More
Rise of Humanity · C1091
4 weeks ago
ZY: kage bunshin no jutsu View More
Rise of Humanity · C1086
1 month ago
Heaven Path Scamming Art! Here we go againnnn View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1933
2 months ago

anuzul: Dear Translator,

There will always be people who don't understand how you are working and those who just dont care. Don't worry. There are those who understand as well. Keep up the good work and ignore the insensitive comments. They are just ignorant or mean.

Dear those who are upset about the priviledge chapters,

Most of us read the book pretty much free with daily SS and watching videos. We get so much entertainment from the book. He is still posting 2 chapters a day anyway. We are always asking for mass releases and we got one. We have a choice whether we want to spend SS on it. The translator probably worked extra 40 hours for them through day and night on top of his exams and other things he has to do. Lets learn to appreciate people's work. I know I wouldnt work that many hours for nothing. Plus i am sure his pay is not much compared to the work he puts in. PEOPLE, IT TAKE 2 WHOLE HOURS TO TRANSLATE EACH CHAPTER AND WE PAY FOR IT BY WATCHING 2 30SEC VIDEOS.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1931
2 months ago
He managed to save buckets of blood, with the readily available medium in his mouth. Or the author just want the poor guy to be drenched lol View More

Deelah: I had expected Elder LY to spurt blood after hearing their failure. I guess he needed to witness it first-hand to get the spurt blood. And World’s Edga is an excellent name??? 😐

Library of Heaven's Path · C1927
2 months ago
It would be more funny if ZX matched up with a opponent named “Ocean corner” translating to “hai jiao” lolol. They will form the perfect idiom View More

Kyousukeeee: World's Edge just sounds so wrong. He should have someone teach him how to make names hahah well, even his parents are bad at it, i guess it's genetic lol

Library of Heaven's Path · C1923
3 months ago
How will Heaven Path Disguising Art evolve from now? Can’t wait to see more impersonations like the good old ZX did on Yang Xuan hahaha View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1921
3 months ago
It’s building up! Heaven Path Scamming Art + Revenge Art + Face slapping Art! A one hit KO move View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1919
3 months ago
ZX indeed have the qualifications to guide him like Yao Chen hahah, that nostalgia feels is high View More

Musashimi: Xiao Yan's master from Battle Through the Heavens? 😅

Library of Heaven's Path · C1915
3 months ago

Musashimi: Xiao Yan's master from Battle Through the Heavens? 😅

Library of Heaven's Path · C1915
3 months ago
Starting strong with BTTH plot! Wheeee***! Time to build up momentum for face slap View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1914
3 months ago

silentButtDeadly: Ding ding has had a wild ride. It’s a shame he couldn’t be brought along.

We will miss you ding ding!!!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1913
3 months ago
Time for ZX to get back to thug life and start scamming is way through Azure and raise chaos once more in his journey for Heaven Path Love Art View More

meelahi: Almost a fresh start for ZX. I'm guessing he's gonna be on the weaker side in comparison to other adults in azure.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1913
3 months ago
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