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The content has been deleted
Monster Pet Evolution · C773
1 month ago
Well when fiddle finds you. You're dead View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C732
1 month ago
Aye it's the bear dumby was gonna fight but left alive because GP told em to retreat View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C604
3 months ago
Wait so if mother earth's blessing can monitor Qin Mu doesn't that mean every Ancient god can monitor Celestial Venerable Yu? View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C800
5 months ago
Qin mu finally gonna ask the most dreaded question... "How is a baby made?" View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C795
5 months ago
Highly doubt it as the queen mother wouldn't have asked why was bugsby sent out. View More

BifocalLocal: I wonder if the Queen mother is inhabiting Lin Huang's sister which is why she had that sudden powerup back during her college student days. Also is why the Queen Mother has ordered all of her servants to back off of Lin Huang or maybe she has heard about Lin Huang's real level of power somehow.

Monster Paradise · C1142
5 months ago
Black dragon? Spreads smoke? Only means one thing Gore magala! View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C486
5 months ago
Watch the dragon chick gonna have a bigger dragon then Qin mu View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C772
6 months ago
I skipped the Akio and Akane story I mean filler hopefully it doesn't matter View More
Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C388
6 months ago
"Ohno my power dropped by 3% am I going too die?" Lmao View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C462
6 months ago
Not full centipede ? So he gonna become dragon now I c. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C458
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
Tales of Herding Gods · C759
6 months ago
If I wasn't spamming stones on Tales of herding gods I would be voting on this. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C446
6 months ago
When you realize Qin Mu is his own plot armor and he alone is the reason he escape every situation instead RNG bs like most novels. Also I like how they make you connect the dots. Compared too other novels where the fucking explain every small little detail too extend word count. Still best novel I ever read. View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C751
6 months ago
Also this novel is so underrated for how good it is View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C746
6 months ago
The only shame about this novel is that each chapter cost me 13 stone. :,( my wallet View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C746
6 months ago
Reading Status: C556
Going in I thought hey this might be pretty cool. Read through whole thing all my stones spent and I'd say it wasn't worth it. It's hot garbage. I haven't felt so bad about spending my stones on this story the translation is great the story is just boring as ****. Some of the characters are portrayed as important characters. But we know nothing about them. As far as we know they are just passerby like it's just so fucking dumb. The character building is trash. World building is horrendous. The worst sin of all. The greatest sin. AI TU TU is a dumb ass fucking ***** that needs to be slapped so hard she ends up dead in the ancient capital. View More
Versatile Mage
6 months ago
Too blind can't see mount tai View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C404
7 months ago
Ai Tutu is a ***** ass fucking cunt. uwu View More
Versatile Mage · C534
7 months ago
Reading Status: C709
By far the best novel I've ever read. Maybe I just haven't read enough novels, but this novel is simply awe inspiring. The progression of the story 10/10 the world building 10/10. Everything ties in together just beautifully. The main guy isn't a dick nor is he a good guy. Qin Mu is the only MC I ever related too. He isn't a hero with no flaws. He isn't a heartless murderer he is simply just acts human. The philosophy different character follow is wonderful. There isn't a murder hobo at every corner who simply kills because he wants too kill. They usually always have a reason that makes the world seem just so much more alive. The world slowly expands and you learn more. I follow this novel religiously. View More
Tales of Herding Gods
7 months ago
Dragon Qilin takes Protein but don't work out. No wonder he is so fat All that protein just turn to fat. Only took me a month to get why he's fat. SMH... View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C580
10 months ago
Although I like the concept of this novel what really bug me is the over use of "I" Which is a lot different from most novel it just feels repetitive. View More
Rebel: Against the Empire · C0
11 months ago
Slaying and eating gods at the age of 0. What a champ View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C563
11 months ago
When you minding your own business and people just keep rolling up to your house -pubg View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C535
12 months ago
Let's go winner winner chicken dinner View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C534
12 months ago
That's right I cut that God's arm therfore I am knife God I mean God king Qin Mu View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C533
12 months ago
Nvm I mean harem number 9? Too many too count? Also main guy ever hit puberty he's over 18 now right? View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C527
1 year ago
Alright boys time for harem number 6 View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C527
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1151
So weak Mc finds cheat cheat makes him op then the cheat disappears? Well made basically irrelevant story does get kinda repetitive but the real question is who is his grandfather? View More
Super Gene
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
Honesty 10 out of 10 would read again. Well the first book that is and if it's as good as that this one should be fine too. I like how the main guy makes his own sect tho like from a small one and expand. Compared to just being I'm op therefore I have big sect gg ez View More
Rebel: Against the Empire
1 year ago
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