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Original Works

  • Reborn Celebrity Superstar (bl)

    Reborn Celebrity Superstar (bl)

    Realistic Fiction

    Du Yun Xiu is a very gentle and kind person. He can throw away his chance to be successful in his career for a one-sided love that has no solution. He will stand up to a mafia boss for an actress he does not know. When the media exposes his sexual orientation, to cover up for the other person, he does not utter a complaint, and he faces the discrimination all by himself, to the point it brings him down to the pitch of hell with no return. Even after he was dead, standing in front of his own grave, he still does not have any grudge against Xie Yi, he even takes Xie Yi as his motivation to urge himself to be more successful in his new life. This is a translation

  • Film Emperor Girlfriend is a Palace Girl

    Film Emperor Girlfriend is a Palace Girl



    In ancient times, Ye Ci is a first rank maid who serves the Empress, however she was framed by someone and was sentenced to death. In modern times, Ye Ci is a new actress who had a secret love affair with an actor called Li Lun. She wanted their relationship to be exposed publicly, so she posted a picture of him holding her hand in Weibo waiting for him to confirm their relationship. However, Li Lun was actually fooling around with her and didn't expect that she posted their picture, so he denied it and let his fans go crazy insulting and scolding Ye Ci in the internet. The original Ye Ci couldn't handle the pressure and was heart broken, so she committed suicide...slitting her wrist. By the time she was saved, the original Ye Ci died and the ancient time Ye Ci took over. In her first drama, her role was a palace maid serving the emperor (Lu Chuan). Lu Chuan is a singer, an actor and won many movie awards. He was known as Film Emperor in the industry. His family is very wealthy and powerful as they are in military, politic and business. Watch how this film emperor became a wife-slave.

  • Rebirth of the Medical Consort

    Rebirth of the Medical Consort



    In her past life, Nangong Yue status was honorable and she was in the highest position as Empress. She did everything and helped the Third Prince ascend to become Emperor, but in exchange, she was imprisoned in the cold palace and killed. How laughable was this? The man in front of her had once said that he loved her, but this was how he "loved" her. This was how "he loved" her to the bone, deeply to the marrow of his bones. She would never forget it! If there is an afterlife, I will definitely be cruel and merciless person! Heavens seems to have pitied her! She didn't think that she'll be reborn again and returned to the age of nine. In this life, she will not allow anyone to deceive and humiliate her! For the big brother who died young and her mother who died due to insanity, she'll make sure to protect their life and happiness... She thought she won't fall in love again but then HE appeared.

  • Rebirth of Chu Wan

    Rebirth of Chu Wan



    In her last life, Chu Wan made a heavenly work, recognizing the white lotus as a friend, causing the death of her mother, ruining her husband's family, killing the child, failing a million people and making herself a rotten wild flower. God asked her to come back again, see how she shredded white lotus, repelled all the people that harmed her and lived into a beautiful new life. Hey, my former husband, I’m going to be far away from you in this life. A certain commander moved closer. Chu Wan: why do you stick to people so close?


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