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  • Into Extinction

    Into Extinction


    80 years ago, a war ended in disaster that shook the world. Monsters from other worlds were brought in randomly, wrecking ecosystems and challenging humans for land. Now, humans have already lost control of the oceans, and what settlements that remained were patrolled by hunting guilds, maintaining the balance in territory. However, some hunters have their sights set on something big, to reclaim the lost land and sea. Risha and her sister Ziyan are hunters with such beliefs, will they succeed in driving the monsters into extinction, or will their actions spark a retaliation that'll drive humans into extinction?


What if they become the main characters of the sequel View More

Beta_Tauri: There is some people that I want to know what happens to them, like Paper, Snaketooth and company?

Release That Witch · C1497
2 months ago

Beta_Tauri: There is some people that I want to know what happens to them, like Paper, Snaketooth and company?

Release That Witch · C1497
2 months ago
Don't tell me this world is going to be the setting for the sequel, with a new witch and all that, and then discover the sky sea realm is still around (devour was spared by Roland) View More
Release That Witch · C1496
2 months ago
Now we need to learn how did Roland jump worlds View More
Release That Witch · C1489
2 months ago

tlthon: kurzgesagt ,in a nutshell

Release That Witch · C1485
3 months ago
Plot twist
Danny isn't crazy
Malt is alive in Danny's realm of mind he somehow gained through his PTSD. View More
Release That Witch · C1482
3 months ago
I know they're probably going to gently lower Roland into the pit or the guardian will open some portal. But it'd be hilarious if they just yeet Roland into the hole and hope for the best View More
Release That Witch · C1481
3 months ago
If scroll can enter they still can, but that's if she can. View More

Dante_The_Immortal: But I also hope he can transmit messages back to Real World or it will be all chaos. Anna and Tilly will have a lot in their hands to keep morale and to advance forward. Remember when first time he went to Coma they went back to NeverWinter which was apt at that time but now they have to move forward with Confidence and Zeal. Have faith in MC 👊

Release That Witch · C1473
3 months ago
It'll be hilarious if the authors next work is Roland's new isekai View More

Marj_Licht: Getting isekaid again

Release That Witch · C1472
3 months ago
They might if they were hit View More

Achtzehn: Nah.. They won't do that... Roland did say to prioritize their lives first~

Release That Witch · C1466
3 months ago
From the author's references it's probably approximately the same as little boy

The next is probably the same as fat man.

Little boy has 15kt, fat man has 21kt.

Although it's very hard to judge based on modern understanding, that 6 kt difference is pretty big.

Then again there's also a chance the dream world taught him how to make a fusion bomb for fat man. (Technically it's using one nuke to start the reaction of another nuke inside the same bomb). View More

Shurikens: Well i bet that magic shield now is depleted from that blast ahaha. Wonder how many kiloton or megaton on that bomb.

Release That Witch · C1464
3 months ago
I'm wondering how they're going to drop the second one with all the crap the first one is going to cause.

The shockwave, the mushroom cloud, and probably a very angry island with whatever mask can throw. View More
Release That Witch · C1463
3 months ago
No one questioning why Tilly was talking about the demons having bonfires? View More
Release That Witch · C1462
3 months ago
Wait where was it mentioned that they were 100 km apart View More

Dante_The_Immortal: Actually regarding this Nuke attack I have my doubts I mean they inching closer to each other, sure there are still about 100km apart still detonating a Nuke so close. I know they were away 15 km during testing but that time it was on very small scale but if Roland wants to bring down Deity of God's truly without Demons help only a Massive Nuke with couple of MEGATONS in out energy so it's sort of dangerous in close range hmm well it's fiction so Author might have a plan so be Patient I guess 😗🤔

Release That Witch · C1461
3 months ago
Probably after they master communication and stuff, and have only Eleanor run the whole island alone shooting magic down. View More

J1N: I just realized one thing. If Roland could figure out a way to propel the Skycruiser to low-earth orbit, it would be an orbital platform capable of bombarding enemies from space.

Release That Witch · C1459
3 months ago
Damn I'm really curious how strong of a combat witch Eleanor was, holding a pocket despite the city falling.

But damn you really feel for her to finally get her revenge after these years. But it gets better, it's not only her revenge but the revenge of all the witches that merged with her, it's the revenge of the Taquila fallen. View More
Release That Witch · C1458
3 months ago

Xboxgorgo18: Literally a fucking magical CIWS

Release That Witch · C1457
3 months ago

Felix1962: Despite this becoming a harem. I am not at all angered because there clearly is an escalation of emotions between characters. Not just... I love you and I want to have your babies because you so strong and have big dick...

Release That Witch · C1456
3 months ago

J1N: The Queen has officially granted Nightingale designation Concubine #1. You may now proceed, Roland.

Release That Witch · C1456
3 months ago
And yet again the old Graycastle standard unit of measurement got heavier View More
Release That Witch · C1448
4 months ago
Funny enough if nightingale evolves it'll be hard to verify unless they drag Sylvie into this since she's the only one that can see the vortex.

Then again they have other methods now View More
Release That Witch · C1447
4 months ago
Remember she's a combination of many witches currently, so she's more like a bio magical supercomputer.

You have to remember what the Taquila witches do when they're about to die : Merge with lady Eleanor.

The Roland comes by and turns her into a calculator for the astronomy guys. View More

QLikesDonut: Thanks for the chapter Henyee Translations! Eleanor's power must have been something to do with her brain because she adapts and learns new things ridiculously fast.

Release That Witch · C1443
4 months ago

J1N: Alice's entrance consists of thunder boom or earthquake? I'm not sure if everyone realized the significance of this...

Release That Witch · C1443
4 months ago

BurntCabbage: Red mist is red
The ocean is blue
Creating new land
Makes one gorgeous view

Release That Witch · C1441
4 months ago
I knew that it'll have something to do with our resident biosupercomputer View More
Release That Witch · C1438
4 months ago
Mad scientist Vs evil mad scientist begin View More
Release That Witch · C1436
4 months ago

Zenkat: "Stay here with me. Join me."

Celine- um I have a bf.

Release That Witch · C1436
4 months ago
Totally forgot about that thing.

I guess the only remaining issue was something about witch magic cancellation from the mist. I recall lily couldn't affect the mist with her magic, then again it might be effective towards the mist itself.

The main problem would be the mass of the island, I mean the required magic power to lighten it is immense. Unless the demons join in redirecting the power systems of the deity of god's into the thing. View More

Avalast85: Actually, Hummingbird wouldn't need to even go near the Deity of Gods. I meant have the Instrument of Divine Retribution replicate her power, just like it is presently doing with Mystery Moon's power to supply electricity to Neverwinter. Once it began replicating that power, and even before that, Mystery Moon no longer had to be anywhere near it.

Release That Witch · C1435
4 months ago
I think the city is still covered in mist since there's a lot of demons there, the valve is probably the mechanism that spreads the mist out of the city originally meant to supply the demons below View More

Dante_The_Immortal: Hmm difficult to say besides isn't that a Weapon though it might store magic still hmm well no Plot is perfect and there will be Loopholes but I guess biggest one is Red Mist even though the Demon Lord's closed some thing like valve still it's exists inside the city. Even the smallest amount is no good to Witches 😗🤔

Release That Witch · C1435
4 months ago
Oh god imagine Celine, whatever remains of Mask and Kyle chatting together View More

BurntCabbage: I kinda ship Mask with Celine. They're somewhat similar to each other so they would be a good match if they can overcome their differences as enemies. Maybe something interesting will happen if and when she senses a trace of him merged in the core. Then they can nerd out about magic tech and research it together.
Blob tentacle monster X Massive floating island ❤

Release That Witch · C1435
4 months ago
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