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Elmairy: What if someday...
*Ling Lan revealed everything*
*Everyone dumbfounded*
Ling Lan: "Come at me, we will settle this with a fight."
Everyone: "Can we skip...?" (We don't want to die yet)

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C750
1 hour ago

vocaloidlvr: Sure his smile can break millions of hearts, but the scout from waaaay back when said Ling Lan’s smile could topple kingdoms and nations! I refuse to believe that Ling Lan loses to Li Mulan in beauty. (•̀o•́)ง
Thanks for the chapter, Henyee. :D

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C747
1 day ago

BattleLord: Actually Lord Javier was pivotal to the story. The Flagrant Vandal fleet specifically targeted him for capture "alive". In his possession was one or more of the valuable Starlight Megalodon compass pieces. Not only did the Bright Republic complete their set, the delayed the Vesian's from completing theirs. As to why he is still alive and hiding deep within the Shield of Hispania I have a theory.

Lord Javier was a poor excuse for a Vesian Noble and an embarrassment to House Eneqqin. I suspect he wanted out and contacted Flashlight and made them an offer. His defection and a piece of the pie for his compass key he probably liberated from his father. The furious battle was all for show, it also eliminated his security detail which might well have been a guard detail set in place by his father.

Regardless, I suspect Lord Javier wants to secretly use his share of the take to resettle on some Galactic Core pleasure world. Never to return to Vesian Kingdom.

The Mech Touch · C941
5 days ago

Thund3r: What if Wu Tong didn’t actually exist before our mc reincarnated and she’s actually part of the system that integrated into the world? Meng Fan didn’t know her before his death and she is supposedly the ‘school beauty’. This could answer why she has started achievements by herself.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C54
6 days ago

BattleLord: Well said, now that more dominos have fallen the pattern is becoming more recognizable. I am happy some of my guesses were accurate while still surprised by the revelations as they unfold. For those who skipped and skimmed all the boring filler chapters, they missed the numerous breadcrumbs leading to this moment.

While I have lost all connection to the Main Character, I find Calabast's character well written and much better than Ketis as a supporting character. I know no novel has ever switched out Main Characters I can definitely see her as a key character in this novels future. Ves's wife might be to extreme as he does not demonstrate any romantic interest in women or men. Falling in love with a AI master villain is definitely within his ideal mate criteria.

Now that Calabast realizes her backers were duped into being pawns of a sentient AI, I doubt she will see a payday, and more than likely be a liability to their complicity in breaking into a CFA asset. I guess she now needs Ves, more than she needs him. I wonder what she would think of an offer to lead Ves's covert Shadow Mech Division. Ketis is totally unsuitable for the task. There is nothing subtle about her.

The Mech Touch · C932
1 week ago

Cole_Honeck: You know, I expected many things to happen, but NEVER IN MY WILDEST MIND DID I EXPECT EVIL AI DWARF BE CAUSE FOR ALL OF THIS ARC AND KNOW, I LOVE IT.

At the beginning of this arc I found it was extremely slow and bit boring and especially slow when they were just getting to the ship. But now, I find that sence being on the ship it's been all worth it. I now realize how forshadowed all this was be it sandman cores used by CFA as computer which was mentioned way back at the beginning this arc, finding out Ves has metal scroll which was lost to time, and finding out that MTA and CFA were originally part of Five Scroll Compact. I will say that beginning was more drawn out but at end of the road you've gotten back track.

Exlor please keep doing what you do, and thanks for amazing novel.

The Mech Touch · C932
1 week ago

AnotherSalemTwo: I can see it now. Ling Xiao turns his back for one second and his daughter returns with some behemoth of a starship only seen rarely in the upper ranks of the brass or on the black market. She denies any claims of using the black market (Little Four did, not her) and insists that this absolute unit of a starship is "just" a transportation ship. "'Transportation ship' my a**," her father mumbles.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C705
2 weeks ago

Vampirecat: That lightning bolt mecha clan totem...I wonder if that's Leiting? In which case, might Qiao Ting make a reappearance soon?🤔

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C702
3 weeks ago
We need bees and honey. View More
Farming For Gold · C56
1 month ago

FadingBlossom: Has anyone noticed that none of the taxis in town wants to drive by New Century Park?

Chen Ge has to walk "two streets away" for anyone to pick him up...

Right, now, I don't know who to feel sorry for...

The taxis that have to drive to these places... or the mc who is going to get recognised one of these

My House of Horrors · C710
2 months ago

Sweetsie: Heh, so cute, Chen Ge complaining away while gobbling Xu Wan’s cake, anyway! 😊 And yes, you moron, people STILL use mailboxes!! 😅

My House of Horrors · C710
2 months ago

Darkdelusion: That entire house is gonna be filled with Alec fanatics and Yanderes.

Curse the Mainframe! · C112
2 months ago

Karigan: Thank you for the chapter! I am somewhat worried about Little Four's nickname. It doesn't seem to be one of his talents! 😅😬

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C640
2 months ago

BurningTime: I wonder if he will clear up the misunderstanding or try to research the power of faith

Throne of Magical Arcana · C461
2 months ago

NerdyAlien_: Their actings never cease to make me laugh, especially the confused Li Yingjie 😂 He's still can't get ahold of automatic signals of what to do. But I know he'll be able to do it in the near future.


About the princess, if only she knew the true power of Ling Lan's gang, she'll be ashamed belittling them. She's so rash and too judgemental against outsiders that piss her off-- I mean, what does she expect? Everyone will follow her orders? (¬_¬) I just don't like that girl.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C635
2 months ago

ScorpiaEvergreen: Please don't shoot me down, but I kind of don't like the princess. She's like, "Hey boys, help me deal with this annoying guy because I can't do it myself." Like, why should they? She's just intruding on their group and getting angry when they don't want to help her. But this is just my own opinion...

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C635
2 months ago

jaeyuk: LOL little girl it's over! also y'all Ling Ran haven't got time for bandaging he does marathon operations people! good thing he does suturing well!

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C349
2 months ago

MoonLord: When you thought you hit 3 birds with one stone... 4 ghosts pop out.

My House of Horrors · C692
2 months ago

HappyReader27: Hahahahaha. This ghost is so funny!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking why does he nod and disappear. He thought Yellow Wolf is asking him to bring 3 more ghosts. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What an obedient ghost. Chen Ge trained them well. Hahaha

My House of Horrors · C692
2 months ago

Faruel: please tell me the sorcerors strike first and annihilate the church's army because they have the initiative and I hope they use it properly. secondly if I was in Lucien's place and had been recognised as an ex-angel by the pope I would use it to tell the faithful that the reason I left heaven is that God died in a plot devised by demons and the pope, as such I came to gift mankind the knowledge of creation so they may save themselves from the dark and evil church. then sit back and watch the church implode.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C458
2 months ago

FraggieTrigger: Let's face it. Lucien did all of that just to climb up the ranking in the cleansing list, just to flex on the other legendaries

Throne of Magical Arcana · C458
2 months ago

unknown0618: Actually he said to look at the individuals, he never said anything about the merits of the other unis

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C115
2 months ago

Sweetsie: Wang Dan has grown so much! Not only has he learned the value of patience when leading your prey into a trap, he’s also learned the tricky art of scamming people! Chen Ge will be so proud!! 👏👏👏

My House of Horrors · C689
3 months ago

Sythcake: The fact that players had a different starting point in the game just goes to prove how retarded the whole set up is.

The Legendary Mechanic · C437
3 months ago

MikeB: To be fair, in the context of the story, all of the players are still bound to the same level cap and gameplay meta of the current version of the game. Also, the story has mentioned multiple times that different starting planets have different resources (with Aquamarine among the worst), so other starting planets could be expected to have rare equipment and relics that counters the physical damage reduction provided by HX's products, with targeted damage output and non-physical damage buffs.

The Legendary Mechanic · C437
3 months ago

EternalCircle: So the Chinese still lost. Like damn, they must really suck. Only ones in the galaxy, got strats from a high tier player, got gear that would make a newbie OP, and they still lost.
I know why it happened story wise, so they have room to grow, but still, it just shows they suck

The Legendary Mechanic · C437
3 months ago

arjunks1000: "Lu Zhou took off his clothes before he went to take a shower."
1. This is not relevant in a tech story
2. This is what everyone commonly does, so does not need to be specified
3. You can delete this line without impacting the story whatsoever
4. If this goes on there might be lines about him peeing or taking a dump later on

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C109
3 months ago

Tasal: I found that weirdly adorable that she had that

My House of Horrors · C688
3 months ago

Sweetsie: The headless woman was just diligently trying to complete her indoctrinatio—uh, I mean, orientation at her new job and then some rude guy busts in and steals her guidebook! I’d be angry, too! 😅 Y’know, that little ghost on his shoulder is quite cute, trying hard to stop him from courting death, but idiocy is hard to cure... 😂

My House of Horrors · C688
3 months ago

MonitorShotput: They've been digging around for excuses for not giving Lucian another Holm Crown Ring lately. You used to get one just for discovering a new element, but he just found 2 new elements, a new particle, and a completely new system that merges Alchemy with the Elements. Tables will be flipped.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C455
3 months ago
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