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Honestly author if she help I cant understand her or you.. why bother with him again. Tiring to see the same usueless plot when the book is good :s View More
Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal · C98
5 hours ago
Why focus on this usueless man so much huu View More
Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal · C77
7 hours ago
i think it's the father that is mentally retard lol View More
Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal · C17
12 hours ago
well what the point of being interested in business when in the end she will be sold as breeding machine.... View More
Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal · C15
12 hours ago
No game no life !! :) View More
The Creed of An Avenger (an Arifureta Fanfic) · C63
1 day ago
It's funny cause if you view the western's children from china point of view we are for the majority bastard haha cause marriage is no more sacred here and not needed to be recognized by the laws. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 🙄🙄🙄 Is this man crazy? He wants his son? 🤨🤨 Like you actually deserve him, you piece of trash 😤😤😤. Because you will be against our ultimate couple ~ you will never get him because Iris and Liwei will be your opponents.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ The rich circle is so stupid. So what if he was an illegitimate child? Does that mean you have to treat his existence as a curse? Those poor children born, 'illegitimate.' They deserve better.

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C640
2 days ago
Even if her reasons is wrong like hell, I thank the grand aunt here cause she is right. And obviously this bastard Hui will never protect his son View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C640
2 days ago
Funny how I hate him so much. Too overbearing, a pure siscon that could easily hurt everyone near Iris for trivial thing. View More

shootinstar: i know the novel is called 'his genius wife is a superstar' but godammit i'm in love with lu zihao like literally i'm sooo invested in his character. author, please do consider giving us more chapters involving him (and hopefully his love story too. i want to see his reaction when he genuinely falls in love with someone T_T).

p.s. it'd be great if we can also see haohao reaction when other people he cares about are in danger (aside from iris). for example, grandpa lu. i know for a fact that he's starting to get comfortable with grandpa after he stole food from gramp's plate during orchidia beauty grand opening arc. hmph.

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C629
2 days ago
Honestly the brother should just go away. The brocon is too hard and harmful to all Iris relationship... View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C627
2 days ago
Well pills are here for that. Still weird that they're using condom in place of pills at this point View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C622
2 days ago
Using Germany and china beers as a reference of quality huuu. What an insult to the Belgian lol View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C506
3 days ago
?? She is a dragon View More

Rouxk: Tio race's is vampire?

The Creed of An Avenger (an Arifureta Fanfic) · C58
4 days ago
The fact that he never have controlisreally bothering View More
Fear the Night · C16
4 days ago
hope he kill his father fast enought ! View More
Fear the Night · C9
4 days ago
easy she was the one that aggro the goblons on them. She has reaped maximum benefits with 0 danger lol View More
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples · C70
4 days ago
eclair is the exact opposite of original hiro's sister. Author when will you resume your other book :'( View More
Shield Hero with Barrier Magic · C39
5 days ago
yeah finally our team has come. i should have wait tomorrow to read the chap :( View More
The Creed of An Avenger (an Arifureta Fanfic) · C57
5 days ago
where are the two sisters ? the "grey power" didn't take them to him ? :s View More
Debauchery Life · C9
5 days ago
Well in fact except for his mother/aunt, the others girls are really treated as mistress so not very well in an emotional plan ^^ View More

Xpoint1: To be honest fei is getting screwed alot. She needs better treatment atleast

illicit relationship · C127
6 days ago
Honestly xiao xi is not protected but monitoring by the hero ling to threaten or blackmail su zhan who is too busy to play the hero for a rotten organization to take care of his GF. View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C121
1 week ago
He is talking about the gender bending ^^ View More

swaran: Where in dxd is YAOI

Shield Hero with Barrier Magic · C38
1 week ago
She should just **** up the elven race ! View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C301
1 week ago
Eriiiiii View More
The Creed of An Avenger (an Arifureta Fanfic) · C52
1 week ago
Now he is missing only lana and his sister ;) View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C125
1 week ago
So the evil clan is not a guild ? No cause you wrote : "a guild cant propose a territory war against you for a week...." dumb author or clan is not the same as guild View More
Battle of Ascension · C258
1 week ago
Author find a name that is neither cute neither good. I'm speechless with the author naming sense. View More
Battle of Ascension · C249
1 week ago
Stupid. Hey let an OP boss alive to let a little girl kill him..... View More
Battle of Ascension · C147
1 week ago
Just make a longer katana. So tired of seeing big normal sword :( so unstylish View More
Battle of Ascension · C131
1 week ago
Hehehe 95skill point. Still stupid View More
Battle of Ascension · C97
1 week ago
Agreed but that because no one near him died yet (well the friends but it did not even change him a little bit) View More

BookDao: The son is as cancerous as the mother

Battle of Ascension · C70
1 week ago
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