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Yes, leave her even though you are having a "bad feeling". View More
Jack Schnee [RWBY] · C33
5 hours ago
Ok, when I first read the few starting chapters I thought "what happened to paradox, he moves through time right?". So if Ben see him again, he would probably beg paradox to help him to get back to his own universe with kara. View More
Ben 10 : Unlimited · C10
14 hours ago

amaturewriter: Smart man.........dont make massive harem...build the romance..and pls pls...just summon ultron

Vergil in another world · C16
2 days ago
In cultivation never ever leave your enemy alive, especially a fanatic and two face snb View More

Hajime1234: Have you thought about leaving then guy alive and just crippling his martial arts and body instead?

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C83
3 days ago
Summon some that can help the mc for his future plans. View More
Vergil in another world · C15
3 days ago
SO 3 wishes; a lottery system, starter pack and "live a better life", right? View More
Vergil in another world · C2
3 days ago
He got clusters from OP characters, trained with Qrow who is one of the best, beat Pyrra while holding back but still "lose" the battle. wtf. View More
RWBY: The Phantom of Remnant · C84
4 days ago
Just cripple the people from the divine phoenix then elevate the status of the people from the phoenix trial and say that it will be a compensation from the curse or something View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C119
5 days ago
Didn't the ROB made his wish with limits so that he can't create life but now he can. I like how he is OP for the standard of dxd but not there yet because he can't control his powers yet. View More
The Origin in DxD · C19
5 days ago
He can't create life, but can create an artificial life. View More
The Origin in DxD · C7
5 days ago
Only he can have? Hah! Tell that to the other reincarnated person that also use a system to get stronger. View More
DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C61
1 week ago
You are still at the town of the beginning. View More
Against the Other Gods · C60
1 week ago
He has the power stone so he can try to increase the overall strength of frozen azgard. Then tell the mistress about the story of the nine realms from marvel and what signifies about the name of "asgard" and him having the hammer. This way, the girls of asgard will not exile View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C79
1 week ago
Wtf! He is like the issei of another fanfic that knows other dimensions but this issei is some sort of gray jedi, not good but not too evil. View More
Ultimate Highschool DxD · C24
1 week ago
Not arrogant but did a ***capade. View More
Ultimate Highschool DxD · C19
1 week ago
Ahh so that is why the time difference is five years. Damn Shura. View More
Soldier Zero · C69
1 week ago
😏 View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C118
1 week ago
Servants that only comes from grand order? View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C40
1 week ago
Doesn't he know ultra instinct? I mean he said "tournament after 100 years" so at least he should have that mastered. Even the 1st form would be better. So where is it? View More
Super Saiyan White · C6
2 weeks ago
nice View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C76
2 weeks ago
Nice, nice, nice... even in the original, because of issei, that they somehow, most of the time got out of bad situations. View More
Life in DXD · C119
2 weeks ago
Nice, View More
Shield Hero with Barrier Magic · C28
2 weeks ago
Are there other simple actions to used when he "fights" his opponents like accidentally sneezing then his opponent got blown away or inducing fear that they urinate on the spot? View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C72
2 weeks ago
Hinata probably won't agree with the marriage thing because the Mc was not there when she was feeling down nor the one who uplifts her spirit when she was being depress so yeah, it won't happen. View More
2 weeks ago
I really pity Ddraig, he just want to flex a little but no, the original is a pervert and almost every other fanfics the mc hide his/her strength. I'm not against the hiding part but you know, its Ddraig. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C0
3 weeks ago
Nice choice View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C70
3 weeks ago
To be honest, the way Ren and Itsuki were portrayed in the novel and manga in the beginning was thinking everything as a game and anything else was and event they need to do so this scenario was not one I expected from them, at least not after the 2nd wave. View More
Shield Hero with Barrier Magic · C25
3 weeks ago
Not even death from the marvel would want his soul in her realm and probably if Jesus save humanity with Shinji included, he would not wish to be crucified again. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C69
3 weeks ago
Even the god of lust and greed would not associate with that type of person. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C69
3 weeks ago

DSKM: The one who the universe created to represent all the sin and things wrong with humanity and his regrets over its existence

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C69
3 weeks ago
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