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Original Works

  • High School DxD - A demonic dragon

    High School DxD - A demonic dragon


    An avarage boy from earth dies but that's not the end of his story it's just the beginning. So toon in to find out how he went and became one of the most feared beings in existence.


Reading Status: C34
To put it simply this novel is bad. Jumps from one thing to another making it very confusing by that I mean he can be doing something in school but the next ch he is at his home eating breakfast or something like that.

Second of all the mc. Damn the dudes annoying as ****, laughing like an idiot all the time and so on.

Then theres world building... well what can i say theres bearly any of that if any.

Character development is non existent as well.

To put in simpler terms, DON'T READ IT IF U VALUE U'R BRAIN CELLS!!! View More
The Harem King
1 month ago

EndlesslyHarem: Really what makes me confused is the plot, even the MC also makes me stressed, I think the writer has a mental disorder.

The Harem King
1 month ago
I actually dont even like black cat that much anymore. View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C57
2 months ago
You are so right my good sir. Because thats just what I'm about to do. View More

GedonistOver: When you adding child to MC and he doesn't even have a girlfriend be ready the readers will drop this. Because STUPID MC isn't cool. Thanks

Nurarihyon System in Another World · C16
3 months ago
True that but i hate ron more than her View More

Mustanges: Hermione is such an obnoxious character.

Harry Potter and the darkness · C39
3 months ago
Is it me or does author keep misplacing layla and lydia names? O.o View More
The Lust System · C63
4 months ago
Wth is this nonsense View More
The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C22
4 months ago

LIX: Gotta stockpile some chapters here. See you in 15 days (I think it's gonna be around 15 chapters+)

Immaculate Spirit · C130
4 months ago
Yeah. Probs without his sister he wouldnt survive for long View More

Darcksage: Indeed, you'd think he'd change a bit after all that happened until now. The plot armor is strong with this one

The Lust System · C52
4 months ago
You and me both. Tho he was a retard since the start. Though with his lower half and most of the time his plans only worked bcz of luck or just plot convienence. View More

Darcksage: I feel like MC is getting more retarded by the chapter

The Lust System · C52
4 months ago

Darcksage: I feel like MC is getting more retarded by the chapter

The Lust System · C52
4 months ago
Srsly? U accidentally realeased it yesterday then replayced it with a proper one then u released it today like nothing happened View More
The Lust System · C38
5 months ago
I spit on this ****. And this is the reason that most of the novels i read are originals. Im not gonna drop this yet but if it doesnt improve i will. Because this kind of overused, obvious plot just annoys me. I dont find anything enjoyable about it and think its just stupid. Why the heck is he even staying in this clan? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C40
6 months ago

jith: I think they should make a tag called dump protagonist . So that we can avoid such novels

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C40
6 months ago
You could have just deleted the previous ch now itll look weird View More
RE: Percy Jackson World · C0
6 months ago
Thanks dude i apreciate the support this is 1st ever written story View More

prastiyotudi: Good chapter for starting story.... Please released more

High School DxD - A demonic dragon · C0
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
6 months ago
Please dont make the mc one of those beta mcs who never understand whats going on and are dense as a brick View More
(Dropped) Boku no Toraburu · C44
6 months ago
Well the author nor the translator owns the rights to any of the games talked about in this novel, do they. View More

khoukharev: What copyrighted materials are there?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C130
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C1
7 months ago

Livergut: Am I the only one who found the way he died super scary X0

Am I a Demon? Or am I a God? · C1
7 months ago
The mc basically crippled himself. The main function of systems is that as long as you have points you can buy anything no matter how rare it is. Now he actually has unlimited points but cant buy ****. This function here severely limits the mc buyings things that he gets himself and some things he could have bought easilly before now he cant. View More
Easy Cultivation · C4
7 months ago
The mc is too weak considering hes a hybrid id expect him to be way stronger than this. Heck it looks like peter and him were equally powerfull heck mc seemed even weaker than him. I can see that u have an idea of what u want to do with the story but how this plot twist was executed was horrible. This ch made mc seem weak and someones whose afraid to kill... well im rambling now but u get the idea View More
Original Hybrid - Teen Wolf Fan Fiction · C31
7 months ago

Just_a_person: *Leo secretly looks at his ‘watch’*

[Goal: Harem God - Collect at least one girl from each race.]

[Progress- Half-Vampire ✔️
Dark-Wood Elf ✔️
Titan ✔️
Human ➖
Dragon ➖

Beginnings End (Completed) · C9
11 months ago

PayDay: TL;DR

Expectations: Old hardened war vet with a soft side for kids. Who enjoys his new life as a Pokemon trainer and moves forward past having to leave his wife and family behind.
Reality: Teen with delusions of being a war vet was hit by a truck and God played along with his delusions and let him go to the Pokemon world where he finally gets to use the 9 in dick he never had on Earth on the equally delusional females.

Grammar needs work some misspellings. The story rather than showing us what's happening tells you. The dialogue could use some work... Some of the conversations don't seem at all realistic.

Updates are fine I suppose the Author hasn't gotten to an amount where I can fairly judge it. I can't say the story has really developed at all. It feels more about the ladies in the anime than the Pokemon.

Which brings us to Character Design... this is supposed to be an 80 something year old man who gets sent to the Pokemon world. Yet he acts like the 16 year old he made his body into. I don't see any wisdom at all so far even though apparently he has a good amount.

You told us he has some fighting ability but the one instance I read of him using it you didn't do a good job of showing it off. Rather than an aged war veteran I'd say we have at most a high schooler with a need to flirt and have ***. World background is Pokemon it hasn't been described much in any sort of way so I'm guessing we just go off what the Anime looks like. So far I'm not impressed with the story or the MC. Fine he's 80 something and probably hasn't done it in a while, but right now it's just an old man who goes to a Pokemon world to have *** with the young beautiful females.

If I had to give some advice I'd say fix the dialogue it's not great. The battles need something because right now they seem almost dull. Rather than keeping his memories it feels like he only kept the memories of Pokemon, "fighting" and ***. It doesn't even feel like he had a wife once. Even though this wife was apparently the one who turned him from a hardened rock into whatever he is today. We don't even find out if she was alive or not. I honestly feel like there was no point in making him an old man or a war veteran. Making him a typical **** or geek man who got hit by a truck would give us the same exact MC.

dropped, continued by the name Journey towards greatness.
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C1
11 months ago

PhectMaphter: You do realize people change? Especially if they only remember they had a lover in past life, and only know their name. For all he knows, Eve might be dead, left him, or just a figment of his imagination. Naturally, it's not like that, but Rei doesn't know it.
It'd be much worse if he stayed lonely for millions of years, and broke Bai Wu's heart.
Also, do you think a harem is worse than a romance where the MC can only have his first lover, and has to reject any girl that genuinely loves him, and the feelings are reciprocated? (I know MC doesn't love Bai Wu as a woman, but I should add "yet").
You can't blame him if he ends up with one (or two) more girl(s) along the way. Especially since it's obvious he won't meet Eve for a loooong time (we're speaking in millenia at least). Since even if you don't count the time he accelerates to age his rings now, he's been in this world for, how long, 15,000 years+? That, plus a bunch of centuries (his life + time in purgatory) from 7Sins world, and the unknown time he trained there.
Add to that the time he'll spend in a few upcoming worlds, you have a looooot of time spent lonely just cause you remember you had someone important and remember their name. And don't forget he hasn't lived for a truly long time. Yes, he 'existed' for hundreds of thousands of years, but only at most a couple decades he spent truly living, not even a thousandth of the time he spent training.
I actually am kinda surprised he could stay loyal to a thought of someone important, but!
Becoming a slave of not even a memory is, absurd? Pointless? You get the gist.

The Divine Anime System · C105
11 months ago

TheFriendlyWeeb: Like this comment, if you guys want another power ranking so I will make it quickly, if this was able to get 20 or more likes then I will make it real fast.

I need time to rest, so I will be resting for a few hours. Almost midnight here.

11 months ago
There few reasons for that i think. Just like you said he should be able to last more but that is if its the same but its not. That modes power corresponts to how many gene locks han has unlocked and at the moment he has 2. So thats why his time in that mode did not increase. View More

ApexDragon: I'm surprised his time limit is still three seconds despite his fitness level being much higher.

Super Gene · C958
1 year ago
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