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Isaac View More

28th00: Hold up, whose that "Maybe"?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C246
4 months ago

Wolf_God: Wolf_God facts: The giant Pacific octopus has three hearts, nine brains and blue blood, making reality stranger than fiction. A central brain controls the nervous system. In addition, there is a small brain in each of their eight arms — a cluster of nerve cells that biologists say controls movement.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C245
4 months ago

Wolf_God: Wolf_God facts: Silver is not toxic to humans! In fact, it actually kills some bacteria; but that doesn’t mean you should try eating any.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C244
4 months ago
Reading Status: C79
WARNING!! MEGA SPOILERS!!!! THAT DON'T WARRANT USING THE SPOILER SLIDER!!!!: It's plot is ***HEAVILY*** "inspired" by Tokyo Ghoul. Everyone is here! We have Not-Touka, Not-Rize, Not-Owl, Not-Kaneki, not-Hina, we even have not-Tsuu Takiyama!! There are iconic scenes like the kidnapped by Pervert and put into a gladiator arena arc, Pervert raping the new friends girl in a church and then touka saves MC's ass by whooping PErvert's. point is, this feels like a bad reboot of TG.
Also, it is really hard to keep track of who is who, the names are so similar and they get introduced lie 5 at a time and then the scene ends. View More
The Blacklight
4 months ago
I find it kinda hard to get invested in it, b/c everytime I start really enjoying it, you pull right back onto the plot progression tokyo ghoul. like seriously. I stopped reading a bit after when he took over as his father and joined the Terrorists, b/c honestly that arc has never been done well. It was the shakiest arc in the first half of the manga, and I am told it is the shakiest in the LN's first half too, while Tokyo Ghoul √A deviated from the manga and LN and you know how that ended up. Also, a lot of what made your story interesting was the socioeconomic tensions and the class divides in Tokyo and the view being a member of both worlds provides the readers. I was totally onboard with a heavily tokyo ghoul inspired setting and even plot, if it meant we could explore what the political landscape of such a city might be like. i also had hope it could evolve away from TG's plot when the coffee shop sells him out. View More

ConanAnderson: Seem like you don’t comment on the good parts?

The Blacklight · C30
4 months ago
Are we running out of facts!??!?! View More

Minecode: That ones already been used

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C236
5 months ago
Fight back against Big cola View More

Wolf_God: Wolf_God facts: In 2006, a Coca-Cola employee offered to sell Coca-Cola secrets to Pepsi. Pepsi responded by notifying Coca-Cola.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C236
5 months ago
next chapter? View More
Brutal Journey of an Unfortunate Heroine · C65
5 months ago
It used to be daily.... View More
King of Gods · C140
5 months ago
oh ****. i think that c2 might have gotten out! View More
Input Log Dates · C230
5 months ago
how long has it been, if they shouldn't have remembered names, and for .5 to be as old as they were View More
Input Log Dates · C223
5 months ago
do they live in a castle in the swamp? View More
The Blacklight · C67
5 months ago
called it... View More
The Blacklight · C30
5 months ago
so, they have a past...... is redtron his father? View More
The Blacklight · C26
5 months ago
actually.... black and green swords...... seraph of the end!?!??!?! View More

Joary: let me guess, the cubes are made from not-kagune

The Blacklight · C12
5 months ago
let me guess, the cubes are made from not-kagune View More
The Blacklight · C12
5 months ago
so, next chapter is the mask shop... i mean casino View More
The Blacklight · C11
5 months ago
oh god. here's the gourmet/pervert View More
The Blacklight · C10
5 months ago
oh. oh ****. i now where this is going. this is going to be a hina situation..... not lie i was emotionally invested yet View More
The Blacklight · C7
5 months ago
grammar is improving, but you might want to go back to earlier chapters and do some edits... View More
The Blacklight · C6
5 months ago
so...... tokyo ghoul...... View More
The Blacklight · C4
5 months ago
tokyo ghoul? View More
The Blacklight · C2
5 months ago
question, after the first alarm in class, why didn't she turn down her phone's volume? and who even hSas their phone volume up if they aren't actively using it in 2020? View More
Demonic Sadist System · C9
5 months ago
That's perfectly fine! View More

VenerableColdQueen: I'm working on it, I will post two more chapters together after I get some free time, I have been busy exams, sry.

Demoness's Concept Of Justice · C7
5 months ago
When's the next chapter? View More
Demoness's Concept Of Justice · C7
5 months ago
Calling it now, the princess is Zera View More
New Game+ · C83
5 months ago
Did they ever really have a chance to do that though? The entire time the PRT was struggling with low PR, Brockton Bay was hit with one-two punches: Leviathan, SH9 View More

edboy49: Awesome chapter
Damn, the PRT from Worm should take notes from this in how to do a PR stunt.

New Game+ · C51
5 months ago
So, FYI. You should rewrite the whole "rewards and punishment" thing. It doesn't make sense, and the rewards totally don't balance out. In that kind of world, is being a demon even that much worse than being a human? In fact, with how much sass she is giving Arty, it seems even more ridiculous that the balance is tilted in her favor. Also, being isekai'd shouldn't be a "bonus reward."
What tangibles your explanation provides MC are: [Demon Race], [Isekai - Dark Fantasy], [System], [Memories]. The intangibles are that she is sassy, at home in dark fantasy setting, is surprisingly not vulgar for either a teenager or a murderer (much less a teenager murderer) (we can ignore this one).
So, how about I take a crack at my own explanation for how/why she gets these things and we learn these things. The only part I'll actually change is the distribution of rewards/punishments. Her murders still get her the demon race, but her good deeds, to the chagrin of the gods, reached the threshold where she is eligible for reincarnation into a fantasy world. The gods don't like her at all due to her irreverence and hubris so they hatch a scheme, and describe to her the Isekai world that is instant death for demons in order to dissuade her from choosing isekai, because according to the god's rules, you are sent to the world most fitting you or in special cases is in great danger. Because the gods have their rules however, they must give proper compensation for lying to her, and so they give her a system, their lowest ranking cheat. MC, being genre savvy (and noticing Art's terrible acting skills), goes on the offensive, saying that shouldn't she be able to chose hercheat, and how is that world a rewards if it is instant death, and she keeps pushing until Art cracks, and admits that that isn't the world she would be going to, that if they didn't lie she wouldn't qualified for even the system as the world she was going to didn't yet qualify for a "hero" intervention, and that even if it did, she wasn't qualified to receive a cheat View More
Demoness's Concept Of Justice · C2
5 months ago
seems to be that way, and if i had to place a bet, I'd put everything on it being the elf View More

darkoneko:'s not gonna be one of her old reincarnated teammates in there, would it ?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C210
5 months ago
So kotomine. He "summoned" a spirit? Is this seperate from Gilgamesh? View More
Fate/Stay Night Lust Wars [DROPPED] · C0
5 months ago
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