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Spiderlily6: Wait so lemme so far the guys who might get romantically involved with Erza are: Beel, Mozart and Qi Ling right?

Mozart- gives me prof. Snape vibes ; baleful air, slightly long hair ( I think lol)and sneaking around.Kinda handsome.

Qi Ling - Pretty sure he has an ulterior motive and wants to use her but I think she intends to use him too? Lol.Hunk with muscles and stuff I think.

Beel - cute mysterious big bro guy who Erza feels inexplicably comfortable with :)) I like him best so far.

World God Empress · C24
1 week ago
Reading Status: C16
Just found this story and found it a good read. Main character is who she is a doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of her look forward to seeing more chapters when they come View More
Ciarra the Cold
2 months ago

Tahaku: This chapter has me laughing so much with Carolyn thinking about how she needed a strong expert with "sufficient structure to his life" when she has no idea that she gave up on the the most perfect man to her ideals!!!!! This idiot is hilarious!!!

Battle Frenzy · C379
3 months ago
ego mate it's ego. these dingbats think that their stronger then the mc for no other reason then their ego cannot tolerate any other thought. (you can also through in a helping of greed as the current dingbat is looking to improve his standing by killing the mc) View More

CaTastrophy427: The thing that nobody seems to understand is that, if someone whose cultivation is below the standard for minimum entrance level is somehow in the competition / whatever, and then is confident enough to go 1v5 against people who are a decent amount stronger than the bottom line, he's probably not bluffing, at least not much. He can almost certainly take anyone there on in a 1v1, and once he kills some hothead, the rest of the group is going to be rattled enough that he can definitely win in a 1v4 or at least escape more or less unscathed.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C165
4 months ago
He said ex girlfriend doesn't mean it's the dead childhood friend View More

Zukigi: Not realy, maybe his first love didn't die...? We could still get both yuri and a childhood romance... Maybe both...she can be bi.

Monster Integration · C36
5 months ago
I look at it another way. Connections get you into the company then you've got to earn your way up the ladder. But still screw Lu Zhou for acting like it'll be a walk in the park View More

Sadower: Seriously, it's like someone telling you they'll use their connections to get you into a great company, then you find yourself in the freaking mailroom or janitorial staff's lowest rungs.

The path of the lustful demon · C151
5 months ago
good ol madam Xiao, can't admit that her own mistakes helped drive her daughter to near death and lashing out at the one guy that's trying to be helpful View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C80
5 months ago
all I can say is madam Xiao really has poor judgment first promising her daughter to man tai whose personality clearly has problems then hiring a masked man clearly without any investigation into his true identity, after booting Ye Mo for such bullcrap reasons. clap clap madam Xiao View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C74
6 months ago

LazyQi: # Don't forget we as the losers have to get the last say to sound superior and get some respect for losing to some nobody....😒

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C66
6 months ago
Nope the damage has already been done so all revoking the power of attorney would do would stop him from causing more legal and financial trouble. not sure about the rest she might have legal possibilities if she can prove abuse of power and malicious intent hubby should help with that View More

liveme35: Cant she just revoke the power of attorney that she gave to him.or give it to somebody else if not then that would mean that thier some criminal lawyers working with her

Offer to the CEO · C35
8 months ago
I can. Think about it she met a man who probably put his most charming face on, she probably was cautious at first but as time went on that went away as she fell in love with him. He did nothing to suggest that he wasn't trustworthy so that she would give him access to her finances and power of attorney.
I myself have financial access to another persons account for bills and such, so i understand the trust need with such privilege. Fast forward to now and what has happened. Her fiance married someone else and then proceeded to tell the fmc that he took all her money and left her with massive debts( You don't need to be an idiot for this to happen only trusting). He didn't just ruin her life he delighted in that fact right in her face with the full support of both his parents, new wife, and her parents. That kind of emotional damage would leave m**t people with heavy trust issues especially with the opposite sex(it's impressive and a half testament to the fmc that she took the mc at his word backed up with some proof and trusted him enough to marry him) so when she learns that he wasn't fully truthful about his wealth and business, even with her assumptions she jumped back to a**h*** ex. It wasn't a conscious thought but a result of what the barsted did to her. The mc has a bit of a road ahead of him helping her get past that View More

Mhsj: Agreed. She's not very rational too. I can't understand her anger even given the horrible blow by her ex.

Offer to the CEO · C35
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C39
11 months ago

Nina25: Really the lot of them are getting more delusional as the chapters go.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1899
1 year ago
not delusional but they're so self absorbed that its preventing them from seeing reality and even having them rewrite reality to suit their own egos. why else would dumba** su still think that ning xi still loves him despite her making it clear that ship has sailed long ago View More

Nina25: Really the lot of them are getting more delusional as the chapters go.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1899
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1349
1 year ago
thanks for the chapter take care of yourself ones health is their most important thing in life :) View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1337
1 year ago

Euclaid_Galieane: I would like it to return to qidian, but then the pirating fiasco could happen again and you don't deserve that. So ultimately it is up to you, do you want it on this website that, while easier to distribute, can be pirated or do you want it to be done on amazon where the pirating is a whole lot harder.

Lucy Wickshire · C0
1 year ago

Mfonemana_Uduak: Thank you for your support. Lucy is return to qidian on a promotional basis. It will be released on Amazon for both hard-copy and soft copy purchase. Chapters hosted here will be for promotion only. I've started my count down, I hope for this kind of support in Amazon too in a months time.

Lucy Wickshire · C0
1 year ago
i'd like to see lucy return to qindian but i think you shoud do what feels best for you, this is your book and a great one but i don't think you deserve to go through what you went though with the pirate sites again. do what feels right to you :} View More
Lucy Wickshire · C0
1 year ago
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