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Original Works

  • Spelljammer: Sailors on the Sea of Stars

    Spelljammer: Sailors on the Sea of Stars


    Spelljammer is a setting that explores the Age of Sail if sailing ships could reach for the stars themselves. Following Clarmith, a young (for an elf) mage as he serves alongside other starfaring races and explores the Known Spheres. Terrible forces gather beyond the Known Spheres, and only the crew of the Everwanderer can hope to thwart their imperial ambitions. Will update whenever I have time and inspiration, and likely just be a short story overall. I haven't done any creative writing in years, so this should be fun!


Cant even have a simple spacewalk go right. Youre cursed! View More
Sol Conflict · C78
2 days ago
Or when under constant stress of being a vassal state of a power that wiped multiple cities off the map. View More
Sol Conflict · C74
6 days ago
Tachibana said not to use your title while traveling... too late now, tho! View More
Sol Conflict · C69
2 weeks ago
If nothing else, a ship like this could tow asteroids towards landlocked targets and smash them to dust... then easily escape retribution through speed and stealth. View More
Sol Conflict · C68
2 weeks ago
Something about Mars makes war and conflict inevitable. If they just named it Minerva there wouldnt be such troubles! View More
Sol Conflict · C65
2 weeks ago
Being president seems to rapidly age all people that have taken the position, far more than the four years in office should warrent. View More
Sol Conflict · C63
3 weeks ago
Quarantine time? View More
Sol Conflict · C61
3 weeks ago
Expedition to... the traitors on Titan! Got a long trip ahead of them, so they need that tasty Martian grub for the long, cold trip! View More
Sol Conflict · C59
1 month ago
Seems too foolish to be real deal indepence operatives. More likely it is foreign agents funding a fake terror action to spur the Feds into action... for some reasonm View More
Sol Conflict · C58
1 month ago
Or is hideously outmatched but doesnt realize it until he cannot rewind time far enough to avoid the encounter entirely... View More

GoodHunter: Which makes the weilder basically invincible, unless he's naive of downright stupid xD

The Legend of Black Eyes · C220
1 month ago
Time is very hard to fight if its wielder can do true time travel. Basically impossible I'd say, even. Worse than fighting a prophet, since time wielders can rewind until they get the optimal outcome... or, better, age you into dust. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C220
1 month ago
Reading Status: C46
The mystery of an isolated mountain village; why nobody walks in the dark when the yellow light shines from the mountaintop, why a bookshop owner is shunned and feared, are the starting points. It swiftly develops, in webnovel terms at least, into a greater mystery, though the lesser ones are answered. An ancient curse and those that would resist it, powers of magic that are difficult to define, and heavy psychological blows are how the first part rounds out. Definitely ready for part 2! View More
The Mountain Temple
1 month ago
At least the atom bomb could be comprehended. This superweapon defies the laws of sciencr, as understood! Surely such a power draw should be used in non military ways, like improved engines for space travel, generators for planetary power, and so on... View More
Sol Conflict · C56
1 month ago
Woah. Abrupt ending for sure! Gonna need another 20 chapters at least ;) View More
The Mountain Temple · C45
1 month ago
Is it cowardice to make a self sacrifice in the hopes of keeping something important out of the hands of evil? I dont think so! View More
The Mountain Temple · C44
1 month ago
Not making a subtle entry into the city at this rate! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C216
1 month ago
They will add wingdings before they add italics! View More
The Mountain Temple · C43
1 month ago
Great fairytail creature! Bound by oath and of awesome power, malicious and cunning yet constrained by the source of his power to follow very strict rules. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C213
1 month ago
Dragging around a corpse isnt a great look... View More
The Mountain Temple · C42
1 month ago
Good kitty! View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C211
1 month ago
Fox deserves a scratch behind the ears for that View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C209
1 month ago
Who knows how long you have been missing. You haven't had the best grasp on time lately. View More
The Mountain Temple · C41
1 month ago
Not kidding when I say I have been following some stories for literal decades! Some since the 90s, even, but they do monthly, sometimes weekly, content and have been (mostly) reliable in doing so! Making it a part of your day/week to push something out, as a habit, means you can keep cranking it out for years to come! View More

GoodHunter: I admit that it's hard to consistently offer quality content when you have to update on a daily basis. Sometimes, I have to retrace my steps, even rewrite or delete entire chapters. All in all, I appreciate your support and encouraging words ^_^

The Legend of Black Eyes · C207
1 month ago
I bet they arrested/lynched the poor guy... View More
The Mountain Temple · C40
1 month ago
Lotta falling, torment, and underestimating of your foes. At least it seems to run in the family. View More
The Legend of Black Eyes · C208
1 month ago
Just do what's comfortable! I have been reading stories online for decades... some individual stories for that long, even! Once a month schedules, or even slower, are the norm I am used to for quality content! View More

GoodHunter: I'm trying to upload twice a day as I used to, but it's more difficult these days due to my schedule. I work night shifts now, so I don't get much rest for my eyes. I'll try to stockpile for a steady two chapter release, but no promises yet.

The Legend of Black Eyes · C207
1 month ago
Maybe even make a sidegrade into haunting an online degree program, the scariest of all! View More

Strawberry_Pancake: ...Graduating from possessing a high school and moving to a university or sth...

The Mountain Temple · C39
1 month ago
Ah, harnessing forces of nature. At least neither could do something like, say, rewinding time or causing a mass possession event... View More
The Mountain Temple · C39
1 month ago
O.O View More

Strawberry_Pancake: That would be quite unfortunate.

The Mountain Temple · C38
1 month ago
Drawn into events you can't comprehend to serve as a pawn.. at least there isnt a... 'community' of hostile apirits involved. So far. View More
The Mountain Temple · C38
1 month ago
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