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UndeadSquid: Rip. Premium

Demons Beside You · C75
3 days ago
Wow. Suddenly premium. Not even volume 2, not even chapter 100, just, PREMIUM. And they re-locked 40+ chapters to boot. View More
Demons Beside You · C75
3 days ago
People seem to forget that QI for some reason censors the word “âdült” View More

DrewWells: I like a MC that goes around killing people, but he should have a decent reason, in this story The MC kills people on a whim that dind’t do anything to him, moreover he Is completely hypocritical, blaming others for thing he is the first to do.
It would made sense if he was born in a devious place and he can’t distinguish right from wrong, but he had a loving mother and teacher, and he was already an ***** when he came in this world. He knows perfectly right from wrong, he simply is just a shallow character that only cares about power and goes around killing people on a whim.
And he is so cliché, he’s like the villain of too many stories, the baddies that what more power because he want’s more power and is evil because he’s evil without and proper reason.
I hope that everybody knows that power, as much as money, it’s just a means, not the final aim, and reading about a MC that wants power without any other aim it’s quite boring. And again I would like and accept if there was a psychological growth, but fro. The beginning to the end he is the same.

Birth of the Demonic Sword
6 days ago
Mmm, popsicle. Yum yum. View More

Kaosdao: aww...his kids are so cute! ....until you're bitten into horniness, hungry, and then frozen into a popsicle...

Demons Beside You · C68
1 week ago
It is for the 1 in a million nouveau riche reader who hasn’t abandoned this story yet. View More

Darkload: the story is almost over kinda pointless to go privileged now of all times

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C476
1 week ago
On the bright side. There was no interruption in the two non privilege chapters per day.

On the not so bright side, the story gained a privilege status.

Despair. View More

Sony89: the the hell!!!??? priviledged o man😨😨😨😨😧😧😧😧

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C476
1 week ago

Hnn17: Guys you should go read the 2145 chapters before qd shuts them down and everything beyond ch100 here are locked.

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss · C1
1 week ago
Robio will have a stepmother? :o View More

EternalAngel: And Ethan will hook up with aunty 😅

Demons Beside You · C58
1 week ago
2 months later:
Earning spirit stones? Not buying? What’s that? Such a concept is now foreign to me. :’( View More

TrueMonarchCritic: It seems we will all have to become superior devils to earn spirit stones.

Gamers of the Underworld · C71
2 weeks ago

MorosKyrios: Summary of the chapter.
Short: The title
Long speech: Last Paragraph

Monster Paradise · C1159
2 weeks ago
Anyone remember the adrenaline gene? It’s never gonna come back, is it. :( View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C468
2 weeks ago

Alyptriline: It's actually good however the book goes premium as early as chapter 10 so its a buzzkill. I'm not rich so I'm going to skip this book due to this. Bye!

Emperor of Steel
2 weeks ago

Arentsvelt: How could this book go premium when the author cant even find someone to edit his work?

To the author:
If your reading this review, why dont you try reading your novel through the app. Lets see if you wont get annoyed by the """.

Emperor of Steel
2 weeks ago

AnotherJunji: Anyone remember that at first he didn't have 10 wheals, can't he just get more wheals and more combat souls? Well I don't remember what card did he use, neither if 10 was the limit and I'm spouting bs.

Monster Paradise · C974
3 weeks ago
Quite a bargain View More

DeadmanWhisperer: 9 ss for knowing chandou more handsome than him

Monster Paradise · C917
3 weeks ago
Well if we are gonna continue reading, we’re gonna have to get used to dealing with bullshìt View More

Sacred_Reddog: Although the power ups is very fast in this novel the fillers and bull****ting is also more like these previous 2 chaps

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C454
3 weeks ago
Well this was an irritating chapter View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C448
3 weeks ago

Crow_OF_Judgement: I read till chapter 8 and couldn't take it anymore. Here is the constructive criticism everyone in this website asks for if you give a novel 2 stars without a review (when clearly people are giving 5 stars without reading)

English: nice

Story: Not trying to be cliche but so totally cliche till chapter 8

Tournament plot, cultivation manuals, beauty takes interest cuz why not,
Strong to weak with some random cheat

Now here is a plot hole. (there are more but i don't wanna be too hard on the author since i think it is his first time writing lmao)

Apparently played the game for but doesn't know anything about the game except the power system (was he a fking slave in the game? He doesn't know fking anything except the history)

My disagreements.

Every character acts like a person from your typical wuxia novel.

Not gonna say anymore. Good luck. Bye bye.

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos
4 weeks ago

Crossfire92: So I tried to come back to this story again... It's got a ton of potential but you'll run into a weird problem in it.

The author said that ability is limitless time and again in this story. But at chapter 47 the teacher basically tells him that his ability has reached its peak and that the only way to advance if through buying a better cultivation manual. This is complete and utter BS. If origin abilities had limitations then why do they matter? Isn't it better to max out the harder to master human body?

So I was pretty upset and went to read other reviews where I discovered that the MC only upgrades his ability through those cards in the future.
Really this isn't a terrible idea but its the way the author writes this story that gets on my nerves. Maybe this story is good in it's home language but the translation for this story is beyond terrible. Half the sentences that should have a depth of meaning are pretty blunt and straightforward.

Take this sentence:
No wonder, with only an E grade talent, you rushed all the way to 200 points. With such a degree of model analysis, I’m afraid that this ability has already reached its peak.

So the author does things like this a lot. What's it mean to rush all the way to 200 points? Didn't he spend years refining his ability? This is a Professor who is basically considering his training "rushing". It's these types of sentences that show up all over the place. Things that are hard and require effort or talent are discarded like that.

And this is the second thing. His ability has reached its peak? How so? I can think of a few dozen ways model analysis could be used combatively and other ways.

1. analysis of Terran and input of instant defensive equipment.
2. Analysis of Unknown monster and identification of weaknesses instantly
3. Analysis of tracks made and infer the originator via saved models.

and so on. He's clearly a tracking/brain type. The key is his ability has to be instant, unblockable, and allow him to fight while using it. What sucks is apparently origin abilities can be blocked. This is a total wth moment. How is a world which uses origin abilities to fight blocked so easily?

My second beef with the story starts at chapter 52. We just came from a fight with a repeater. What's completely bizarre in this fight is that the MC with 300 fitness points doesn't easily overpower a guy with 110.

This is pretty much the example of combat you'll see from beginning until now. This author does not understand combat.

Godly Model Creator
1 month ago

Quark: That was great it's awesome to see a novel where cultivators must abide by law and order.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C94
1 month ago

Trag23: Makes me wish our country treated our disabled vets this way. Most of them have to jump through hoops to get their V.A. benefits.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C94
1 month ago
Every single time I read this chapter, I involuntarily start to tear up a bit. It’s kinda embarrassing, since I usually read on mobile to kill time in public. View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C94
1 month ago

leexin: i just spurted my coffee once i read thats last one.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C476
1 month ago
Punctuation. Please. My brain is suffering from whiplash every other sentence. View More

Ashandar: I have read over 50+ chapters and I can say I am highly disappointed with the main character I understand coming from a abandoned planet not knowing social norms or morals or anything like that but he has had other human count encounters such as in the virtual world and with his adopted father so why after so long does he still treat everybody as a threat before he even assesses the situation his first reaction is to attack first so as to our main characters intelligence there's not much I can say highly about it yeah he has a decent amount of book-smart but for all intents and purposes he's an animal I say that because he reacts the same way a feral animal would he doesn't judge the situation he attacks first doesn't care what he kills who or he kills even if the person's helping him so after saying all that I have to say review for this novel is extremely low because he's not a character that I can bring myself to care about in fact while reading it I'm hoping that there's somebody that comes around that'll beat the living hell out of him instead of hopeing for him to win fights I'm cheering on his enemies just because of the fact that he treats everybody as an enemy even the people that he shouldn't be I wouldn't have so much of a problem if he actually showed any kind of initiative to learn about people or Society and actually tried to learn how to interact with people but he's been around people for months now with no change at all not even at the smallest level

Legend of the Supreme Soldier
1 month ago
“Sadly yes” so you’re saying they get re-locked? View More

JDcarmelo: Sadly yes 😔

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C434
1 month ago
That’s the point. Judging by your choice of wording, either you’re bad at English, or the humor in my comment whooshed over your head. Go away. View More

Zaroz: Duh, he's got Nature's best friend title

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C437
1 month ago
One of these days, Lucifer is going to curse Dali to get caught in a landslide or forest fire, Dali will, and then come out completely unscathed. View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C437
1 month ago
Question: once the voucher ends, do the chapters stay unlocked? View More

JDcarmelo: Ikr...luckily i have free pass voucher that means 300 free chap 🤣

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C434
1 month ago

Sandwhich: 300 chapters in a day DALI CREATES MIRACLES, FOR YOUNG MASTERS SAKE!

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C434
1 month ago
So no loyalty aura ? ); View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C428
1 month ago
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