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She is more of a beauty than ino and is a monster in genjutsu department. If she was given a chance to fully mature she can rival anyone in main story. View More

Obito_Tobi: oh no
ino for love not this fan made girl in his team
sai can havr her but not ino cause she is our mc's and absolutly will drop if not

The Sharingan Hyuga · C11
3 months ago
Fu fu fu...... My naive little birdie's don't you get it .
Handsome young man with black hair , black eyes looks like noble with pale face (looks like his father ) and that said father missing since the end of war and probably Alive and powerful.

Only one person fits the criteria Sirius black . View More
Harry Potter and Mystery of The Wizarding World. · C9
4 months ago
He should also try to devour the whole planet might be able to reach godhood View More
The Dragon Evolve God · C2
4 months ago
Fu####ng retard should have gone for int to gain magic or even if not should be able to create machine or even hum himself by science View More
The Dragon Evolve God · C2
4 months ago
I like this story well researched, well detailed on plot .But the character development is lacking I'm not saying to change anything at this point. it will disturb your flow and heaps on plot will fall.
I'll leave some constructive comment for you so maybe when you finish the whole story or having difficulty in plot you can rewrite it to be more pleasing for reader and not get off your actual plot or storyline.

1- You have to stabilize the relationship of character with each other (I LIKE YOUR VIEW ON MORALS AND INTEGRITY -" MORALS ARE WHAT YOU SET FOR YOURSELF AND ARE NOT FORCED").
Every human has those nature it describe who they are and their relationship with other depend on those this could solve your fatal flaw in story.
3-( VARIABILITY OF CHARACTERS)- they are a group of people they all don't have to have same nature.
MATT <-[LOVE]-> ELEKTRA (She is allowed to have a night stand as a broken heart form break up but if she loves him she would treasure herself to not to degrade herself to something he would never except . I think that is also a great point that girls hate getting raped)
BRUCE <-[LOVE(WIFE)]-> BETTY (She is for god fucking sake a married women. The most jealous and possessive creature in universe. Why would she would let her husband have sex with a genetically modified women with more experience with men for him to say that he likes having sex with or something similar that would make her go nuts. It's okay if she was a SANNIN GRADE PERVERT )
MC<-[???]->BLK WIDOW (Although their relationship is not clear but if I know anything about blk widow she is a type who would want nothing more than a happy common life by any means that's why she strive for a cure to her in fertility or less who cares about being a fertile women when will literally was going to be an immortal in this arc.)(MC who the **** would see their said girlfriend whoring another man and declaring that man to be best ****er without having even a little feeling of jealousy or pain for that.)

(Sex might be pleasure source but in a serious relationship it's representation of commitment to their other half. Before and after its not an issue but it is when you are in relationship it's not moral it's issues of human nature of possessiveness and trust guarantor. Other wise people will not kill the man their wife was sleeping with or cry and feel hurt if they found their lover and friends having sex.)

It's not something you should have to feel pressured by and I not changing your mind just to say you can make it more realistic by following human nature theory of mine .

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C28
4 months ago
More more more View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C244
5 months ago
I don't think he will get a starter in this arc he already had a chimchar from sinnoh starter.
He will more likely get a shinx as it can be considered an electric type starter also has three evolution form and is very popular choice for sinnoh. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C241
6 months ago
Let's ask fellow daoist Yu Jaojao for this auspicious job. She might like it.
(ref. CCG) View More

LazySeer: I like it where author get kidnapped

Journey Towards Greatness · C241
6 months ago
Pulverized to nothingness I guess. View More

potatodaoist: My friend, just think what will happen to multiverse if I were to be reincarnated.......😈😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

Pokémon: The Beginning · C2
11 months ago
Don't say that ,what if he sends a certain "Truck_kun" after you. View More

potatodaoist: Shameless god....

Pokémon: The Beginning · C2
11 months ago
Reading Status: C621
This story is crazy good I have been reading it for so long and always wait eagarly for next updates every time. The MC has nice thought line which is why it is so interesting to watch what happens next and there is also the point that who is going to be his girlfriend because he isn't even attracted to any one yet . I mostly waiting for that monster lady from ice mountain which has a yeti follower she is mysterious. But she hasn't appeared in story for so long so I'm thinking she is going to be dumped as a side character who appeared once .

All in all whole story line is good , and translators has given their all .

Thank you for translations . View More
Monster Paradise
1 year ago
Woo hoo nice fight View More
Monster Paradise · C597
1 year ago
Reading Status: C438
I like this novel and it's good reading this far please keep up the good work guys.

And thanks for the translation.

(I don't mind a little bit of error here and there ,so far it's still best quality of material.) View More
Monster Paradise
1 year ago
Reading Status: C8
The story of “Monster Paradise ”is one of favourite novels which I am currently reading. This has both fantasy and sci-fi taste thus making me more excited about every next chapter release .I like fast and steady storyline with fast closing and opening of every arc. Every build in story is good paced and I like the way in which every arc runs simultaneously thus it keeps me going without getting bored .

I like how translation staff has worked hard for this new site development project with lvls and privileges. It's interesting and I hope it'll get more interesting in future.
Thanks for translation of this wonderful story for us who don't know how to read chinese (Mandarin) . View More
Book of Answers
1 year ago
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