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DemonicPanda: I have family and friends reading this. Need to keep my image

Rebirth in Bleach · C51
5 hours ago

Kayox23: It's good that you are expanding the Universe but I hope that the Original Plot of Bleach will just be happening in the "East Branch" and the "West Branch" will have his own arc and not interfere with the main plot

Rebirth in Bleach · C39
9 hours ago

Scareraven: Thanks for the chap! I can't really say it's bad or good, to me it's just original since it's a side of bleach I never thought of.

Rebirth in Bleach · C39
9 hours ago

Abyssgate: Since there is a west and east branch it is only logical for a north south and central branch, so do those branches exist

Rebirth in Bleach · C39
9 hours ago
simple but hilarious View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C28
11 hours ago

Slesk: Your information on Vasto Lorde is wrong, they do not have a number on them that's the Espada which are classed as Arrancar's not Vasto Lorde. Vasto Lorde's are recognized for being more human than other hollows, often times being humanoid in form and intelligence. They also tend to be on average individually stronger than most Captain Level shinigami. It is heavily implied that only the top 4 espada where Vasto Lorde when they were turned into Arrancars, those where Ulquiorra, Tier Harribel, Baraggan, and Coyote Stark. Out of those only Tier, Baraggan where shown in their Vasto Lorde forms when they were shown to be recruited by Aizen's army Stark became an Arrancar on his own when he broke his own mask and created Lilynette.
Nelliel is suspected of being a Vasto Lorde before being turned but it's not certain and it was never confirmed.

Rebirth in Bleach · C18
18 hours ago

NewbRage: Amazing chapter author, thank you! However, there is one giant mistake I would like to point out. Vasto Lordes are very rare, but they don't have numbers. The hollows who had numbers are called the Espada which were created by Aizen. At this point, Aizen didn't become the King of Hueco Mundo as it only happened when Gin and Tousen were already Captains thus the only hierachy there is right now is King Baraggan, his subordinates and everyone else are just savages who kill or get killed.

Rebirth in Bleach · C18
18 hours ago

Captain_Caption: Nope it didn't look forced well maybe.. kinda.. ok it was forced you could've built up the mood but it's totally fine as it is also.

Rebirth in Bleach · C17
19 hours ago
Ebil! Such a teaser! View More
Godly Devourer System · C49
1 day ago
Anacondas? like, the boas? Here in Brazil we call it Sucuri, and its more like it lets the eggs hatch inside of them rather than outside. I think there's a name for that... oviviparous? View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's Facts: Unlike ordinary snakes, anacondas give birth to live babies instead of eggs.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C188
1 day ago
well,the beginning was rly a copy. But, well... its hard not to copy a start point of something when using the same theme. At least it got to its own points soon enough. View More

ranaltor: Well now it's getting interesting...and people said this book was a copy of nano now it's going it's own way I would just like longer chapters...or more of them but can't have everything just write at your own pace

Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C37
1 day ago

Alvzorin: Other than the very rare grammar mistake this story has the solemn feeling that many fantasy novels try but fail to give off. The cliffhangers are in good places and even the first few chapters gave the feeling of awe and companionship that novels generally need to build up before liking a companion. All I can say is I cant wait for the the next update.

Girl with the Golden-Cat Eyes
2 days ago

KayBay: Shameless self-view here. I like dragons and I like magic. I also like magic girl killing dragons ................................................................................................
I mean the story focuses on a girl who died in a game designed for her and it ended up becoming real. It's legit, read it please? ; _ ;

Girl with the Golden-Cat Eyes
2 days ago
Reading Status: C32
I don't usually make reviews but this piece of work earned it. It has a different kind of drama around the tragic past of the MC, it's a realistic scenario that u can easily imagine happening, characters that had lives full of mistakes and regrets... this makes them seem much more human than most stories.
As a criticism I would only say that its a hard read at the beginning, cause the scenario keep changing from past and present and there's no heads up for that, though after I start to be able to early identify that, it became really enjoying, as now I've two intriguing plots to follow at the same time.
All in all, keep the great work, Author-dono~ View More
Girl with the Golden-Cat Eyes
2 days ago

Soulvalkyri: I bet that this demoness's plan will backfire on her lol

Summoning the Holy Sword · C536
2 days ago
This work is great, seriously. View More
Girl with the Golden-Cat Eyes · C32
2 days ago

TheAdorableDumplin: I find this class system to be similar to Nanomancer reborn

Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C4
3 days ago
i dont get it, what was lost? '-' View More

Asuran8: Same here

Nero, My Existence is Perfect · C28
3 days ago
"steel" not a normal looking human. xD View More

Zoroastra: I would probably look like a mix of steel and muscle walled straight out of a gory war horror. Just to make a statement xD

Primordial System · C3
4 days ago

CattieBrie: I chuckled at the smartphone bit, you can create anything! Whole worlds, entire new race of creature, but I'm gonna make me a smartphone 😂

Primordial System · C4
4 days ago
If u were a god, why would u stick to not be glorious in a way? like a gentle grandpa, a gorgeous woman, a handsome man, a child like appearance just to confuse others, or a beggar for a big impact? View More

Zoroastra: A little too random for me, and why always the guy with perfect looks.. *sharpens claws*

Primordial System · C3
4 days ago

Laziest1: It was not too bad of a novel. A little seperated timeline but not anything overly bad. Come back asap

Bloody Mary (hunter x hunter fan-fic)[Hiatus] · C41
5 days ago

DJRogue: Hi Hope, yep I have decided not to go ahead with premium, really not happy with the conditions, and the part where I sign over all copyright scared the hell out of me, as I also lose all copyright to future novels in the series - and as this is the 1st in 6 novels I intend to write ...... well not worth it.

The Phoenix Aspect · C164
1 week ago

Hope22: BeWARE.... this is the slavery devil contract for authors that dare to sign it

1. First 200k words are free

2. When you sign, they have the licensing rights to your novel so they can sell it anywhere.

3. If you earn under $200, they do not have to pay you.

4. If you earn over $200, they can delay any payment for up to 3 months.

5. While under contract, if they ask you to do a book signing in China/Ph etc, then you must attend at your own expense.

6. While contracted, they can tell you "suggestions" on how to make your story better for the readers (They tell you what to write).

7. While contracted, they can hire someone else to write instead of you.

8. If you can not comply with their "suggestions" they have the right to terminate your contract.

9. If terminated, you must pay back ALL the money you've earned while under contract + any damage they foresee to charge you with.

10. If terminated, they will try to get the copyright of your novel so they can sell it anywhere with 100% profit.

11. All sales/ss/ad revenue will be split 50/50 with you and Webnovel.

12. They have other charges too, so you'll really end up with about 30% of the profit, then if you've got editor/artist that you've got to pay, will become much less.

12. All ss revenue will be for paying ss only, any free will not generate any money for you

The Phoenix Aspect · C164
1 week ago


Summoning the Holy Sword · C528
1 week ago

AquaticKelpie: See, this is what happens when you stop taking care of you prophet halls and crystal balls! You aren’t aware of super important prophecies that are probably going to change the world. I wonder if the dragons will tell Ren about silver dragons coming back to Doha. And Ren needs someone to talk to about his true mate.Thanks for the chapter!

The Phoenix Aspect · C145
1 week ago

Your_Average_Otaku: I just want to see Lyrica's reaction when she sees yin call Shiro mom.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C179
1 week ago

drsh09: Lol even though this chapter was bit tragic I was laughing about those enemies who crossed hells gate to fight the people of this world, the funny part is not only did they ran back to hells gate to run from Ren but they also made sure to close the gate behind them. There are like “💡uhm!! Don’t worry we will close the gate behind us ourselves, no need to follow us☺️🤗“ ,”no! no! no! There there is no need, we insist🥺. You guys take care of your people, we will leave now 🤔and see later.... yes that is it! See you later😩😩”

The Phoenix Aspect · C49
1 week ago

bhavyateja: Now I have one theory about jayde's exchanged soul. It should be because of the soulreaper unable to devour her soul and Ren's intervention that made her soul to be transferred to dimension 516. So,one of her unknown enemies are these radiant realm rulers and jayde must be hidden by Ale,the guardian of Doha. He sealed all her meridians and she must be a demon

The Phoenix Aspect · C49
1 week ago
Oh! More editors! ... they are somewhat multiplying, Reili, take care for a 'revolution'... dont let them stick together that much... >.> View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C178
1 week ago
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