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deokjin: This whole match is making me exhausted as well 😂😂😂

The King's Avatar · C1459
9 months ago

TobyN: @Translator! Keep up the great work!!!
Minor correction for accuracy sake: His Majesty is the royal title for Kings. His Highness is for lower nobles, so Princes, etc. For Formal Occasions, My Lord, My Liege or My Lady.

Release That Witch · C1312
10 months ago

ToLaughOrCry: Meanwhile I'm just concerned if they have been showering or not, at least we know they eat, except for Ye Xiu who lives on cigarettes

The King's Avatar · C230
10 months ago

TeaAddict: Gosh, more “thoughts”

Zombie Sister Strategy · C176
10 months ago

Thormented: Well... I know some couples express their love via biting. ... I guess this is something similar? .... Even though Ren would literally get torn apart if she did this. XD

The Empress's Gigolo · C130
12 months ago

Djin: Betrayal! No more medicine for you!!

Elixir Supplier · C23
1 year ago

Johnjayjay: "Lin Qiao didn't know that she was only a basic-stage level-three zombie" - Uhh, earlier in the story it said she was almost at the 4th stage...

Zombie Sister Strategy · C18
1 year ago

Ella_Xu: 😂 that last statement of the lady

Kingdom's Bloodline · C53
1 year ago

4HOURS: Is she an alcoholic witch? :P

Release That Witch · C674
1 year ago

knightoncrack: Not gonna lie but I don't really feel well with roland X Anna.... I'm more towards roland X nightingale.

Release That Witch · C485
1 year ago

Deus_Caedes: Wow, is this the power of a witch? It seems detrimental. I feel like it would be hard for merged hearts to pump blood for both bodies, especially if they are not right next to each other.

Release That Witch · C477
1 year ago

ICZephyr: Wow.. he works fast..
I guess that's how it is in a world where you could die any day..
And just saying, they should have gone out plenty of times before this, not just the ones mentioned in the story

Release That Witch · C304
1 year ago

Kreld: Throw your pokeball now when shes confused carter!

Release That Witch · C210
1 year ago

darkdoom: Makes Sense though. The Team as it is right now has to find together and Fang Rui has to get used to the qi Master. 2 months is not enough for that. And then facing against an incredibly strong samsara. Where going to See happy get consistently stronger throughout the season though is what I think.

The King's Avatar · C1138
1 year ago

Arkusar: And thus started the legend of the jade, that grew no wings but flew away, completely on its own at that, to probably find its brother, evenso it was and inanimate object and had no wings, as mentioned. But even if a can´t tell you all the splendid adventures this flying jade pendant had on its journey, evenso it was dead and had no wings, i can assure you, that in the end, it found it´s brother and even a new owner, completly on it´s own, for realsies.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C298
1 year ago
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