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burntpotato: Time to make the mummy have some exercise. He been sleeping for too long.

Lord of the Mysteries · C879
20 hours ago

Surely_Panda: I like the way Klein handled this situation. I thought it would turn into a massive misunderstanding where Leonard thought an old friend had turned evil or always evil but Klein saved us chapters of manufactured drama through a rarely seen secret skill in novel called "use your words".

Lord of the Mysteries · C853
1 week ago

Slesk: Nice Dantes finally gets to act like a powerful beyonder in front of Leonard =D

Lord of the Mysteries · C852
1 week ago

Randompasserby: So even the Saint of the Evernight Church really has no clue on whatever that Eraser Angel living in his basement was up to 🤔

That sounds terribly unwise but maybe they just don't know better since the did managed to seal and even direct Her against their enemies... Let's just hope only the rare mid sequence Seer Pathway beyonders triggered Her autonomy instead of her being a ticking time bomb in the middle of Backlund jeez 😱🙏🏼

Lord of the Mysteries · C846
1 week ago

TomoyaNagase: There it is! Zaratul is trying to fool our MC after all!

Lord of the Mysteries · C841
2 weeks ago

X_C: Church evernight: better provide some sleeping spa to our VIP... if he goes kaput... then there goes our extra allowances...
Klien: 😑😑😑 I’m trying to have beauty sleep....
Will: oi... sparrow... how come you don’t consider that when you come and spam me with questions... I’m an unborn fetus!!!!😒😒😒
Klien: er.... you’re level 1.., doesn’t count... neways... we will meet soon...😏😘
Will: 😱😱😱😱

Lord of the Mysteries · C803
3 weeks ago

Dex2: It happened due to some factors:
1. His marionette ability requires him to assume different personalities for his marionette
2. He was continually tense not wanting a mistake in his plans to steal the book
3. Finally, the agitation when he looked at the spirit body threads of the Keeper caused his personality to split

Lord of the Mysteries · C801
3 weeks ago

CKtalon: Another 2 chapters for getting #7.

Lord of the Mysteries · C796
3 weeks ago

Randompasserby: I really appreciate Emlyn's portrayal as intelligent enough to realize some problems with simple observation but ultimately far too inexperienced compared to the pros.

Better get to learning soon, little moon. Before Gehrman had to bail your ass and leave you with several traumas 😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C794
3 weeks ago
Yup i agree she is more of a danitz character. Not suitable for the fog table. View More

Way_too_lazy: I think she is gonna be more like daniz

Lord of the Mysteries · C784
1 month ago

Way_too_lazy: I think she is gonna be more like daniz

Lord of the Mysteries · C784
1 month ago

Aby55: I wonder if Arrodes was spelling out the tastes of those in the room or if they were embarrassed for Dantes and thought it's rlly awkward he is saying all that

Lord of the Mysteries · C780
1 month ago

Surely_Panda: Velantinus: WTFudgery?

Ace Snake: Ha!!! Don't look at me, this is your crapshow now, not so easy is it?

Lord of the Mysteries · C779
1 month ago

Arksho: Return! Mr.X! *throws Groselle's pokeball* *Smack!*

Lord of the Mysteries · C779
1 month ago

Ozwin: Oh. Well a member of the Hall family showed up. Small world to be talking about the bike shares with the disguised owner there friend. Did you know he is also your sister’s god

Lord of the Mysteries · C760
1 month ago

ChickenV: Switchboard Operators, which means Klein is the Tarot Club's Phone Operator.

"You've dialed The Tarot Club, to whom may I redirect your call?"

Lord of the Mysteries · C755
1 month ago

Alessan: Dancing should be very easy with Clown powers. I wonder when he is going to start acting more.

Lord of the Mysteries · C749
1 month ago
I wonder if a potions master has any issues with the need to pee during combat after downing various potions... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C747
1 month ago

Alessan: Enjoying the extra chapters a lot, good to see people voting with power stones.

Lord of the Mysteries · C745
1 month ago

Ozwin: Wow. Rude. “Oh no, that annoying Sherlock fellow is at the restaurant using yet another face. Better just go back home.”

Lord of the Mysteries · C739
1 month ago

Davidwrn: The churches wanted more low sequence beyonders to use as "soldiers", but don't want these beyonders to advance. Because as they advance they will start to lust after the limited High sequence ingredients. And the easiest way to get them is by killing other beyonders which might lead to in-fighting or even a coup d'etat

Lord of the Mysteries · C735
1 month ago

Meowhead: One reason is because of the conservation of materials. They make more people but dont have enough high end ingredients to let them all increase. So they only teach the method to the most promising.

Also the acting method can be dangerous if you forget you are just acting.

Lord of the Mysteries · C735
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C726
1 month ago

SaintBookwormLich: This is it! The grand finale, the biggest event to end the heroic story arc of the gentleman-madman-scholar-pirate-hunter Gerhman Sparrow 🙌😎

Lord of the Mysteries · C710
2 months ago

TitanoCapivara: First time nuking others with his scepter :P

Lord of the Mysteries · C710
2 months ago
Edwina over Cataleya anytime! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C705
2 months ago
I think he has no choice but to accept? I mean he is only acting as regent with title of Lord Xuanyuan instead of Emperor. XY-Zhu probably has the ability to learn the XY skill since he is from MC & XY-Changying's bloodline. View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1983
2 months ago

Docnox: Noooooo can we just leave?! Lol

The Mech Touch · C937
2 months ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Huehue everyone gather around for Little Sun’s story time! It’s like a little brother recounting the school day for his fam. But instead of schoolwork, it’s what monstrosity tried to kill him today. #FamGoals.

On a more jealous note, Hangman is feeling threatened by Cattelya’s willingness to participate. Lol he finna need to climb that Stormy corporate ladder since it looks like Catt finna take over all oceanic connections/intel.

Lord of the Mysteries · C680
2 months ago

Randompasserby: It also helps that we've seen what the Orthodox Churches are capable off when you lit some fire under their ass. Those Intis and Feysac spies loitering around The Red Angel Ruins and the formerly existing Bansy Harbor can attest to that.
They could get sh!t done.

Lord of the Mysteries · C679
2 months ago
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